When my fellow corrections officers are asked to come to meet with the supervisor about a problem, we know that they want immediate results or it could mean we lose our jobs. The reason for the meeting this week was because the rise in drug use in the jail was escalating at an alarming rate. My team was ordered to tighten down security and to locate the source of the trouble now, and we know that means we need to get results yesterday.


With only a limited amount of guards working under me, I had to designate the guards to a number of areas to try and see if we could slow down the flow of drugs to the jail. Even with more inmates watching for drugs in the visitor center, the problem persisted. We beefed up cell inspections, but our efforts netted the same amount of contraband that we usually found. When we decided to listen to the inmates using the phones, we discovered something incredible.


Securus Technologies is based out of Texas, and they installed our inmate call monitoring system. The company has one thousand dedicated employees who work for CEO Richard Smith, who all are committed to the objective of making the word safer for all. Even though I was the first to learn how to use the LBS software, it was my partner that got the alert of drug conversations over the monitoring system.


The reason for the concern was because a number of inmates kept referring to one of our guard by name at the visitor center, and how they needed to only get in his line before meeting up with each other. What we discovered was we had a corrupt staff member among us, who was letting certain visitors right through searches with drugs on them in exchange for some cash.