Jorge Moll, World Renowned Neurologist

Jorge Moll is a world-renowned Neurologist who graduated from The Rio De Janeiro Federal University. He received an M.D. in 1994 and completed his residency in 1998. After that, he decided to pursue a career in Experimental Pathophysiology by completing a Ph.D. at São Paulo University (


Presently, Jorge Moll is president and board member of D’Or Institute of Research and Education as well as a researcher. He also occupies a position as the head of the Cognitive & Behavioral Neuroscience Unit and IDOR.


Jorge Moll’s research is concerned with the interplay between the mechanisms underlying the choices that human beings make in their social surroundings. Additionally, he also wants to explore how cultural values affect these choices.


A large part of his studies is related to the notion of altruism and how this idea is essential for human beings. The research explores in great depth the basis for cooperation in interpersonal relationships among human beings. Altruism is far more important for some that it is an integral part of how they view the world and how they make economic decisions.


An excellent illustration of this is the anonymous donations to charities. Neurobiologists believe that these cultural values have started to appear some point during the Paleolithic period.


Jorge Moll explores the neurobiological basis for similar acts of altruism and their physical and biological manifestations. In order to do this, he asks people to take part in his study by running an MRI and seeing how people respond to these charitable acts. In short, the research is focused on finding the biological basis for anonymous acts of altruism. Jorge Moll has deep interests in the interplay between social values and neurobiology.


Furthermore, through his research, he wants to study the relationship between altruism and the realm of economic interests and material gains. People who took part in these interviews were asked whether they would choose money first when dealing with a real-life situation ( The sum of money that was offered to each participant would decrease as they choose altruism over their monetary interests. Jorge Moll is interested in studying similar phenomena and their implications in society.


Paul Mampilly, An Excellent Man

Paul Mampilly is the founder of Capuchin Consulting. The business is located inDurham, North Carolina. Paul moved to the United States from India when he was a little boy. His career stated in the early 90’s and it has been very successful every since. The first job held was at Deutsche Bank. He has also worked with the Royal Bank of Scotland.

As of today, Paul has almost 30 years of experience in the finical industry. He is very responsible, he has managed millions of dollars in hundreds of amounts for different clients. As a hedge fund manager, he has been extremely successful and he has earned multiple awards throughout career. Paul has also been featured on several television networks, including CNBC.

Paul is very diverse in the business world. He is also the founder of Profits Unlimited. Profits Unlimited helps people learn more about the finical industry. The company gives the clients different tools in order to learn more about the stock market, stocks, and investing.

Paul earned his MBA from Fordham University. He took his prior knowledge and all of the studies he learned from school in order to become successful in his career. Mampilly reviled that once he got in the business, he became to make a profit right away. Mampilly informed everyone that most of the fast profit came from his experience that he gained from being on Wall Street for some time.

If you are wondering how Paul gained his first customer, it was actually kind of easy for him. Paul began writing newsletters after he left Wall Street. Many readers read Paul’s newsletters daily, weekly, and monthly in order to obtain finical information. The readers of Paul’s newsletters were very impressed the more they kept reading his work. It wasn’t long before the readers of the newsletters became Paul’s actual clients. Paul still writes his newsletters as of today. He has over 50,000 subscribers, he is extremely grateful for all of them.

One thing that helped Paul become successful is that he always has all of his clients best interest in mind. Once he works with a client and they are satisfied, they are more likely to spread the word of how good you are. Plus there is no better feeling than leaving your clients happy and pleased with the work that you have done.

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Troy McQuagge Earns CEO Of The Year Honors

Troy McQuagge is an award-winning businessman. He was recognized by One Planet as CEO of the year. One Planet is an organization that operates internationally and shines a light on companies of all industries around the world. Any type of corporation is eligible to qualify for their award. One Planet takes pride in giving notice to fortune 500 companies as well as small startups. The idea is to open doors for ground breaking enterprises.

Troy McQuagge joined USHealth Group in 2010. He immediately made his presence felt by restructuring the agency aspect of the company known as USHealth Advisors. His success with the Advisors division brought attention to his abilities as a leader. Troy was soon named CEO of the company. In 2014 USHealth Group achieved tremendous success and growth while under Troy McQuagge’s leadership. Troy’s business savvy took the organization to new levels of achievement.

McQuagge understands the responsibility that comes with being honored as the CEO of the Year. It is the type of recognition that reflects his team and allows him to set an example throughout the industry he operates in. Troy gave praise to his team for the success he has had at USHealth Group. The company continues to rebuild and shake up its culture while learning to solve the problems of affordable health care. USHealth Group prides itself on providing innovative programs that make healthcare available in ways they were not before. They have been able to break new ground with their creative policies and programs.

The One planet Awards system is divided into several different categories. These categories include teams, new products, services, executives, public relations, marketing and communications. The nature of the award is to discover great companies in any region of the world. USHealth Group exemplified the character and leadership that the award organizers where looking for.

Troy McQuagge and USHealth Group call Fort Worth Texas their home. USHealth Group offers Healthcare solutions to people who are self-employed. They also work closely with small businesses with limited funding. The organization is dedicated to creating sensible insurance packages that work well for unconventional situations. Know more:

The Successful Career of Sheldon Lavin

Sheldon Lavin started his journey with OSI Group, LLC in 1970 and now serves as its Chief Executive Officer. He is also the Director of the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation as well as a General Trustee at the Rush University medical center. Sheldon Lavin is an accomplished professional when it comes to the banking industry and he is also the owner of a financial consultant firm as well as a successful investor. Sheldon Lavin has involved actively in the financing of Otto & Sons which was an opportunity for him to serve at the meat processing company. The leadership of Sheldon Lavin helped transform OSI Group to become an international food products dealer.

Sheldon Lavin took part in the expansion of OSI Group to sixteen countries with over 55 facilities. He collaborated with other professionals who serve at other food processing firms so as to grow the company. Being a visionary entrepreneur, Sheldon Lavin has in the past made valuable contributions when it comes to the development of OSI Group. Through his dedication and hard work, he has managed to transform the company to become an international leader in the food processing industry from a simple domestic food processing business. Sheldon Lavin aims to make OSI Group a leader in the world-class industry of food processing.

Sheldon Lavin has been described as a successful innovator due to his ability to propel OSI Group, LLC to an international company. Sheldon Lavin creative skills have enabled him to create job opportunities for over 20,000 individuals. Through the outstanding leadership of Sheldon Lavin has managed to place OSI Group among the 50 Top private Organizations. According to studies, the revenue of the company is more than $6 billion. In 2016, Sheldon Lavin was awarded a Global Award by the Vision World Academy of India. This was due to his efforts in placing OSI Group on the international podium. In 2015, the successful entrepreneur was awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award by the RSM US LLP due to his pledge for service.

The accomplished entrepreneur and innovator has committed all his efforts and also utilized all the available networks for OSI Group to expand to international operations. OSI Group managed to receive an International ward on November 26th, 2016. In 2016, the company was awarded the Globe of Honor by the British safety Council due to its strategies when it comes to risk management.

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