Charles Koch Reaffirms his Liberal Thought Principles

Koch got educated at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Mr. Koch is a member of the Beta Theta Pi Fraternity. In 1997, he obtained a Bachelor of Science in engineering. In 1958, he got a Master of Science (M.S.) in Mechanical Engineering and a second M.S. in Chemical Engineering in 1960.He started working with Arthur Little Inc. after college and in 1961, he moved back to Wichita to join his father’s business; Rock Island Oil & Refining Company.

Koch became president of Rock Island Oil & Refining Company in 1967, which was a medium-sized oil firm then. He renamed the company Koch Industries in honor of his father. Koch generated $90 billion in revenue which translated into a growth of 2000% growth, and this represents an annual compounded return of 18%. He has also been the director of Koch industries since 1982.

Two works focused by Koch’s reasoning include the Ludwig Von Mises’ Human Action and F. A. Harper’s Why Wages Rise. In the wake of perusing Harper’s book, Koch got to be included with Harper’s Institute for Humane Studies, of which he turned into a key supporter. He has been in the leading group of IHS since 1966. Since the 1980s, IHS has been progressively keen on supporting the vocations of determined instructors, columnists, and arrangement experts with an enthusiasm for established liberal thought.

Charles Koch as always expressed his opinions even in controversial circumstances. As a known liberal thinker, he has come spoken out against current education administrators for choking the environment for progressive thinking in institutions of higher learning. Such behavior seems retrogressive to Koch and fellow billionaire Michael Bloomberg.

Speaking at a recent College commencement ceremony in New York, the two expressed the need to adhere to the tenets of a democratic society in America. Students must share their divergent ideas and approaches to life. Only then can the community learn to accommodate the changes in modern society. To compound this argument, the two leaders cited examples of the movement of the equality of women that came about as a result of liberal thinking.