Stream Energy: Sustainable Energy Source


At one point, the Dallas Public Utility Commission decided to deregulated energy services. Immediately following the deregulation of energy services, Stream Energy founders Pierre Koshajki and Roy Snyder decided it was time to present their sustainable energy source in the area where it most needed. Today, they are based in Dallas but have services in New Jersey, Washington D.C., Maryland, Pennsylvania, and New York. Their daily operations are handled by once Chief Executive Office and now, president of Stream, Larry Mondry ( He continues their mission to continue to be word-of-mouth and operate off of multi-level marketing.


Stream Energy: Gives Customer Incentives


Would you believe there is an energy source that gives their customers incentives for being a part of the network? You have the opportunity to become a valuable Stream customer and take part in their referral program that has already given away over $1 million dollars. They offer their customers an incentive program for becoming a part of their network and referring their friends and family. They suggest you refer their network as a trusted sustainable energy source, but their program can make a great residual income and has been a success among Georgia customers.


How Stream Has Helped Thousands Of Customers


During the recent inclement weather in Dallas, their customers decided they would not stand for their extremely high energy costs (LinkedIn). The threat of warming in Texas brought about record heat above 100 degrees for over 70+ days. They were one of the first energy providers to respond to a stabilized energy source and created several green energy programs that allowed their customers to save on the increased and decreased temperatures that were rising their energy bills. You’re invited to become a part of the Stream Energy network by visiting their website today.


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