Securus Technologies is a communications company that specializes in connecting inmates in correctional institutions with their families and friends on a regular basis. Currently, Securus works with communications with correctional institutions, safety organizations, and law enforcement communities. They work with about 3,400 different entities and about 1.2 million inmates across the face of North America.


Recently Securus Technologies was cited by the Better Business Bureau of Texas with an A+ rating, the highest rating given. Not every business can get a membership with the Better Business Bureau as there is a rigorous pre-application evaluation where the BBB is concerned with a business already acting in concert with the tenets and standards that the BBB stands for.


Securus Technologies has a brand new, 220 seat call center where the receipt of 2.5 million calls per month is routinely handled. These calls have an average answer rate of 11 seconds, with a 99 percent rate of accuracy. Given the huge amount of volume of calls that are routinely handled, these statistics are remarkably impressive.


By being able to display the Better Business Bureau A+ ranking, Securus can clearly show that an independent agency can back up the good track record that Securus has been able to create. It is doubly effective since they do not show any gimmicks or useless rhetoric in proving that they are not only capable of these service highlights, they are routinely achieving them.


The Better Business Bureau ethic of always telling the truth, honoring promises, build trust, safeguarding privacy and emphasizing integrity is also the ethic of Securus Technologies. Many times when companies toot their horns, the noise that ensues seems to drown out reality. If you are very busy doing things the right way, you don’t have time to fake your way to success. Results are really the final judge, and that is just how it is.