A Look At Trabuco’s Insurance Success Path

After joining Bradesco in March 2009, the company had just lost its position to Itaú Unibanco. On his inauguration speech after joining Bradesco, he promised to serve diligently in all aspects of his job. One of the boldest moves after joining the industry was the purchase of HSBC for about $5.2 billion. The acquisition put Bradesco on the map, especially in terms of the total investment fund, number of account holders, and branch network. It was also a great achievement for the company since it would take almost six years to achieve the same through organic growth.

Career and Early Life

Trabuco was born in 1969 in Arilla and later joined the University of Sao Paulo where he graduated with a degree in philosophy. He started out as a clerk and slowly rose through the ranks. In 1984, he became the director of marketing and later in 1992 to 1998, he served as the executive director and president of the Bradesco Private Pension Scheme. He later became the executive vice president in 1999 until he took over the leadership of Bradesco after the retirement of his former boss who held the position from 2003 to 2009.

In the mid-1980s when he was the head of the marketing board, Trabuco was responsible for the modernization of the bank’s publicity. This was a huge step since it opened up the bank to the media. Also, his core duty at the bank starting from 2003 was what made him the best candidate for the presidency. Under his tenure, the insurance company doubled in size with a market share of 25%, and for the first time, it became the largest company in the insurance sector in Latin America.

Impact of the Insurance Sector

Not all executives in the Brazilian economy have the influence as the president of an institution such as Bradesco. Trabuco is one of the people whose opinion is closely followed by political leaders and the elite business class. That said, his opinion is featured in newspapers and magazines. He joined the bank at the age of 57 and since he understands the insurance sector, Trabuco will definitely play a huge role in driving the company’s economy to a different level. He also has a great task ahead of him since his predecessor left a good track record. In fact, in the last ten years, his predecessor managed to multiply the company’s market share from $5 to $ 30 million.

He will be the fourth president of the insurance company since its establishment sixty-five years ago. A lot of people have confidence in him since he has worked for the company for close to forty years. His success, especially in raising the company’s market share, and his working style, which is closely related to his predecessors makes him an excellent candidate for the position. Although this might be the case, he still has a great challenge ahead of him since their close competitors are worth $422 in assets and Bradesco is at $ 150. He also hopes to have an organic growth which can be achieved through the company’s internal performance.

Find more about Luis Carlos Trabuco Cappi: http://bradesco.infoinvest.com.br/relatorios-cvm/ptb/000906/20001231/5/31.12.200.pdf

Whitney Wolfe Helps People Connect With Bumble BFF

Whitney Wolfe has proven that her company Bumble is more than just a dating app company. It is true that this is how she started, but it is obvious that she plans to do a lot more than this. The Bumble BFF app that she is introducing to the world proves that she has more up her sleeves.

Whitney Wolfe has created a platform with Bumble BFF for women to reach out and make other friends through this app. This is an app that is also in sync with Bumble Bizz. This is an app that has been great for people that want to build business contacts.

With all three of these apps combined Whitney Wolfe has a very good place in the social media world. She has the ability to really bring a lot of people together in different ways. She knows that the Bumble BFF app will be one of her greatest achievements because there are lots of people that are in search of friends. Sometimes people are going to be in a relationship. At other times they may have the job of their dreams. It is during times like this where they may not be looking for another partner or a job, but people can always use new friends. Whitney Wolfe knows that this platform is one of the best ways to keep the Bumble company name hot.

So many people have been able to find mattresses through her Bumble dating app that it only seemed natural for Whitney Wolfe to take on this other aspect of social media. She has definitely proven that she can help those that are trying to build better friendships with one another. So many people have been able to find friends online that they can meet offline to hang out with. Whitney Wolfe is the person that is now the catalyst for these type of budding friendships.

Bumble is a company that has a lot of room to grow because there are so many people that are reliant on social media. The app industry is definitely changing the way people connect.

Learn more about Whitney Wolfe: http://norcal.news/news/23806-move-over-silicon-valley-whitney-wolfe-and-bumble-help-power-austins-tech-scene

Energized and Exciting Dental Practices Comes from MB2 Dental

Youthful and trendy may not be the first two words that come to mind when you think “dental office” but Dr. Chris Villanueva wanted his company, MB2 Dental, to be hip, trendy, and centered around the entire doctor-patient experience. With MB2 Dental Solutions, dentists retain 100 percent autonomy in their practices, but gain the networking, retreats, technology and other in-office services so they can take their dental work to the next level.

Dr. Chris Villanueva came up with the idea for a hybrid dental company after graduating from dental school and being offered solo or group practices.. Both routes had definite advantages and disadvantages, like complete control of the practice vs. the ability to interact and learn from other peer dentists directly in the same clinic. He created MB2 Dental to allow affiliated dentists have the best of both worlds, and the idea took off.

As an entrepreneur, Dr. Villanueva believes in a hands-off approach, setting the creative ideas and goals and letting his team come up with solutions and answers to the problems that he sets. It keeps new ideas churning, and never forces the company down a single path that may not be the best one.

One of the areas where MB2 Dental is constantly innovating is in technology. Affiliated dental practices gain training, access, and experience with new and emerging dental technologies, which allow them to spend more time on what they do best – helping patients.

The same goes for the business end of running a dental practice. A lot of the corporate side is taken care of through the MB2 Dental affiliation, so the dentists can focus on broader business goals and improving patient care.

Even as he enjoyed and respected the autonomy that comes with private practice, one aspect that Dr. Chris Villanueva loved about larger scale practices was the camaraderie, networking, and mentoring that was possible for younger dentists at those clinics. He wanted his own company to offer independent dentists those same opportunities. So, the clinics offer training and support services to all affiliated dental providers.

Every year, the dentists are invited to a company-wide retreat, which may be in Cabo San Lucas or other top destinations. While there, they can relax, have fun, and see changes for growth internally in the company and professionally as well. For Dr. Villanueva, those opportunities embody the mixture of youthful energy and professionalism of MB2 Dental.

Talk Fusion Keeps Moving Forward

It is truly something special how Talk Fusion has been able to keep moving forward during these times. They have grown, learned how to do things differently, and adapted. That is why people count on them, rely on them, and love them so much. They know this is a product that has their best interests in mind. It is run by Bob Reina, and he founded and created the company all the way back in 2007. They have now been running for ten years, and they have done some truly remarkable things in ten years for the people out there that are using the product and have used the product.

As a matter of fact, it has changed their whole life around, and it is not often that one can say that about a product, but it is a fact when it comes to Talk Fusion. It was proven even more true in 2016 when many say they had their best year yet because of winning two awards from the Technology Marketing Corporation. Two awards in one year really gets people’s attention, and it really gets them talking and for good reason. It shows this is a company that is committed to doing this the right way and seeing it all the way through.

They know the passion that their customers have for the product and for having a life that is more like the life they want. They don’t want to live a life that someone else has mapped out for them. They also don’t want to live a life that is just a way to pay the bills, have food on the table, and keep a roof over their heads. They desire more and they need more. That is a good thing. That is the ambition and desire that Bob Reina likes to see in his customers.

That is exactly how he is and exactly how he operates on a day to day basis with Talk Fusion and it is a big reason Bob Reina and his team have had the type of success they had in 2016 and will have even more of moving forward in 2017.


Mike Baur’s Swiss Startup Factory Idea of Hope

In a world where job security and job satisfaction continues to be a long shot, entrepreneurship is the only hope that young people can pursue. Unfortunately, transforming ideas into businesses is not a walk in the park. There is nothing simple about it, and one must work himself off to make it happen.


Luckily, you will encounter a few friends on your way to success. Mike is one of these friends. With his startup accelerator program under his company, the Swiss Start-Up Factory, you can be sure to thoroughly brainstorm your ideas, refine them to the required level, and get a boost to pursue them. These are just what you need when you have an idea. As most entrepreneurs notice, not every idea is worth pursuing, however promising it is. There are ideas for the future and ideas of today. Mike and his team help you separate the wheat from the chaff.


Mike was a banking analyst, a job he loved and cherished. For over 20 years, he harbored the dreams of venturing in entrepreneurship. He knew that that was not going to be an easy task. When he decided to quit his job and pursue his dream, he had no idea of the challenge that lay ahead. Having encountered so many challenges before his successful venture, he realized that the gap in entrepreneurship support was a business idea itself.


He could not do it alone, so he joined hands with Oliver Walzer and Max Meister. Together, they created a formidable team that is taking Swiss Start-Up Factory to unprecedented heights. Their first success was their deal with CTI Invest, then Fintech Fusion, among other stakeholders.


They currently host 3-month accelerator programs for future entrepreneurs. With this program, every student is drilled thoroughly on everything regarding startups. They are taken through the business management, functional leadership and team building, legal processes, accounting, and many other areas. More importantly, they are taken through idea development and execution.


Good ideas get financing and support. Such resources are required to take ideas to the next level. Under Baur’s management, the company has collaborated with many partner organizations including universities, venture capitalists, and legal firms, among others to develop various programs. They have hosted innovation challenges in universities, held entrepreneurship summits, and organized seminars and training, among other programs.


Mike Baur is an MBA holder from the University of Bern and is the CEO of the Swiss Start-Up Factory. Under his wise leadership, the company has transitioned effectively from a startup itself to a business that entrepreneurs can rely on for support.

Todd Lubar – Living the Financial Dream

Todd Lubar is a Young, Energetic, Optimistic and Experienced entrepreneur. Mr. Lubar joined the Real Estate Industry at the age of 22. He is currently the President of TDL GLOBAL VENTURES, LLC. He also serves as the Sr. Vice President to Legendary Investment. Since his working as a loan originator with Crestar Mortgage Corporation in the initial days, Mr. Lubar has walked a great and outstanding journey.


Mr. Lubar did his schooling from Sidewell Friends School till 1987 and went to The Peddie School in Hightstown, NJ for his high school. Having graduated from Syracuse University with B.A in speech communication in 1995, Mr. Lubar first experience with Crestar Mortgage Corporation and thereafter with Legacy Financial Group gave him invaluable experience in the field of Finance and Real Estate. In 1999, Todd acquired Legacy Financial Group which gave him the opportunity to broker loans to outside investors. He also used this stepping stone to open up Legendary Properties which is a residential development company.


He accepted a job with Charter Funding (a division of First Magnus Financial Corp) as Sr. Vice President. His vast experience in Mortgage banking, Demolition industry, Night club industry, Recycling industry and Real estate development industry makes him pioneer in his field.


Having been ranked as Top 25 Mortgage originators in the country for many years, he understands the business in much more better way than others. At present he is with TDL Ventures, a company which is focused on helping people in need. He is currently residing in Bethesda, Maryland and survived by his 2 beautiful children. https://about.me/todd_lubar

Sam Boraie, a Developer Who Loves His Community

Sam Boraie is someone who is known in the world of real estate development. Many people in his community and the rest of the world also know him as a philanthropist who is always happy to see his people developing and living in right conditions. He is known in New Jersey and other surroundings for his outstanding performance and provision of unique services to individuals and other institution. Currently, he is the vice president of Boraie Development LLC, which is a company which was started by his father, Omar. While working with this company, his primary focus is to find projects for development. His father came to the United States as a student in college and through his hard work and determination; he started a business becoming a successful entrepreneur.


Accomplishment of different Projects


Boraie Development is a company that has seen many achievements since it begun. It has finished projects such as the Aspire which is a 238-unit mansion located near New Brunswick Train Station and One Spring Street. It is a twenty-five story building and has enough space for rental, business, and parking. The locals will benefit from this project because it is well-planned courtesy of Boraie Development.

There is also another project which is the Beach at South Inlet in Atlantic City. It is near Boardwalk and the Atlantic Ocean and has over 250 residential units. The company also developed another project at Newark called Albany St. Plaza. The project has 20,000 square feet space for retail and 250,000 square feet space used for space. The company has also developed another building in Newark which has twenty-six stories and has units for residential. It is also developing another project at Waverly place. It is expected to be a good home for residents.


Charitable undertakings


It is notable that Boraie is not only involved in the business but also in philanthropic efforts. He participates in civic activities. He is an Advisory Board member of Elijah’s Promise, a non-profitable organization at New Brunswick which feeds the hungry and ensures that they are living just like the other residents. The organization serves the needy by giving meals, and its aim is to eradicate hunger and poverty by the provision of fresh food. The organization also offers other activities such as culinary arts and baking so that people can have skills to look for jobs in places such as restaurants and bakeries.


Boraie is also on another Board of Trustees of the State Theatre New Jersey in New Brunswick. The organization is the second largest in the State regarding the non-profitable organization. The theater was opened officially on December 26, 1921, and over the years it has hosted vaudeville performances and film screening.


At the moment, the theater is helping performers of dances and music as well as family shows and Broadway shows. Teachers and students are finding it helpful because they can attend special performances. Boraie Development will be useful for the 2017 summer because it will sponsor free film screening for children. It will be during weekday mornings and evenings at the theater.


The Fortune of Arthur Becker in Tech Industry and Real Estate Business

Arthur Becker is the Chairman and the Chief Executive Officer of the New York-based firm, Zinio LLC from 2012 to date. He is also the co-founder and the managing member of Atlantic Investors, LLC in New York from 2002 to date. From the year 2001 to date, Arthur has served as the Managing Director of the New York-based Madison Technology Group LLC. Therefore, his career specializes on the expertise in real estate and technology investment.

According to his Linked In, for eight years from the year 2002, he served as both the Chief Executive Officer and the Board Member of NaviSite Company, which dealt with the provision of technology and application management services to its clients in both the United States and the United Kingdom respectively. NaviSite offered data centre hosting and technological management applications to businesses. After the sale of NaviSite to Time Warner in 2001, Arthur became a senior advisor to the Vera Wang fashion company for seven good years.

Arthur Becker has seen the Zinio LL climb ladders of success. Fashionista.com reports that Zinio LLC is one of the wold’s largest digital tech firms that offer digital publishing, advertising, mobile and tablet computing, and magazine applications. Its headquarters is in New York, but they have other offices in San Francisco, Barcelona, and London.

Expertise in real estate has earned Arthur the ownership of the three adjacent townhouses on the Sullivan Street in Soho. He has invested a good amount of capital in the New York real estate business. He currently plans to reside in one of the houses and the sell or lease the rest two. By the report released by the RCA, Arthur Becker has invested $500 million in the New York real estate through the Atlantis Investors LLC so as to boost his fortune in the tech industry.Arthur Becker has made it in the Real Estate field and has been a role model to other prospect entrepreneurs.

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David Osio And His Role With Davos Real Estate Group

Davos Real Estate Group has a new mobile application that has just been launched. The estimation on real estate returns can be determined with this application. This will enable Davos to better serve their clients.


Davos is an independent company and part of Davos Financial Group. This Latin American market leader has been giving financial advice for twenty years. Their main focus is on investment strategy. Gerard González is the executive director for the company. His work with Tecknolution is responsible for the creation of the investment application. The approximate gain from investing in property can be estimated with this tool.


The application offers the latest in technology and is available for Android and iPhone devices. This is the first in a series of applications meant to be used for real estate reports. David Osio believes the direction the company has been heading required this application. He says it will help them to financially guide clients in the right direction. The tool is innovative and will help clients see the financial picture in regards to property investment.


The new application will include a Mortgage Calculator to allow clients to estimate their payments on a given property. In addition to the new applications Davos has also been developing partnerships internationally. These projects are designed to provide their customers with excellent service. Their platform expansion has caused a seventy-five per cent increase in sales in six months.


David Osio was a graduate of the Catholic University Andres Bello. He specialized in International Banking Law. His career started in 1981 as CEO for OPED Enterprise. He was responsible for the coffee exports for the company. He was also an executive for Letco Commercial Companies. His responsibilities included structuring the marketing for various industrial products.


David joined MGO in 1984. The law firm gave him the opportunity to use his knowledge and training in banking law. He handled some of their corporate clients like Consolidated Bank and Ferro. Due to his career as a legal advisor and his experience in banking he ended up in the Private Banking Division. His new position at Banco Latino worked very well for him. In just two years time he received a promotion to Vice President for the company. The portfolio of the company saw a considerable increase in value during his time with the company. He was also responsible for increasing the strength of the banks international positioning.

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Nathaniel Ru’s Trendy Salad Place in Town

Top of Form

People come to Sweetgreen to enjoy the tasty salads at a reasonable fee. The argument that the salads will not sustain one beyond 45 minutes does not describe the Sweetgreen recipe. At Sweetgreen you end up spending close to what you would on a burger and fries over lunch. The difference here is that you leave having eaten nourishing food.


The popularity of this salad den is such that in 2007 when the chain opened its doors in Washington DC, there was just the one. Now there are over 60 sites spread out over New York, Boston, California and Chicago.



Location Strategy

Entry into new markets is of importance to Ru and Sweetgreen. The place of choice is determined very carefully and with precision. Our open kitchen design allows clients to see what is being prepared. The preparation, from scratch, allows clients to appreciate the skills and also feel assured that the salad is as fresh as it gets. We emphasis on showing our clients other than telling them what we do.



Sweetgreen’s Food

Before opening more stores, Ru wants the company to first determine if it is capable of creating a supply chain. Most of the competition will ask farmers to grow certain foods for them, but Sweetgreen prefers to use what the farmers already have in order prepare salads for its clients. Ru recollects how he and his team went out to North California to a farmer who grows broccoli. He thought of the leaves that surrounded the broccoli crown. Upon inquiring whether the leaves are sold, he learnt that they were discarded since people preferred the crown. Now Ru decided to be buying the leaves and making salads. Ru believes that besides kales, there are a lot more vegetables people are not using.



Nathaniel Ru

Nathaniel Ru is a graduate from Georgetown University. Together with other graduates, he founded Sweetgreen in 2007. The co-founders of the salad chains are Nicholas Jammet and Jonathan Neman. Together, these three decided to locate their first shop in Georgetown. Today the salad joint has grown to 64 locations. It is spread in six states. Under the able leadership of Ru, the company has created jobs for close to 1700 people. The company is not left behind when it comes to giving back to the community. Equally important is its initiative in technology (Sweetgreen application) and music (Sweetgreen festival).


Ru has made four investments so far in four different companies. He has invested in MeUndies, EatPops, LOLA and Bond Street.