Davos Real Estate Group has a new mobile application that has just been launched. The estimation on real estate returns can be determined with this application. This will enable Davos to better serve their clients.


Davos is an independent company and part of Davos Financial Group. This Latin American market leader has been giving financial advice for twenty years. Their main focus is on investment strategy. Gerard González is the executive director for the company. His work with Tecknolution is responsible for the creation of the investment application. The approximate gain from investing in property can be estimated with this tool.


The application offers the latest in technology and is available for Android and iPhone devices. This is the first in a series of applications meant to be used for real estate reports. David Osio believes the direction the company has been heading required this application. He says it will help them to financially guide clients in the right direction. The tool is innovative and will help clients see the financial picture in regards to property investment.


The new application will include a Mortgage Calculator to allow clients to estimate their payments on a given property. In addition to the new applications Davos has also been developing partnerships internationally. These projects are designed to provide their customers with excellent service. Their platform expansion has caused a seventy-five per cent increase in sales in six months.


David Osio was a graduate of the Catholic University Andres Bello. He specialized in International Banking Law. His career started in 1981 as CEO for OPED Enterprise. He was responsible for the coffee exports for the company. He was also an executive for Letco Commercial Companies. His responsibilities included structuring the marketing for various industrial products.


David joined MGO in 1984. The law firm gave him the opportunity to use his knowledge and training in banking law. He handled some of their corporate clients like Consolidated Bank and Ferro. Due to his career as a legal advisor and his experience in banking he ended up in the Private Banking Division. His new position at Banco Latino worked very well for him. In just two years time he received a promotion to Vice President for the company. The portfolio of the company saw a considerable increase in value during his time with the company. He was also responsible for increasing the strength of the banks international positioning.

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