The Traveling Vineyard: Sharing the World’s Wine, One Bottle at a Time

Walk into any wine store and the vast selection of bottles on the shelf can be intimidating. High-priced vintages make it risky to try new brands and the mere task of choosing a bottle can be daunting due to the complexity of various wine rating systems.

Enter Traveling Vineyard: the wine sales company that has created a way to remove the intimidation. Since 2001, the company’s hundreds of nationwide wine guides have been conducting in-home group tastings, allowing people to sample different brands, meet new friends and learn more about wine in an enjoyable setting. The Traveling Vineyard handles all wine selection, training and shipping while the guides handle the in-person marketing.

Wine guides appreciate the flexibility to work from home and to set their own schedule, along with the low start up costs. They also receive training and support from the company, who includes learning guides and accessories in their initial start up kit. From there costs are cut by more than half requiring only the replacement of wine for tastings and a monthly fee for an individual marketing website. There are many full time guides but most work part time when they want to earn some extra money, the choice is up to them.

In-home tasters enjoy having the chance to sample wine before they buy it, to learn about the different varieties through education and pairings, and to meet new people in the relaxed setting of a casual group. The wines are chosen from around the world and represent several different countries renowned wine regions.

Additionally, there is no cost to host a wine tasting event so the wine sampled is free. While the wine world can sometimes be stuffy, these groups, led by guides who are passionate about what they do, offer a refreshing alternative.

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