Wengie Teaches Us Makeup Hacks For Everyday Life

This video provides 10 life hacks that Wengie finds useful. The first hack is how to scrape a regular shaver across the worn out areas on an old jumper, and this removes the fuzz, making it look new. Next, Wengie demonstrates how to use a staple remover to add or remove keys from your keychain. For life hack number eight, you stack things you need to take with you together with something you normally do not forget, like your phone or car keys. With the following life hack, she shows you how it is more effective to write random letters and numbers over the top of secret information instead of scribbling a line through it like most people would. For the next life hack, Wengie tells you that in order to force yourself to fold clothes instead of procrastinating, you put the pile of clean clothes on your bed so you can’t sleep until you fold them. For hack number five, Wengie shares the idea to cut out a stiff piece of cardboard and put it in a plastic bag to protect documents that don’t need to be folded, like a passport. Next, she shows how to put dry newspaper at the bottom of the bag when inserting a clean garbage bag to absorb excess liquid instead of it spilling. Then, if you put wall hooks, upside down, on the sides of your bin so that you can hook the handles of the bag on them, the sides of the bag will not collapse when you throw away something heavy. After this, Wengie shows that using a marker to mark the faucets location when the water is at your desired temperature can save you time waiting to perfect the temperature. Hack number two helps you avoid soggy cereal by using a colander to sift out the crumbs into a large bowl. For the final life hack, Wengie takes a picture of the contents of her refrigerator on her phone before making the trip, so she can look at it if she’s not sure if she has an item.