Billy McFarland Combines Social Events With His Business

Magnises is a company that started one year ago. It is based in New York and promises to make great achievement in the near-future. It is a company that specializes in issuing black cards, a concept that is similar to the standard credit cards, used to pay for your goods and services. The black card is metallic and weighs slightly more than the average credit card.

The advantage that it has over other cards is its ease of use and the fact that the members get to enjoy other events that are exclusively organized by the firm. The various discounts that the members get to enjoy are an added advantage.

The discounts are agreed upon by the management of Magnises together with the targeted companies. The businesses that have already signed up with the black card are in various fields. There is an increasing boost of relationships from the hospitality industry like the La Esquina and Catch restaurants.

The transport sector is represented as well by the Blade Company which offers discounts on the Helicopter rides. Other joints that have signed up include the Finale and Gold bar. The spin studio is also part of the already signed up companies.

According to CNBC, the company was started by Billy McFarland, an entrepreneur whose ambition is to see the company move to greater heights. The 23 years old businessman went to Pringy School before joining Bucknell. His entrepreneurial skills got tested by his first company called Spling.

Billy saw the opportunity to introduce the black card that could bring people from different social statuses and regions together. He organizes events that are unique and that can only be accessed by members.

In his quest to expand, McFarland, who already has 6000 members, has made it easy to access the membership through the use of instant membership area access. The annual pay for these members is $250, hence making it a profitable venture.

They recently moved offices from the west village townhouse to a more spacious penthouse in a hotel in Rivington, New York where the members get to use the facility as an office or in hosting events.