Whitney Wolfe Helps People Connect With Bumble BFF

Whitney Wolfe has proven that her company Bumble is more than just a dating app company. It is true that this is how she started, but it is obvious that she plans to do a lot more than this. The Bumble BFF app that she is introducing to the world proves that she has more up her sleeves.

Whitney Wolfe has created a platform with Bumble BFF for women to reach out and make other friends through this app. This is an app that is also in sync with Bumble Bizz. This is an app that has been great for people that want to build business contacts.

With all three of these apps combined Whitney Wolfe has a very good place in the social media world. She has the ability to really bring a lot of people together in different ways. She knows that the Bumble BFF app will be one of her greatest achievements because there are lots of people that are in search of friends. Sometimes people are going to be in a relationship. At other times they may have the job of their dreams. It is during times like this where they may not be looking for another partner or a job, but people can always use new friends. Whitney Wolfe knows that this platform is one of the best ways to keep the Bumble company name hot.

So many people have been able to find mattresses through her Bumble dating app that it only seemed natural for Whitney Wolfe to take on this other aspect of social media. She has definitely proven that she can help those that are trying to build better friendships with one another. So many people have been able to find friends online that they can meet offline to hang out with. Whitney Wolfe is the person that is now the catalyst for these type of budding friendships.

Bumble is a company that has a lot of room to grow because there are so many people that are reliant on social media. The app industry is definitely changing the way people connect.

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Talk Fusion Keeps Moving Forward

It is truly something special how Talk Fusion has been able to keep moving forward during these times. They have grown, learned how to do things differently, and adapted. That is why people count on them, rely on them, and love them so much. They know this is a product that has their best interests in mind. It is run by Bob Reina, and he founded and created the company all the way back in 2007. They have now been running for ten years, and they have done some truly remarkable things in ten years for the people out there that are using the product and have used the product.

As a matter of fact, it has changed their whole life around, and it is not often that one can say that about a product, but it is a fact when it comes to Talk Fusion. It was proven even more true in 2016 when many say they had their best year yet because of winning two awards from the Technology Marketing Corporation. Two awards in one year really gets people’s attention, and it really gets them talking and for good reason. It shows this is a company that is committed to doing this the right way and seeing it all the way through.

They know the passion that their customers have for the product and for having a life that is more like the life they want. They don’t want to live a life that someone else has mapped out for them. They also don’t want to live a life that is just a way to pay the bills, have food on the table, and keep a roof over their heads. They desire more and they need more. That is a good thing. That is the ambition and desire that Bob Reina likes to see in his customers.

That is exactly how he is and exactly how he operates on a day to day basis with Talk Fusion and it is a big reason Bob Reina and his team have had the type of success they had in 2016 and will have even more of moving forward in 2017.


Skout Reveals The Secrets of Potato Chip Lovers

Although its primary duty is running a solid mobile social network, Skout is a company that loves to perform very fun surveys with its members. Recently, the company took a survey of 3,000 members. The survey centered on the subject of potato chip flavors and what preferred potato chip flavors say about an individual. The unique survey was conducted in accordance with National Potato Chip Day.

The humorous survey turned out to be quite revealing. The world now knows Lime/Citrus potato chip fans have the most friends and people who like plain chips aren’t all that interested in hitting the gym. Not many are going to be surprised to learn that eaters of low or no-salt chips are more likely to be workout enthusiasts.

And who would have guessed talk show icon Jimmy Fallon is the top person potato chip lovers want to share their favorite snack with? Thanks to Skout, this tidbit is not public information.

Skout is sure to get some much-deserved publicity out of this survey.

Skout’s headquarters are found in San Francisco, CA and the company has a tremendous amount of popularity far outside of its northern California location. Skout members are found in upwards of 200 countries. The great expansiveness and scope of the social media platform makes it a vibrant one. With so many participating members from around the world, there is always a lot of activity in the community and this does draw more people to want to be a part of it.

In addition to helping people around the world meet others through an easy-to-use social app, Skout has done a number of nice things. Skout has run a number of different charitable endeavors in the Bay area. These endeavors include helping sick children and feeding the hungry.

Skout does love to have fun, too. The whimsical surveys the company performs are always a joy to read about. Those who would like to read more should examine the PR Newswire release about the potato chip survey. The content should put whoever reads it into an upbeat mood. A craving for potato chips may soon follow.

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