I became aware of a battle between two inmate technology companies in June 2016. Securus Technologies and GTL are competitive technology competitor companies. I believe that Securus Technologies fought back after a series of misleading and inaccurate claims made by GTL. In a PRNewswire news, Securus made corrections published by GTL. There were several inaccuracies released by GTL. Securus made these corrections to ensure that investors and customers know the truth about the claims about the patent disputes. The two criminal justice and civil companies have shared a few license and patents in the past.


Securus Technologies has delivered its services to correction facilities for many years. The company is a leading provider of government information and detainee communications. The company serves more than 3,500 correction facilities across the 45 states. The company has its headquarters in Dallas, Texas. The company has offices in other parts of the world such as Canada, Mexico, and Columbia. The company has provided its services to more than one million inmates across the nation.


Securus technology avails its services for civil justice and criminal technology. Services provided by the company are used for corrections, monitoring, and public safety. GTL made multiple states against Securus that were false and misleading.


I think that Global Tel Link knows that patent litigations cost millions of dollars and many years to pursue. The approach taken by Global Tel Link is not in the best interest of the company. However, Securus has promised that it is going to defend itself from attacks while patenting customer complaints. Securus will continue to offer its services and respond to GTL’s claims. Securus has improved its customer service policy the previous year. Better Business Bureau determine that the company meets the maximum standards set. These standards include a commitment to make an effort and solve customer complaints. Securus has always shown a genuine service to increase customer experience and customer satisfaction.