Troy McQuagge is an award-winning businessman. He was recognized by One Planet as CEO of the year. One Planet is an organization that operates internationally and shines a light on companies of all industries around the world. Any type of corporation is eligible to qualify for their award. One Planet takes pride in giving notice to fortune 500 companies as well as small startups. The idea is to open doors for ground breaking enterprises.

Troy McQuagge joined USHealth Group in 2010. He immediately made his presence felt by restructuring the agency aspect of the company known as USHealth Advisors. His success with the Advisors division brought attention to his abilities as a leader. Troy was soon named CEO of the company. In 2014 USHealth Group achieved tremendous success and growth while under Troy McQuagge’s leadership. Troy’s business savvy took the organization to new levels of achievement.

McQuagge understands the responsibility that comes with being honored as the CEO of the Year. It is the type of recognition that reflects his team and allows him to set an example throughout the industry he operates in. Troy gave praise to his team for the success he has had at USHealth Group. The company continues to rebuild and shake up its culture while learning to solve the problems of affordable health care. USHealth Group prides itself on providing innovative programs that make healthcare available in ways they were not before. They have been able to break new ground with their creative policies and programs.

The One planet Awards system is divided into several different categories. These categories include teams, new products, services, executives, public relations, marketing and communications. The nature of the award is to discover great companies in any region of the world. USHealth Group exemplified the character and leadership that the award organizers where looking for.

Troy McQuagge and USHealth Group call Fort Worth Texas their home. USHealth Group offers Healthcare solutions to people who are self-employed. They also work closely with small businesses with limited funding. The organization is dedicated to creating sensible insurance packages that work well for unconventional situations. Know more: