Bringing sanity to the insurance world through Freedom Life Insurance

Coming up with special services

Freedom Life Insurance does not mix its services with business. The company remains as among the few ones that do not need to make lots of money in the industry for recognition. From the services that have been witnessed, the insurance company is dedicated to the provision of better policies in order to help the public. People can have cheap insurance policies without having to worry about their pay slips and the stability of their income.

Treating clients with different conditions

Health insurance usually appears to be among the most expensive in the world today. Freedom Life Insurance has created a way in which clients can take their covers regardless of the state of the disease. The insurance policies that are specific to health can be subdivided into different segments. Patients can ensure their lives against specific diseases. The company does not discriminate on the nature of the diseases of the complexity of its treatment.

Recapping the article on choosing the right type of insurance

Selecting the right type of insurance policy can be very challenging. Most clients are not sure if they should go for permanent or temporary life insurances. There is a way of making this consideration. First, the required duration has to be specified. If the policy is to be renewed, the temporary insurance can be the best option. In several occasions, the life insurance can last up to 20 years above which the policy expires unless the client renews. Read the article at to know more.

Creating a universal brand of policies

There are millions of American citizens who do not have a way of maintaining their policies. When it comes to health, the insurance companies tend to charge very highly because of the nature of health in the United States. Freedom Life Insurance has created a system where the polices can cover people from all the classes in the economy. There are millions who are self-employed without a stable income. Several others are temporary workers who cannot afford the surety of a stable income by the end of the month. All these people are covered in the existing policies offered by the company.

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USHEALTH Group: Innovative Health Coverage

USHEALTH Group is a family of companies meant to provide innovative health coverage for their clients. They offer a full portfolio of insurance plans allowing you to tailor health coverage to your needs. With more than 50 years of health insurance experience, the USHEALTH Group family are innovators in their industry offering flexible, secure, and affordable plans.

Why Choose USHEALTH Group?

There are many reasons to choose USHEALTH Group for your insurance needs. They are affordable and reliable, whether you need everyday coverage for medical expenses or need a peace of mind when it comes to more serious medical issues. They have served the community for over 50 years with more than 15 million satisfied customers. The USHEALTH Group helps to bring both experience and innovation in an unparalleled combination.

HOPE: Helping Other People Everyday

The acronym HOPE, standing for Helping Other People Everyday, is a way of life for the management, staff, and independent agents of USHEALTH Group. It’s a mission that these people commit themselves to. The organization as a whole is determined to making a positive difference in other’s lives. Visit USHealth Group on Facebook

Types of Insurance Offered By USHEALTH Group

USHEALTH Group can provide quality coverage through licensed health and life insurance companies. They offer critical illness, specified disease/sickness and accident, life, dental, short-term disability, and vision insurance just to name a few. They understand that each customer will have different needs. They offer customers a wide array of options to choose from. USHEALTH Group is qualified to address their customer’s needs when it comes to flexibility, reliability, and affordability in their insurance selection.

Customers on a Limited Budget

For customers on a limited budget who are concerned about satisfying high annual deductibles before receiving benefits, they offer innovative products providing first dollar benefits for services that are covered and extensive network discounts across many providers. These plans are usually more affordable than comprehensive plans while still being able to provide the first dollar protection a limited protection plan can offer.

No matter what type of coverage you choose, USHEALTH Group will help their customers enhance the protection with a full line of products including specified disease/sickness, critical illness, accident, income protector, short-term accident disability income, dental, vision, and term life insurance plans. In a business that is filled with high customer turnover and lower than average customer loyalty, USHEALTH Group stands out from the crowd by creating long-term relationships with their clients. USHEALTH Group is a trusted ally that can consistently deliver on their promise of dependability.

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Jeunesse Has Products To Help You Today

Jeunesse is a corporation that sells products that help people on a daily basis. These products are made to aid the body in rough situations.

One of the main products offered by Jeunesse Global is called M1ND. This is a pill that derives from all natural elements. Included in these natural ingredients is L-Theanine, which is a natural compound that prevents mental distraction. Another element found in M1ND is Cera-q, which is an element that supports productive memory. This supplement is not expensive at all, and one bottle should last approximately two months. M1ND has been tested by both blue and white collar workers in a variety of fields, and all participants showed the same positive results. There is even a component of M1ND that fights against mental hunger. Watch this video on Youtube.

Another great product sold by Jeunesse is Instantly Ageless. This is a soft cream that was created to tackle bags under the eyes, wrinkles, and dead skin. Like all other Jeunesse products, Instantly Ageless also derives from all natural elements. Instantly Ageless is determined to work in less than two minutes. If this is not so, the customer will receive his/her money back, and they still get to keep the product. The cream is also clear, so people will not even know that you are wearing it.


An addition product made by Jeunesse is Finiti. Finiti is a pill for people who need more fruit and vegetables in their life. A person only has to take one pill a day, and it will be equivalent to eating fruit and vegetables with every meal. This tablet is filled with nothing but elements from both fruits and vegetables.

Jeunesse began by two retired people who wanted to give back to the community. Both Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis enjoyed being retired, but they realized their real joy is in helping people. They invested money in technology and developed a new way to produce pills and drinks that are all natural. In just a few short years, Jeunesse has become one of the leading companies in dietary supplements. Follow Jeunesse Global on

Troy McQuagge Earns CEO Of The Year Honors

Troy McQuagge is an award-winning businessman. He was recognized by One Planet as CEO of the year. One Planet is an organization that operates internationally and shines a light on companies of all industries around the world. Any type of corporation is eligible to qualify for their award. One Planet takes pride in giving notice to fortune 500 companies as well as small startups. The idea is to open doors for ground breaking enterprises.

Troy McQuagge joined USHealth Group in 2010. He immediately made his presence felt by restructuring the agency aspect of the company known as USHealth Advisors. His success with the Advisors division brought attention to his abilities as a leader. Troy was soon named CEO of the company. In 2014 USHealth Group achieved tremendous success and growth while under Troy McQuagge’s leadership. Troy’s business savvy took the organization to new levels of achievement.

McQuagge understands the responsibility that comes with being honored as the CEO of the Year. It is the type of recognition that reflects his team and allows him to set an example throughout the industry he operates in. Troy gave praise to his team for the success he has had at USHealth Group. The company continues to rebuild and shake up its culture while learning to solve the problems of affordable health care. USHealth Group prides itself on providing innovative programs that make healthcare available in ways they were not before. They have been able to break new ground with their creative policies and programs.

The One planet Awards system is divided into several different categories. These categories include teams, new products, services, executives, public relations, marketing and communications. The nature of the award is to discover great companies in any region of the world. USHealth Group exemplified the character and leadership that the award organizers where looking for.

Troy McQuagge and USHealth Group call Fort Worth Texas their home. USHealth Group offers Healthcare solutions to people who are self-employed. They also work closely with small businesses with limited funding. The organization is dedicated to creating sensible insurance packages that work well for unconventional situations. Know more:

Bob Reina: A Truly Kind Person

In today’s world, people come across a lot of nasty and vile human beings. I know people are aware of it, but it does not make it any easier, that is for sure. It is much better when people are happy, loving, understanding, and kind. It is why someone like Bob Reina is such a ray of sunshine in today’s world. He is doing a lot for a lot of people. He is also doing a lot for animals as well such as his over one million-dollar donation to the Tampa Bay Humane Society. This is the kind of donation that really makes a mark on the lives of the animals and the people working at the shelter.


Bob Reina is also known to pay people’s vet bills. The remarkable thing about this is that Bob Reina does it without even telling anyone. He does all of this in private. He is not the kind of person that is going to jump up, scream, and shout about all that he does for people. Of course, when something good happens, people are going to spread the word and talk about it. However, that has never been the motivation behind anything that Bob Reina has done. He has done it because he is a former police officer that cares and wants to do this.


Bob Reina knows the success that Talk Fusion has brought him as the CEO and founder. They are a video communications company that offers video newsletters, video emails, video conferences, and video chats. It has all of this and even more. They are also a company that has awards to back up what they are doing and why they are legitimate. They won two awards in 2016, and one of them was for the 2016 Communications Solutions Product of the Year Award.


If there is any sort of solution to be found for his customers or for animals, Bob Reina is going to look far and wide to find it. He will find it and nothing will get in his way because he is determined to give people and animals the very best. Learn more: