The Fusion of Technology and Fashion

The technology industry has experienced many changes over the past decades. Variations in the sector depend on what the people consider to be fashionable. Currently, there’s a fusion of fashion and technology. Fashion designers always desire to create the best products, and doing so with the use of technology makes it easier for them. A good example is an airbag for cyclists, a protection system that is worn around the neck. It was designed by Anna Haupt and Terese Alstin and pops to protect the head during accidents. When it is not opened, the cyclist has a better view of the surroundings so we can conclude that the piece of technology is better than a helmet.


Kevin Cannon and Ashwin Rajan created Frontline Gloves to protect firefighters. These gloves allow the firefighters to communicate when in the scene of a fire, so it contributes a lot to their safety. The use of recycled material is also becoming common among fashion designers, for instance, Segrasegra, designer, used recycled inner tubes of bicycles to make t-shirts and jackets. Designers also realized that fashion and technology could be used to create electrical energy during movement. The energy can power gadgets like watches. As the years go by, it is evident that the technological and fashion industry could work together to create great things.


Christopher ‘Chris’ Burch was born on March 28, 1953, and is the founder and chief executive officer of Burch Creative Capital. He is an investor involved in various businesses in many industries such as real estate, fashion, and technology. Chris is the co-founder of the fashion luxury brand known as Tory Burch. He is responsible for the rise of many luxury and fashion brands. Chris Burch was an entrepreneur from a young age. As an undergraduate, he started Eagle’s Eyes apparel with his brother Bob. It grew to be worth $165 million when they sold it to Swire Group.


After the sale of Eagle’s Eyes apparel, he invested in Internet Capital Group. In his real estate ventures, Mr. Burch was involved in the development of luxury homes in Palm Beach, Nantucket, Southampton and New York. He partnered with hotelier Alan Faena of Argentina and architect Philippe Stark to create the Faena Hotel & Universe. Chris has been involved in many philanthropic activities which include: The Sumba Foundation, The China Association of Social Work, Mt. Sinai Hospital in New York and NYU Langone. He can credit his success as an entrepreneur to his the understanding of market trends and the creation of a link between innovation and implementation.


Josh Verne’s tips on how to become a good manager

– As a manager, you can either be a leader or a boss. A leader is different in that, he earns respect from his employees. Contrary to this, a boss demands to be respected. Respect is earned when the leader does what is in the best interest of the whole organization, considering the employees. A boss demands respect by doing only what is best for him. Verne advises managers to be leaders.

– Whereas successful managers look to achieve only win-win situations, the ones who fail mostly don’t mind acting on win-lose situations, provided the employees are on the losing side. A good manager knows that a win for the employees or society has a positive impact on the firm.

– To command authority without too much effort, a manager ought to listen more and talk little. The fewer the words one speaks, the more power they have. Good listeners have a good chance of being listened to.

– Your life shouldn’t only be revolved around your business. A good manager allocates time for everything, and strives to improve every aspect of his life. One may have a lot of money but lead a sad life, just because he doesn’t have stable relationships. All areas of life, including relationships and health, should be given the focus they need.

– If one finds out what they are passionate about, doing it would be easy. Improving on something you are not passionate about is almost impossible.

About Josh Verne

Ever heard about A platform that allows people to exchange content through peer-to-peer connections? Well, Josh Verne is the founder of the platform. With, Verne targets college students to use the platform as a material exchange medium. He founded the company just this year. The company has grown to become well established in a short span.

Verne’s entrepreneurial skills were polished when he founded This was a website that allowed those with payrolls to make purchases easily. The amounts would then be automatically deducted from their payrolls. He formed the company in 2012, but sold it two years later to Global Analytics Holding.