The people who want to blow the whistle on the issues that are in the SEC know that they are protected under the program that was created by the SEC, but sometimes, this knowledge is not enough to ensure that the people get the protection that they deserve when they are a part of the program. There are many issues that come with reporting and one of the things that people worry about the most is the retaliation that can come from making the report because many of the people who are doing things the wrong way are their bosses.

It was not uncommon in the past for people to be retaliated against when they made the decision to make a report against the people who were a part of the SEC. Their bosses thought that they had a right to punish them or even fire them for making the report. The SEC established the whistle blower program to combat this and to make sure that people felt that they could make the reports that they needed without getting any type of retaliation from the bosses that they had who were not working the right way for their employees.

Another thing that people have: hush money. Many bosses pay employees some type of money out of the money that they are stealing to keep them quiet. Some people get used to this money and feel that, if they reported the problem, they would lose out on a lot of money or even part of their salary. The whistle blower program was designed to make sure that the people would still have the money that they wanted when they were taking it from the dirty bosses. The program gives out rewards to people who make a report about the SEC.

While there are many benefits of the program, it is not flawless. People still need attorney representation when they are making these reports. The SEC Whistleblower attorney gives them the expertise that they need to be confident about their decision to make a report. The attorneys at Labaton Sucharow recently helped a client score the second largest reward from the SEC and they continue to be successful at helping people who want to blow the whistle on practices. The office is an expert law firm that works only with people who want to have attorney representation when they are making a report to the SEC.