Matt Badiali is a writer and editor who regularly writes for And recently, he published an article entitled, “Platinum Is the Metal to Own Right Now”. In this article, he discusses the value of investing in platinum, the trends of the price rising, and how it contributes to the automobile industry.

The platinum group of metals contains palladium, platinum, rhodium, ruthenium, and more.

Out of all of these, palladium has the lowest melting point. In his article, Matt Badiali goes on to talk about the high percentage of palladium that is consumed by cars in their catalytic converters. Regular platinum is still often used in diesel cars, but it is much more expensive than palladium. Matt Badiali explains that since palladium prices have soared and platinum prices have not, it is time to buy up and invest in platinum. Unlike gold, the supply of platinum is currently getting smaller. Badiali even suggests on, that we are losing amounts of platinum each year.

Matt Badiali is a senior editor at Banyan Hill Publishing

He has over twenty years experience in his field and has traveled the world from Haiti to Turkey to Switzerland and much more. As a well-known geologist, financial analyst, and successful investor, Matt Badiali has a lot of knowledge to bring to his readers. Mostly, he writes about investing in natural resources. Some of the topics he’s covered include oil, corn, copper, energy markets, timber, and much more. Matt Badiali is considered an expert in his field and aspires to help others reach success.

Badiali once taught geology at the University of North Carolina

He has also taught at Duke University according to When asked to be the geologist on a successful investment team geared toward natural resource investing, he happily joined. This position has taken him all over the world and gotten his articles out to a wide audience that spans just as far.

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