Energized and Exciting Dental Practices Comes from MB2 Dental

Youthful and trendy may not be the first two words that come to mind when you think “dental office” but Dr. Chris Villanueva wanted his company, MB2 Dental, to be hip, trendy, and centered around the entire doctor-patient experience. With MB2 Dental Solutions, dentists retain 100 percent autonomy in their practices, but gain the networking, retreats, technology and other in-office services so they can take their dental work to the next level.

Dr. Chris Villanueva came up with the idea for a hybrid dental company after graduating from dental school and being offered solo or group practices.. Both routes had definite advantages and disadvantages, like complete control of the practice vs. the ability to interact and learn from other peer dentists directly in the same clinic. He created MB2 Dental to allow affiliated dentists have the best of both worlds, and the idea took off.

As an entrepreneur, Dr. Villanueva believes in a hands-off approach, setting the creative ideas and goals and letting his team come up with solutions and answers to the problems that he sets. It keeps new ideas churning, and never forces the company down a single path that may not be the best one.

One of the areas where MB2 Dental is constantly innovating is in technology. Affiliated dental practices gain training, access, and experience with new and emerging dental technologies, which allow them to spend more time on what they do best – helping patients.

The same goes for the business end of running a dental practice. A lot of the corporate side is taken care of through the MB2 Dental affiliation, so the dentists can focus on broader business goals and improving patient care.

Even as he enjoyed and respected the autonomy that comes with private practice, one aspect that Dr. Chris Villanueva loved about larger scale practices was the camaraderie, networking, and mentoring that was possible for younger dentists at those clinics. He wanted his own company to offer independent dentists those same opportunities. So, the clinics offer training and support services to all affiliated dental providers.

Every year, the dentists are invited to a company-wide retreat, which may be in Cabo San Lucas or other top destinations. While there, they can relax, have fun, and see changes for growth internally in the company and professionally as well. For Dr. Villanueva, those opportunities embody the mixture of youthful energy and professionalism of MB2 Dental.

Sleep Apnea Breakthrough

Here is an interesting fact. There are literally millions of people across the country that are not able to get a good night’s sleep. They attribute their insomnia to overworking, stress, or other conditions that keep them awake. Surprisingly, few really know the root of their problem, while others are not even aware that they have a sleep disorder. The name of the disorder is sleep apnea. New research discovered that there is a strong correlation between sleep apnea and medical conditions like diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and stroke. Dr. Avi Weisfogel has a very strong background in sleep apnea and wants to advance the treatment in this area.

Sleep Disorders
Dr. Avi Weisfogel is the founder of Dental Sleep Masters and he has very strong opinions about sleep apnea and its treatment. Dr. Weisfogel believes that sleep apnea goes unnoticed the majority of the time. He strongly believes in establishing methods to diagnose the disease before it escalates. Dr. Weisfogel and his professional team at Dental Sleep Masters are working to shine a light on the problems diagnosing this medical condition. They are working diligently to spread the word about sleep apnea to other dental professionals and medical professionals. Their team is also working on alternative treatments for sleep apnea that are more user friendly.

Dr. Avi Weisfogel
Sleep apnea is a problem for millions of people. Dr. Weisfogel realized this and established the New Jersey based Dental Sleep Masters to bring more awareness to this medical disorder. Dr. Weisfogel brings much knowledge and expertise to the subject because he has an extensive background in the diagnosis and treatment of sleep apnea. He is also a highly recognized dental professional. He is the founder of Old Bridge Dental Care, established in 1999. Managing the office for over 15 years.

Dr. Weisfogel has lent his extensive dental background, strong insight and research skills to studying sleep apnea. He also established an alternative way to treat sleep apnea with an oral appliance. Dr. Weisfogel is working diligently with other dentists to help them recognize and diagnose sleep apnea in their own patients.