Ricardo Tosto’s Accomplishments in the Brazilian Legal System

Brazil legal system is based on the traditions of the Roman-Germanic. Brazil ranks the second best country in regards to its legal processes. The country has a superior legal action process that makes it standout. In Brazil, for one to qualify and practice law, after graduation, a Juris doctor graduate is expected to kick start their career at the Attorney of Brazil Order. Ricardo Tosto is a well-respected scholar and expert in the field of law. His expertise field involves various laws including Civil, Commercial Law together with Contracts law, and many others. Ricardo Tosto is also a co-founder of a law firm by the name Leite, Tosto e Barros. Additionally, Mr. Ricardo Tosto ranks among the top most celebrated attorney in Brazil.

Ricardo Educational Background started at the University of Presbyterian Mackenzie, he acquired a Juris doctor degree. He later advanced his skills by taking a business administration course. He began his career at a Brazilian company Network Group where he worked as an adviser of the Human Resource and Legal Management. After some time, he left his position and moved to Private Pension Fund Foundation. He served as the senior company director. Later, he resigned from the company and co-founded a small law firm that expanded to become one of the most significant lawsuits company in Brazil.

Ricardo Tosto vast experience has secured him undisputed celebrity status in Brazil. Over the years, Ricardo has led most prominent proceedings that involved several public personalities, leading organizations, together with different corporations. Under his leadership, Ricardo always registers excellence in legal services for his clients. Presently, Ricardo Tosto serves as an international bar association member together with the Law firms. He formerly headed the Brazilian Bar Association as the president. Ricardo is also a prolific author; he has published several reviews and articles in journals.

Ricardo Tosto

Are you dealing with a business problem in Brazil and need a qualified legal practitioner to guide you? Want to hire a reputable lawyer with great expertise in business or corporate litigation? Perhaps you are already aware that Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is a very powerful business and corporate litigation attorney in Brazil.


Often business disputes develop, and when they just cannot be properly resolved through negotiation, litigation may be utilized as a way to fix the problem. Regardless if the case involves a private individual or a business entity that has a legal dilemma with another business entity, competent lawyers have proven ways to handle the matter efficiently.


There are a number of steps involved in deciding on a good attorney or law firm for your legal matter. You can start your conducting research online using websites that have attorneys’ lists and agencies and associations that oversee lawyers and other legal practitioners.


Lots of people get recommendations from trusted colleagues, relatives and friends. These are also a reliable way to learn about a lawyer who delivers on his promise. They will enthusiastically recommend them to others who are looking for legal help if people like the lawyer they had hired.


When it comes to choosing a powerful business or corporate litigation attorney in Brazil, Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is your clear choice. Ricardo Tosto has more than 22 years of business law and litigation experience, working with a great number of clients and handling and complex business legal problems. Ricardo Tosto is an expert in business enterprise and corporate law and developing approaches to deliver efficient and strong solutions for his clients.


Ricardo Tosto helps his clients to have a thorough understanding of legal case and needs and he devises the best strategy to approach the matter and get it resolved. His clients come from a wide variety of industries and are always happy with the outcome of their legal case. Ricardo Tosto takes the time to go over the case with his clients and works closely with them to ensure a satisfactory resolution for all involved.

SEC Whistle Blower Help

The people who want to blow the whistle on the issues that are in the SEC know that they are protected under the program that was created by the SEC, but sometimes, this knowledge is not enough to ensure that the people get the protection that they deserve when they are a part of the program. There are many issues that come with reporting and one of the things that people worry about the most is the retaliation that can come from making the report because many of the people who are doing things the wrong way are their bosses.

It was not uncommon in the past for people to be retaliated against when they made the decision to make a report against the people who were a part of the SEC. Their bosses thought that they had a right to punish them or even fire them for making the report. The SEC established the whistle blower program to combat this and to make sure that people felt that they could make the reports that they needed without getting any type of retaliation from the bosses that they had who were not working the right way for their employees.

Another thing that people have: hush money. Many bosses pay employees some type of money out of the money that they are stealing to keep them quiet. Some people get used to this money and feel that, if they reported the problem, they would lose out on a lot of money or even part of their salary. The whistle blower program was designed to make sure that the people would still have the money that they wanted when they were taking it from the dirty bosses. The program gives out rewards to people who make a report about the SEC.

While there are many benefits of the program, it is not flawless. People still need attorney representation when they are making these reports. The SEC Whistleblower attorney gives them the expertise that they need to be confident about their decision to make a report. The attorneys at Labaton Sucharow recently helped a client score the second largest reward from the SEC and they continue to be successful at helping people who want to blow the whistle on practices. The office is an expert law firm that works only with people who want to have attorney representation when they are making a report to the SEC.

The Need for a Securities Enforcing Attorney

The Dodd-Frank Act that was established in 2010 was structured to bring financial reforms in the U.S by providing protection and financial incentives for anyone who brought information to the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) regarding federal securities laws infringements. If you witness certain violations at your workplace such as irregularities in earnings reports, accounting fraud, or material compensation for contracts, you can choose to become a whistleblower and report such actions to the SEC. However, the SEC laws on whistleblowing can be hard to fathom for someone without legal expertise, making the experience of a SEC whistleblower lawyer essential.

Eligibility for Award

One provision in the program is that a whistleblower can get a 10-30% reward of the monetary penalties resulting from a successful case from the information provided. However, it is not always the case that a whistleblower will receive an award even if a case is successful. Several rules in the program provide exclusions and exceptions that may disqualify you from monetary compensation. A core person in a company, for example, is not eligible for an award. The same goes for internal auditors or other individuals who discover information while a company is in the process of identifying violations. For this reason, the expertise of an attorney will be helpful in understanding your position and the chances of getting an award.

Reporting Violations

Before violations get to the SEC, they must first be reported internally unless there is a good reason not to like when the top management is involved in the infringements. It is common for whistleblowers to receive retaliation at their workplace, and that is why the counsel of a good lawyer is vital. In some instances, a whistleblower may be part of the violations either through action or inaction. If this is your predicament, the advice of a SEC whistleblower attorney will be necessary before you even approach the agency. A lawyer can help you avoid prosecution due to your involvement in the case.

Making Submissions

A securities enforcement lawyer is also good to have around when making a submission to the agency. The rules stipulate that a whistleblower should report violations to the SEC within 120 days of making it known internally. A lawyer can aid in putting together the submission and the accompanying documents (if you have them), to make a stronger case. When and how you make a submission to the agency will determine if the information provided is “original,” which will impact the size and chances of a reward.

Ross Abelow Does His Own Winter Fundraiser

The winter fundraiser that Ross Abelow did with GoFundMe is the perfect thing for the city of New York, and it targets the stray animals that are in the city. Shelters in New York are trying to care for these animals, but they need more money to operate. He is trying to make sure that all these animals can get some care, and he started a GoFundMe campaign that would help raise money for all these pets.

The pets that need this money are getting taken in by people who are running these shelters, and they leave their doors open so that the pets can come in from the cold when it gets cold at night. The winter in New York can be pretty brutal, and it is important for all these pets to have a place to go. All the pets get food and shelter, and the ones that stay can be adopted by families who come and visit the shelters.

The pets that get taken in have to be in places where the lights are still on, and Ross Abelow knows that a lot of these shelters need more money to operate. They have to have food and shelter for the pets, and they need to be able to pay the staff that is working there. They also need to get medical staff there to help all the pets. This is a very big deal for all these animals when it gets cold in the winter, and Ross Abelow wants to help make sure that all these animals get real care.

He has worked in law for a long time, and he has a lot of friends who would love to give to such a cause. That is something that makes his GoFundMe more than a one time project. He wants to raise $5000 to start, but Ross Abelow wants to make the campaign even bigger so that he can get money for even more people and pets. There are a lot of animals on the streets of New York, and they need help so that they can find food, shelter and good homes.

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