They are going all the way to Sweden to seek an open source solution from the speech synthesis specialists at KTH Royal Institute of Technology University in Stockholm. The lead professor on the project, Joakim Gustafson, has been giving interviews about the process and the expectations along a time line. The professor states that the open source modules for text to speech (TTS) capabilities in the English language are well developed, but that is not the case in other languages. Wikipedia’s site in Sweden, Wikimedia Sweden has already had a pilot of the new platform operating. So far they estimate that near 25%, or 125 million people each month have indicated that they need or prefer the text in spoken form. Whether it is for reasons of visual impairments or literacy issues is unclear, but what is clear is that it is making the Wikipedia site more accessible. The next step is to develop the platform for the English language Wikipedia sites, and to develop a proof of concept capability in Arabic.

One thing that isn’t new is the high traffic drawn to Wikipedia sites and their sticky nature. Part of what makes the sites so sticky is the wealth of hyperlinks contained in each of the pages. Regardless of what topic you select, reading a Wikipedia page is filled with hyperlinks to other pages offering more information, hence it has become the largest encyclopedia in the world. But what about applying these same characteristics to commercial pages? Business pages are available for both sole proprietors and businesses that can brave the waterfall of requirements Wikipedia demands from its submitted pages for publishing. Beyond the perfect English, punctuation and grammar, there is the burden of proof required to substantiate any factual information. While it would certainly be enough to make most businesses shy away from attempting such a feat, there are Wikipedia editing services that for a fee will create a Wiki page on your behalf. Get Your Wiki is just such a service.

Not only does hiring Wikipedia editors from Get Your Wiki construct the perfect page in the format and within the platform that Wikipedia demands from its submission, it also monitors the page activity on your behalf after the page has gone live. This means that your page will receive Wikipedia revisions if any inaccurate information is present and that if there is new information about your company, these writers will be sure to update a Wikipedia page with all the relevant information. And as far as going live, Get Your Wiki offers a 100% no questions asked money back guarantee if your page isn’t published.

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