Becoming a Professional Racquetball Player: Sawyer Howitt, Recognized by the U.S Racquetball Association

     Sawyer Howitt is an aspiring racquetball professional. He has been recognized with the United States Racquetball Association. Sawyer is a business professional with the Meriwether group and has previous employment history with RFID Checkout and KURE Juice Bar. Meriwether Group is a family owned business that is owned by Sawyer’s family.

People who are aspiring to achieve a professional career in any sport will require adequate training. Racquetball players will greatly benefit from joining a private tennis and racquetball club. Private lessons and one on one coaching from a professional racquetball coach will help players to define their game.

After hiring a professional racquetball coach it is also recommended to hire a personal trainer. Continually working the same muscles in racquetball is not ideal for the body. A body that is fully worked and trained will react better in all sports. Meeting weekly with a personal trainer will help train a person on certain exercises and lifting routines to help define other muscles as well.

Maintaining a healthy diet and meeting with a nutritionist will help keep the body healthy. It is important to eat healthy and provide the body with nutrients that will sustain it during a rigorous racquetball match.

It is also realistic to consider that you may not become a professional racquetball player. Even with the proper endorsements and training, not everyone who tries to become a professional in sports succeeds. There are however many job opportunities for those who do not travel and play professionally. Many private clubs seek out trainers for tennis and racquetball that can provide one on one lesson or group lessons.

Staying focused on the goal you want to achieve will help you during your training and competitions. It is important to remind yourself why you are training and playing so often. If the sport becomes exhausting or not appealing anymore it may be a sign that you are getting burned out and need a small break.

Bruce Bent II; the Developer of the Money Market Fund

A money market fund refers to a mutual fund which invests in short-term securities including U.S Treasuries, Banker’s acceptances, Commercial Paper, and Certificates of deposits. The benefit of these money market instruments is that they are liquid and have a high credit quality.

Money market funds are unique because of three explanations. Firstly, there are safe as they have a solid return with a short maturity. Therefore, investors who buy debt securities have a low default risk and still earn a small rate of return. Secondly, money market fund requires a small initial investment as compared to the money market securities which have a high minimum purchase requirement. Lastly, money market funds are readily available as they can be bought or sold at any given time without any industry restraints. Moreover, other mutual funds have a settlement day that comes three days later after the transaction day; but, for the money market funds, the investor is entitled to the same-day settlement.

People that can benefit from money market fund include those that want to limit losses arising out of credit, liquidity, and market uncertainties. Also, investors hoping to preserve their cash while at the same time earning a small rate of return will benefit from the money market fund.

About Bruce Bent II
Bruce Bent II is an American entrepreneur with broad experience in financial markets, intellectual property, and technologies. His father is was recognized for creating the first market fund dubbed Reserve Fund together with his partner Henry B. Brown in 1970. Bruce is the pioneer of a formal discipline that has now evolved to approximately $ 3 Trillion in value aiding tens of millions of stockholders.

Currently, Bruce II is the Vice Chairman and President of Double Rock Corporation. The firm offers creative cash management as well as cash-related solutions to retail markets, broker-dealers, bank, and qualified plans. Mr. Bent II holds a Philosophy major in Bachelor of Science from Northeastern University.

For more information on Bruce Bent follow him on Twitter.

Oncotarget Is a Great Website To Learn From

If you have been searching for ways to potentially improve your writing, then you should not worry as there are a vast array of opportunities for you to do so with the number of resources that are available for people to utilize online today. Oncotarget has been recognized as a multidisciplinary traditional journal that provides users with absolute free access. It publishes weekly issues of papers online. Every paper or issues is capable of being printed for special demand. The mission of Oncotarget is to produce results quickly while making them available on a large scale. The journal is peer reviewed and is published by Impact Journals. In order to maximize the impact of research through the utilization of insightful reviews, one will need to conduct thorough instances of research and analysis so that they may allow great discoveries to be shared rapidly.

There are a vast array of reasons why one should do what they need to do to master their writing. Oncotarget offers periodicals to be read which are uploaded onto its website on a regular basis. You will be able to learn about the latest happenings and what solutions there may have been to certain problems that may be shown. It is truly a great website in which people may be able to find written materials that they need to accomplish certain tasks, such a projects, homework, work tasks, and possibly more.

If you’re wanting to learn more about Oncotarget, it’s recommended for you to go on their website so that you may learn about what all they have to offer. You will see that the site has contact information on it along with a vast array of many other links. It is a beautifully created and engineered website that has been designed with elements of simplicity. The minimalist approach to the website’s designing has enabled it to give visitors an impression that the website has been made with seriousness as its motive in which people should go there to learn, as opposed to wasting time on things that aren’t necessarily useful for what the site’s purpose is, or what one should be on there for. Download output styles at


Looking into Fashion and Technology with Chris Burch

Technology and fashion have co-existed for a long period. While much has changed over the years, the two have proven that they can grow together. On the other hand, Chris Burch has been involved with these two industries such that he understands how they function. Recently, he raised the views that the easiest way to understand these two industries is to look at their past, future and present. And to make it more elaborate, he gave various examples of the way the two have worked together. In his analogy concerning the future, Burch explained how the advance of fashion would be used to protect humanity with the assistance technology. He talks of the gloves that have been developed by fashion designers to help firefighters communicate while at the same time observing safety precautions. He also talks of the beautiful jackets that have been developed as a result of recycled bicycle inner tubes. Chris talks about the way technology and fashion has a role to play in the future. For instance, electrical energy can be developed from clothes that are designed to capture kinetic energy.


Fashion has also being used in the past to make some technologies acceptable to the society. Diane Von Furstenberg made his models to wear Google glasses on a catwalk to make the technology acceptable. More interestingly, this proved to be a breakthrough for Google glasses as more people started accepting them after the show.


Chris Burch has had the passion to make it in the fashion industry since he was at Ithaca College. As a teenager, he partnered with his brother to establish a business they came to refer to the Eagle Eye Apparel. The venture proved to be a successful one and was acquired later at $165 million. This formed the first breakthrough for Chris Burch. 13 years ago, he partnered with his wife to establish another fashion label that was referred to as Tony Burch Label. This venture was later renamed to Burch Creative Capital.


Burch is not only interested in fashion and technology industry, but he also has some interest in the real estate business. One successful venture in this field is the Faena Hotel + Universe that is found in Buenos Aires. He is also the owner of the Nihiwatu Resort that is located in Bali. Other investments by Chris Burch include the Voss Water and the BaubleBar. He has served on the board of several organizations. The recent one came with Rothman Institute Orthopedic Foundation.