One Bad Review Can Do A Lot Of Reputation Harm

Keeping every customer happy is a tall order. No business is capable of hitting satisfaction figures of 100% approval. Still, business owners do have to try to keep everyone as happy as possible. In the world of online commerce, reviews, and communications, 99.991% satisfaction might not be enough. All it takes is a single customer to create an online reputation catastrophe.

A bad review popping up online on a popular review venue can create massive problems. Regardless of how outstanding the service of a business is, a bad — or scandalous — review may turn up. The review could take on a life of its own. The reviewer may go to enormous trouble to make sure as many people see the bad review as possible. Enhancing the position of the bad review in the search engines could put all that negativity right next to an expensive advertising campaign designed to boost the brand. All that advertising might prove for naught, another indignation. The indignation might prove to be a highly costly one on a lot of levels.

What about all those customers who are pleased with the amazing service? As many advertising and business analysts point out, people who have bad experiences are more likely to put their venomous feelings out in the public square. Even when circumstances far outside of the control of the business led to the bad service, a bad review may still be forthcoming.

The best advice to give a business owner who is struggling with the impact of one rotten review is to take one good step and contact an online reputation management service like Things can be done to improve the image of a company, but the effort has to be very targeted, controlled, and professionally executed. Procuring the services of a reputation management company to deal with the troubles might prove to be a wise investment.