Mark Hutchinson is an avid nature enthusiast. He has owned and operated travel and training businesses for over a decade. Mark grew up in Australia and spent his childhood playing in the bush. He feels compelled to educate people about sustainability and nature so we can leave the earth a better place for future generations. Mark trained as a safari guide in southern Africa for years and eventually decided to incorporate his love for nature and need to educate people into his own business. Mark founded and launched WildArk in 2016. His business is aimed to help people reconnect with nature while teaching them about the biodiversity of the fragile ecosystem that sustains the earth ( WildArk features excursions such as African safaris, Alaskan fishing trips, Botswana mobile tented safaris, Bespoke African safaris, Botswana photographic safaris, and a 7 day African Eco tracking expedition. The profits made from these experiences go back to helping the earth. 

WildArk recently partnered with Macquarie University and launched a research study in hopes to identify the top one hundred umbrella species. The goal is to find the top one hundred species that would help the protection of the earth’s biodiversity if they are adequately protected. These species will be vital to sustaining the fragile eco system. Learn more:

When Mark was only 19 years old he decided to drive throughout Africa and explore its diverse habitats. He has always had infinity for all things nature. He obtained a Bachelor of Economics from the University of Sydney and after a few years of working in Australia he knew he would need to further his education to learn new ways to get involved with nature. He went to France and earned a MBA from INSEAD Business School prior to his launch of WildArk. Mark Hutchinson is working towards a Masters of Conservation Biology at Macquarie University. Outside of education and work, Mark is a busy father of two who enjoys CrossFit and a healthy diet and morning routing. Marks typical day is spent free of technology and helping around his farm in the South African pride lands. Learn more: