The Desiree Perez Effect

There are some people in the business world that have the Midas touch. It doesn’t seem to matter what they put their hands on. If they have a hand in the business it seems to thrive. One person that the world has come to know like that is Earvin “Magic” Johnson. He had a lengthy basketball career, but he would transition into a business man off the courts. He would be able to boost his career with restaurants and movie theaters even though this was not his core passion. Desiree Perez is someone that has this same level of influence.

Desiree Perez is a masterful business executive that has the negotiation skills to survive in just about any environment that she is put in. When she started managing her own nightclub she would prove herself to be quite successful in this line of business. She would eventually help Jay-Z do what he needed to do to get his 40/40 Club off the ground. This would be a huge building block to her success. As a person that was able to help Jay-Z out she would become a master of deals that involved entertainers. Source:

Perez would solidify her relationship with Jay-Z as she helped him handle contracts with the athletes that were part of his Roc Nation Sports organization. Jay-Z would continue to thrive in the business world, but Perez was never too far behind. Right now she is the woman that is responsible for the recent success of another huge Jay-Z venture. Her role at Tidal is huge. She has become the type of business minded woman that is leading artists to better contracts in concerts and endorsement deals. She is also putting Tidal on the map with exclusive content.

Jay-Z has never really claimed another partner in business since he parted ways with Damon Dash. The husband of Desiree Perez, however, has he has been influential in many Jay-Z business deals. Desiree has also stepped in to help Juan and Jay in places where they may have not been able to get the type of contract deals that Desiree has been able to acquire. She is the smart woman that is getting the recognition that she deserves as Tidal shifts into the fast lane.

Many people thought that Tidal would fold when Jay-Z acquired it. Dez Perez has proved so many naysayers wrong with her business savvy skills.