White Shark Media: Learning From Their Mistakes

White Shark Media was founded in 2011 and is a digital marketing agency that was founded by 3 entrepreneurs from Denmark. The goal of the company is to work with medium and small businesses in order to create online marketing solutions for them.

Because of cost effective methods for creating search marketing campaigns and because of the excellent customer experience that they provide, White Shark Media is now one of the fastest growing agencies of its kind. The company was founded by Gary Garth, who is now the Chief Executive Officer, Alexander Nygart, who is now the Chief Sales Officer, and Andrew Lolk, who is now the Vice Presdient of PPC. The company has also brought on Sonia Schwabsky, who is the Chief Operations Officer, Chad Jordan, who is the Chief Financial Officer, Derek Hooker, who is the Director of PPC, Tony Soares, who is the Director of Web and SEO and many more.

Shopify executives says White Shark Media has earned several awards and certifications since it was founded, including the Google AdWords Premier SMB Partner, Bing Ads Elite SMB Authorized Reseller, and Inc. 5000 #724 2015. They have several offices both in Denmark and the United States, in Atlanta and Miami.

The company concentrates on just 2 industries, legal and dental. The services that the company provides can be classified under 3 groups, PPC, SEO and SEM. Under PPC, the company will do an AdWords evaluation, create a local website and AdWords, do local AdWords management, manage e-commerce AdWords, manage Bing ads and manage PPC. Under SEM, the company evaluates existing SEM, manages local SEM, triton website and logo design. Under the SEO division, White Shark Media will manage local listings, evaluate local SEO, manage local SEO, triton website and logo design – get details here: https://www.glassdoor.com/Overview/Working-at-White-Shark-Media-EI_IE1046701.11,28.htm.

A great service that White Shark Media also provides to the public is its blog. They keep clients up to date on the goings on at the company, their future plans, suggestions to clients and more. One of their most recent blog posts that shows how much White Shark Media cares about the happiness of their clients was a blog post about how White Shark Media has addressed some of their most common customer complaints. These complaints include everything from better communication with customers to how to track their performance. WSM addressed all of these complaints in order to improve.