JustFab Begins Its Carefully-Planned Expansion

The New York Times and Wall Street Journal have given their reports on JustFab which has been called a unicorn startup. Their high-flying fashion service has quite a few VIP subscribers, and they are slowly creeping toward an IPO. JustFab is not rushing to begin an IPO at this time, but this article explains why an IPO is likely in the future.

#1: Why Is JustFab A Unique Company?

JustFab is quite the unique company that offers subscription shopping services for women. Shoppers may visit the site at any time to purchase new products, or the site may select products that meet the style needs of the customer. JustFab is advertising their service in television commercials, and their business wishes to expand to meet the needs of more fashionistas.

#2: The Latest Funding Round

$250 million in funding has pushed JustFab over the $1 billion mark of valuation, and the high valuation of the company provides hope for the future of online shopping. Online shoppers at JustFab may select from a wealth of styles, colors and shapes, but JustFab must continue to expand to attract even the most discriminating customer.

#3: How Long Will The Expansion Take?

The expansion of JustFab will not be done quickly, and JustFab plans to offer the finest products from new manufacturers some time in the future. Their funding rounds may improve their website, shipping and pricing. Just Fab may use extra cash to help bring in new board members and executives, and the company is focusing on the business side of the operation.

JustFab has chosen to take its first steps in the direction of an IPO, and every step will help fashionable shoppers find more options online. The subscription service and online catalog provide shoppers with a service that has yet to stop growing.

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