How One Dentist Changed the Treatment of Sleep Apnea Forever

Sleep apnea may be the worst of the underdiagnosed diseases. Starting slowly, its insidious course is often marked by general deterioration in health, eventually resulting in the development of severe conditions including heart attack, stroke, atrial fibrillation, liver fibrosis, and diabetes. Additionally, sleep apnea is strongly correlated with severe disability and increased risk of fatal events, particularly traffic and workplace accidents.

Yet this serial killer has been allowed to roam free, given free rein to wreak havoc on the lives of its sufferers by a medical community that has poorly understood it or even denied its troublesome existence entirely. Dr. Avi Weisfogel wanted to change all that.

Dr. Weisfogel had been running a successful dental practice, Old Bridge Dental, in Central New Jersey for a number of years. In his off hours, he often dedicated himself to the study of diseases that dentists could potentially diagnose. Sleep apnea came to his attention as a serious ailment, the early diagnosis of which could immensely benefit patients presented with it.

Dr. Weisfogel learned that the primary symptom of sleep apnea was excessive daytime sleepiness but that it carried a host of signs and anatomical risk factors as well. For example, people with a neck circumference of greater than 17 inches were at a multi-fold increase of developing the disease. Those with small jaw bones, enlarged tonsils, gastroesophageal reflux disease and obesity were similarly predisposed. What’s worse, those that had the disease but went untreated were at severely increased risk of developing sometimes lethal conditions like heart attack, stroke, diabetes, dilated cardiomyopathy and even being involved in fatal car crashes.

This disturbing knowledge focused Dr. Weisfogel’s resolve, which he directed towards the foundation of the first sleep dentistry organization in the world, Dental Sleep Masters. Dental Sleep Masters began giving seminars and disseminating materials to dentists across the United States, training them to spot the early warning signs of sleep apnea and to treat patients on a limited basis. This program proved so successful that many dentists actually reported quitting their traditional dental practices in favor of focusing solely on sleep dentistry.

MB2 Dental Solutions Opens a New Dental Clinic in Seagoville

The Picasso Dental +Orthodontics new clinic is the latest addition to the MB2 Dental Company. The new clinic will be opened as part of the Picasso expansion strategy. The goal of the company’s expansion is to cater to the growing communities in Texas. The new clinic is affiliated with the MB2 Dental Company.

  1. Rishank Korupolu is the owner of the Picasso Dental and Orthodontics, and he will manage the clinic. Dr. Rishank is passionate about dental care, and that is why he is committed to the process of improving his patients’ dentine. Dr. Korupolu attended the University of Southern California for his dental studies, and he has four years of experience in dentistry. Dr. Korupolu developed the passion for treating children while still in the University. Dr. Korupolu completed his general dentistry and selective pediatric at the La Maestra Community Health Clinic. Dr. Korupolu is a member of the American Dental Association.
  2. Rishank loves to help his community with excellent dental work. He has developed various hobbies including playing sports, hiking and traveling.

About MB2 Dental

MB2 Dental Solutions is a company designed to offer solutions to dentists with business solutions. Most dentists experience challenges when it comes to running their dental practices.MB2 Solutions was established to solve these business problems. Dr. Chris Stephen Villanueva founded the MB2 Solutions in 2009. Dr. Chris gained experience, and as an owner of various clinics, he understood the challenges that dentists experience. The Company has formed over 70 affiliated clinics in different States including Mexico, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Alaska, Tennessee, and Texas.

The main goal of the Company is to provide the Dentists with an opportunity to cater to their patients. With the different solutions, the dental practices will be able to achieve success in the business.

All the affiliated dental clinics are guided by MB2 Dental Solutions core Values.

Integrity: the team has embraced honesty and ethics in all their business activities.

Teamwork: all the employees work together to enhance their experiences and skills. They have combined their talents to achieve the Company’s goals and objectives.

Innovation: the team seeks to embrace the new changes and technologies and support the new ideas.

Excellence: they are continually improving their skills and experiences.

MB2 Solutions has opened its doors to all the dental clinics. The dentists can request for an assessment. It is mandatory for the clinics to be evaluated before they can be absorbed into the system. Learn more on PR News Wire about MB2 Dental.


MB2 Dental Solutions offers a wide range of services to the dentists. The services include:

Human resources: the department is the backbone of the Company. The MB2 team focuses on taking care of the employees

Marketing: the marketing team will design a tailor-made marketing strategy for your business

Recruitment: the employees will determine the success of the dental practice. It is for that reason that the recruitment department focuses on finding the most skilled and talented candidates.

Other services include training, IT, Accounting and finance, business development, and Compliance

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Energized and Exciting Dental Practices Comes from MB2 Dental

Youthful and trendy may not be the first two words that come to mind when you think “dental office” but Dr. Chris Villanueva wanted his company, MB2 Dental, to be hip, trendy, and centered around the entire doctor-patient experience. With MB2 Dental Solutions, dentists retain 100 percent autonomy in their practices, but gain the networking, retreats, technology and other in-office services so they can take their dental work to the next level.

Dr. Chris Villanueva came up with the idea for a hybrid dental company after graduating from dental school and being offered solo or group practices.. Both routes had definite advantages and disadvantages, like complete control of the practice vs. the ability to interact and learn from other peer dentists directly in the same clinic. He created MB2 Dental to allow affiliated dentists have the best of both worlds, and the idea took off.

As an entrepreneur, Dr. Villanueva believes in a hands-off approach, setting the creative ideas and goals and letting his team come up with solutions and answers to the problems that he sets. It keeps new ideas churning, and never forces the company down a single path that may not be the best one.

One of the areas where MB2 Dental is constantly innovating is in technology. Affiliated dental practices gain training, access, and experience with new and emerging dental technologies, which allow them to spend more time on what they do best – helping patients.

The same goes for the business end of running a dental practice. A lot of the corporate side is taken care of through the MB2 Dental affiliation, so the dentists can focus on broader business goals and improving patient care.

Even as he enjoyed and respected the autonomy that comes with private practice, one aspect that Dr. Chris Villanueva loved about larger scale practices was the camaraderie, networking, and mentoring that was possible for younger dentists at those clinics. He wanted his own company to offer independent dentists those same opportunities. So, the clinics offer training and support services to all affiliated dental providers.

Every year, the dentists are invited to a company-wide retreat, which may be in Cabo San Lucas or other top destinations. While there, they can relax, have fun, and see changes for growth internally in the company and professionally as well. For Dr. Villanueva, those opportunities embody the mixture of youthful energy and professionalism of MB2 Dental.

Avi’s Weisfogel Ways of Impacting Lives

Avi- the great doctor
There is nothing as demeaning as being diagnosed with a sickness and the doctor tells you I’m sorry, there is no cure for the illness yet. Even the statement is followed by but…, the patient’s life is changed completely. Early times, there never used to be a treatment for sleeping disorders or rather people didn’t pay much attention to them. However, with the advancement in technology and dedicated team of doctors, all this has changed, and patients can smile again. Avi Weisfogel is a dedicated physician, who has gone miles and done wonders in the dental industry. He dedicated himself to helping those suffering from sleep disorders get better, and peaceful sleep. He does this himself through the various treatments that are alternatives to traditional medication. On the other hand, Avi teaches others how to treat the patients. Before opening the dental sleep masters, he was the chief lecturer at the Owner Unlimited Sleep Patient in Old Bridge, New Jersey where he taught the youth all he knew and ways of dealing with the sleep deprived patients and improving their lives.

Avi’s charity work
Avi has, however, a love for helping others, and more so positively impacting patients’ lives. Through the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine (AADSM) a non-profit making organization, he provides treatment to many with snoring and sleep apnea problems. The organization also sponsors research, facilitates education and enhances professionalism.

Avi’s social Media presence
While not working, Avi is available on social media interacting with friends as well as educating on the issues of sleep disorders. He is open for responses on issues raised as well. He also loves watching the New York Rangers The hockey team is not just a sports team, but they go beyond their field experience to mentor the young as well as give back to the society.

Avi’s love for music and entrepreneurship
Avi is a great entrepreneur as well and has an interest in music among others. He has balanced his life quite well and hence he can offer help in whatever field you choose, be it entrepreneurship, dentistry and sleep-related disorders, music, and video and he also runs charitable organizations. He is happy to help, and it gives him a peace of mind in positively impacting people’s lives .

Avi Weisfogel: Putting Smiles on People’s Faces

These days, we could all use a smile, that is for sure. Times might be tough, but a smile can go a long way. Whether you are smiling because you are happy or smiling at someone else. No one knows that better than Avi Weisfogel, one of the most respected and kind dentists out there today. He showed that kindness by setting up a GoFundMe campaign to help Operation Smile. Operation Smile is an international medical charity which offers free surgical procedures for children. After all, as the expression goes, our children are our future. The more they smile, the happier they will be. Smiling can create some confidence, which is really important to install in a child at a young age.

Sometimes they can’t afford such operations, and it lowers their self esteem. Thanks to Avi Weisfogel setting up this wonderful GoFundMe page, with the goal of $2000, it ensures that they don’t have to worry about the money or how they are going to pay for it. Everything they need is right at their disposal. That is why Avi Weisfogel is such a popular choice when it comes to dentists. I know I wish I could have a dentist like him. He goes the extra mile to make sure that his clients feel comfortable, at ease, and look forward to seeing him and going to the dentist.

They want to see this grow to epic proportions and they want to reach as many children as possible. They work directly with local medical professionals, hospitals, governments and other organizations to create various surgical care models. This is a hands-on project that is sure to help out many of those in need. Sometimes people can be too proud to ask for help or don’t feel like they need. It’s alright to ask for help, reach out, and get what is necessary. There’s a great quote from the movie Concussion: need isn’t weak. Need is need. There is no shame in asking for help and receiving it. Sometimes we all need a helping hand. This provides a helping hand and then some.