Traveling Vineyard – Be Your Own Boss

Traveling Vineyard refers to a Multi-level Marketing corporation that was founded in 2001. The firm sells several types of wine in three categories including white, red and sweet and fizzy. Additionally, Traveling Vineyard also deals with chillers, openers and decanters. The established is a member of the Direct Selling Association.

One must join the company as a wine Guide before they can begin earning money. Becoming a wine guide costs $174 where $99 is for the success kit while $75 is for two tasting sets. The Success kit comprises of all that one requires to get started and is enough to host two wine tastings events. If an individual sells wines costing $ 750 in their first two month, they get a free electric wine opener and a $50 refund if they sell up to $1400. Moreover, recommending a friend to join as a wine guide will earn one a $100 bonus.

The company pays its wine guides thrice in a month on specific dates. One can make money through online sales, home wine tasting parties, monthly wine club sales and through building a team.

Participants of Traveling Vineyard have many advantages. Firstly, Americans love wine and consume nearly 892 million gallons annually as reported by Wine Institute and as such, it is a great vocation. Secondly, it’s a nice platform to earn money. This is because wine is a consumable product meaning one will get many reorders. Also, there is no pressure on the quantity of work one must do since there are no monthly sales quotas; hence, one manages their work by themselves. Wine guides can earn credits that they can use to purchase supplies instead of using their money.

Traveling Vineyard has a strong social media presence with a Facebook page with approximately 34,944 likes and 33,805 followers. On daily basis, it posts at least three posts that are followed by few likes and comments. Links of the company’s other social media are found on the left side of the Facebook Page. Its Twitter page has 2000 tweets with 2100 followers and 715 likes.

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UKV PLC Wines And Champagnes

UKV PLC wines is a wine company based in London that specializes in the acquisition and sale of the world’s best international fine wines and champagnes from France, Italy, and Spain. Their wines and champagnes are investment quality.

UKV PLC offers wine consulting services to their customers to provide them with the best fitting fine wine or champagne for any occasion or purpose. It also focuses on delivering exceptional services to its clients who look to acquire prestigious labels from France, Spain, and Italy.

UKV PLC has an active Facebook page that has more than 25 posts, an Instagram wall and a Twitter following of almost 100. Through these social media platforms, tips and articles on wines and champagnes are shared. They also offer consultations in these sites to their clients showing the readiness to serve their customer needs from whichever platform.

Customers who purchase wines and champagnes from UKV PLC are assured of good experience as they enjoy the quality products offered. UKV PLC wines are very good and that has been proven by the amount of positive reviews that the company has. Their fine wine and champagne are some of the most illustrious and pleasurable drinks in the world.

A member in UKV PLC can request a free valuation at any time to get an update of market trading values. A member’s wine assets is fully insured on an independent policy by the bond or himself/herself. This means that the member will be offered a replacement or equivalent in the unlikely event of any loss or damage incurred.