All You Should know about Sheldon Lavin and OSI Industries

Sheldon Lavin is the current chairman and CEO of OSI Industries. His career in the meat industry began over 43 years ago when he was an investor and an executive in the banking industry. Since his entry into the meat business, he has grown the businesses into a well-known international supplier of food.

OSI Group has over 20,000 employees, and Mr. Lavin could not be any more proud. The company is family oriented where the employees are more like a family rather than a group of workers.

Mr. Lavin’s meat industry success started in the year 1970 when he helped in the financing of Otto & Sons which was the predecessor of OSI Industries. They had an opportunity to build a meat processing facility and also to become the supplier of McDonald’s, but they needed help for them to secure the funding. He was supposed to take a position in the company, but he declined and offered his services as a consultant.

In the year 1975, Lavin had become more involved with the business, and Otto& Sons had begun thinking about investing overseas. He then became a partner after the father retired and got into business with the two sons. In the late 1970s, they got into full business with McDonald’s.

OSI Group continued to grow throughout the 1970s setting up places in North America and Europe and the early 1980s, they had expanded to South America and Taiwan, and in that same year, Lavin had acquired half the controlling interest, and the remaining partner retired later which left Lavin in full control to learn more: click here.

Lavin has expanded the company to China, the Philippines, Australia, Japan, India and South Africa. At the age of 81, Mr. Lavin has set his sights on growing the company further and has no signs of stopping. Since he became the chairman and CEO of OSI Industries, he has received many awards like Global Visionary Award, and the company has also received awards like the Globe of Honour by the British Safety Council for its stellar environment risk management strategies.

Mr. Lavin is also active in charity organizations like the Unite d Negro College Fund and the Ronald McDonald House Charities. He also outlived his wife of 55 years, and they had three children who are all married and other than that he also considers his employees his family.

How One Dentist Changed the Treatment of Sleep Apnea Forever

Sleep apnea may be the worst of the underdiagnosed diseases. Starting slowly, its insidious course is often marked by general deterioration in health, eventually resulting in the development of severe conditions including heart attack, stroke, atrial fibrillation, liver fibrosis, and diabetes. Additionally, sleep apnea is strongly correlated with severe disability and increased risk of fatal events, particularly traffic and workplace accidents.

Yet this serial killer has been allowed to roam free, given free rein to wreak havoc on the lives of its sufferers by a medical community that has poorly understood it or even denied its troublesome existence entirely. Dr. Avi Weisfogel wanted to change all that.

Dr. Weisfogel had been running a successful dental practice, Old Bridge Dental, in Central New Jersey for a number of years. In his off hours, he often dedicated himself to the study of diseases that dentists could potentially diagnose. Sleep apnea came to his attention as a serious ailment, the early diagnosis of which could immensely benefit patients presented with it.

Dr. Weisfogel learned that the primary symptom of sleep apnea was excessive daytime sleepiness but that it carried a host of signs and anatomical risk factors as well. For example, people with a neck circumference of greater than 17 inches were at a multi-fold increase of developing the disease. Those with small jaw bones, enlarged tonsils, gastroesophageal reflux disease and obesity were similarly predisposed. What’s worse, those that had the disease but went untreated were at severely increased risk of developing sometimes lethal conditions like heart attack, stroke, diabetes, dilated cardiomyopathy and even being involved in fatal car crashes.

This disturbing knowledge focused Dr. Weisfogel’s resolve, which he directed towards the foundation of the first sleep dentistry organization in the world, Dental Sleep Masters. Dental Sleep Masters began giving seminars and disseminating materials to dentists across the United States, training them to spot the early warning signs of sleep apnea and to treat patients on a limited basis. This program proved so successful that many dentists actually reported quitting their traditional dental practices in favor of focusing solely on sleep dentistry.

MB2 Dental Solutions Opens a New Dental Clinic in Seagoville

The Picasso Dental +Orthodontics new clinic is the latest addition to the MB2 Dental Company. The new clinic will be opened as part of the Picasso expansion strategy. The goal of the company’s expansion is to cater to the growing communities in Texas. The new clinic is affiliated with the MB2 Dental Company.

  1. Rishank Korupolu is the owner of the Picasso Dental and Orthodontics, and he will manage the clinic. Dr. Rishank is passionate about dental care, and that is why he is committed to the process of improving his patients’ dentine. Dr. Korupolu attended the University of Southern California for his dental studies, and he has four years of experience in dentistry. Dr. Korupolu developed the passion for treating children while still in the University. Dr. Korupolu completed his general dentistry and selective pediatric at the La Maestra Community Health Clinic. Dr. Korupolu is a member of the American Dental Association.
  2. Rishank loves to help his community with excellent dental work. He has developed various hobbies including playing sports, hiking and traveling.

About MB2 Dental

MB2 Dental Solutions is a company designed to offer solutions to dentists with business solutions. Most dentists experience challenges when it comes to running their dental practices.MB2 Solutions was established to solve these business problems. Dr. Chris Stephen Villanueva founded the MB2 Solutions in 2009. Dr. Chris gained experience, and as an owner of various clinics, he understood the challenges that dentists experience. The Company has formed over 70 affiliated clinics in different States including Mexico, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Alaska, Tennessee, and Texas.

The main goal of the Company is to provide the Dentists with an opportunity to cater to their patients. With the different solutions, the dental practices will be able to achieve success in the business.

All the affiliated dental clinics are guided by MB2 Dental Solutions core Values.

Integrity: the team has embraced honesty and ethics in all their business activities.

Teamwork: all the employees work together to enhance their experiences and skills. They have combined their talents to achieve the Company’s goals and objectives.

Innovation: the team seeks to embrace the new changes and technologies and support the new ideas.

Excellence: they are continually improving their skills and experiences.

MB2 Solutions has opened its doors to all the dental clinics. The dentists can request for an assessment. It is mandatory for the clinics to be evaluated before they can be absorbed into the system. Learn more on PR News Wire about MB2 Dental.


MB2 Dental Solutions offers a wide range of services to the dentists. The services include:

Human resources: the department is the backbone of the Company. The MB2 team focuses on taking care of the employees

Marketing: the marketing team will design a tailor-made marketing strategy for your business

Recruitment: the employees will determine the success of the dental practice. It is for that reason that the recruitment department focuses on finding the most skilled and talented candidates.

Other services include training, IT, Accounting and finance, business development, and Compliance

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Outstanding leadership and qualities of Innovacare Health

Innovacare Health is an amazing provider of healthcare in North America and they are very determined to take care of each of their clients. They give quality healthcare to their clients by constructing well though out models that are sufficient and can be modified with advanced technology in the future. The mission of Innovacare Health is to help people meet the requirements of the modern day healthcare environment and go above and beyond for them. Their vision is to grow a strong relationship with their clients and give them quality care for a very affordable price. Some of the values of Innovacare Health are that hey always put their patients first, they always want to give quality medical care, want to keep a strong client relationship, want you to receive innovative care and medical practices, and they want to help you by using effective communication and strong leadership. Quality is something that Innovacare Health takes very seriously and in 2011 they earned Commendable Accreditation from the National Committee for Quality Assurance. Innovacare Health serves their clients with the best service and the highest standards.

In the article “Innovacare Health & It’s Progressive Leadership”, it touches upon the subject of leadership in Innovacare Health and how effective Rick Shinto is. Innovacare Health is considered to be one of the best healthcare organizations due to amazing quality of service for a very affordable rate and this was due to the determined leadership of Rick Shinto. This organization has proven that they can come out on top in the world of Physician Practice services especially with how competitive it is nowadays. The membership base of Innovacare that is located in Puerto Rico has plans with close to 15,000 to 20,000 people and a network of providers that is close to 7,000. Rick Shinto is the CEO of Innovacare and he has over 15 years of experience working in healthcare operations and he is the recipient of many prestigious healthcare awards. Penelope Kokkinides has an impressive amount of experience in the field of Medicare and Medicaid. She is a specialist and has intricate education in the practices of how to operate clinical programs. Before joining Innovacare, Mrs. Kokkinides has held positions in Touchstone Health and Centerlight Healthcare as the Chief Operating Officer and Executive Vice President.

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Mikhail Blagosklonny: Discovering Immortality

People from the past have developed this urge to find a way on how aging can be reversed, and how to live forever. Ancient history gave us an insight as to how civilizations have worked so hard to find a way to be immortal. They have used their ancient knowledge of alchemy to create a potion which would give immortality. They also looked for answers on legends as to how they can live forever, but it seems like the thought of having an immortal life will stay as a myth, because humanity has failed ever since. Fast forward to the present, it seems like the idea of living forever is slowly becoming a reality, thanks to the effort and research of Dr. Mikhail Blagosklonny.

Initially rejected by many scientists because of how impossible the idea is, the research study of Mikhail Blagosklonny about the use of rapamycin to cure aging is slowly gaining acceptance in the scientific community. They have reviewed his study many times, and have found out that the research itself is not really impossible, but can become a reality given the great advancement that the field of medicine has experienced recently, along with the great changes in technology that the world managed to unlock. Visit ResearchGate.Net to know more about Mikhail’s latest work.

Dr. Mikhail Blagosklonny graduated from the First Pavlov State Medical University of St. Petersburg, where he received his MD and Ph.D. He first became fascinated with discovering the key to immortality when he became a professor at the Roswell Park Cancer Institute, teaching subjects focusing mainly on Oncology. He is an expert about dealing with cancers, and he found out the potential of rapamycin being an anti-aging drug that could lead to the discovery of immortality. In his study, he pointed out that rapamycin has two centric models which are responsible for rejuvenating the immune system, and regenerating cells back to its younger form, along with the creation of new, younger cells. These centric models are called the TOR and MTOR model, and their presence have been proven to exist other cases alongside rapamycin, including genetic material that has been passed from a parent to their offspring; another way to obtain them would be by using rapamycin on a degenerative cell, and as they regenerate back into younger cells, the new ones that they will create will have a centric model in them; last but not the least would be the existence of these centric models in diseases, such as Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, and cancer. Follow Mikhail on Google Scholar

The study has a lot of potential for the future of mankind. Today, this research has been seriously considered by many pharmaceutical company as the next level in medicine, and some private companies like Novartis has been manufacturing experimental drugs that follows the same principle, in order to be able to discover the key to immortality. Dr. Mikhail Blagosklonny still needs to finalize his research, and it would still be a long way before we could actually see its effects. But we should thank Dr. Blagosklonny for his effort to turn legends and myths into reality.

Securus Technologies Helping Identify Problems in Prison

When my fellow corrections officers are asked to come to meet with the supervisor about a problem, we know that they want immediate results or it could mean we lose our jobs. The reason for the meeting this week was because the rise in drug use in the jail was escalating at an alarming rate. My team was ordered to tighten down security and to locate the source of the trouble now, and we know that means we need to get results yesterday.


With only a limited amount of guards working under me, I had to designate the guards to a number of areas to try and see if we could slow down the flow of drugs to the jail. Even with more inmates watching for drugs in the visitor center, the problem persisted. We beefed up cell inspections, but our efforts netted the same amount of contraband that we usually found. When we decided to listen to the inmates using the phones, we discovered something incredible.


Securus Technologies is based out of Texas, and they installed our inmate call monitoring system. The company has one thousand dedicated employees who work for CEO Richard Smith, who all are committed to the objective of making the word safer for all. Even though I was the first to learn how to use the LBS software, it was my partner that got the alert of drug conversations over the monitoring system.


The reason for the concern was because a number of inmates kept referring to one of our guard by name at the visitor center, and how they needed to only get in his line before meeting up with each other. What we discovered was we had a corrupt staff member among us, who was letting certain visitors right through searches with drugs on them in exchange for some cash.


Whitney Wolfe Helps People Connect With Bumble BFF

Whitney Wolfe has proven that her company Bumble is more than just a dating app company. It is true that this is how she started, but it is obvious that she plans to do a lot more than this. The Bumble BFF app that she is introducing to the world proves that she has more up her sleeves.

Whitney Wolfe has created a platform with Bumble BFF for women to reach out and make other friends through this app. This is an app that is also in sync with Bumble Bizz. This is an app that has been great for people that want to build business contacts.

With all three of these apps combined Whitney Wolfe has a very good place in the social media world. She has the ability to really bring a lot of people together in different ways. She knows that the Bumble BFF app will be one of her greatest achievements because there are lots of people that are in search of friends. Sometimes people are going to be in a relationship. At other times they may have the job of their dreams. It is during times like this where they may not be looking for another partner or a job, but people can always use new friends. Whitney Wolfe knows that this platform is one of the best ways to keep the Bumble company name hot.

So many people have been able to find mattresses through her Bumble dating app that it only seemed natural for Whitney Wolfe to take on this other aspect of social media. She has definitely proven that she can help those that are trying to build better friendships with one another. So many people have been able to find friends online that they can meet offline to hang out with. Whitney Wolfe is the person that is now the catalyst for these type of budding friendships.

Bumble is a company that has a lot of room to grow because there are so many people that are reliant on social media. The app industry is definitely changing the way people connect.

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Energized and Exciting Dental Practices Comes from MB2 Dental

Youthful and trendy may not be the first two words that come to mind when you think “dental office” but Dr. Chris Villanueva wanted his company, MB2 Dental, to be hip, trendy, and centered around the entire doctor-patient experience. With MB2 Dental Solutions, dentists retain 100 percent autonomy in their practices, but gain the networking, retreats, technology and other in-office services so they can take their dental work to the next level.

Dr. Chris Villanueva came up with the idea for a hybrid dental company after graduating from dental school and being offered solo or group practices.. Both routes had definite advantages and disadvantages, like complete control of the practice vs. the ability to interact and learn from other peer dentists directly in the same clinic. He created MB2 Dental to allow affiliated dentists have the best of both worlds, and the idea took off.

As an entrepreneur, Dr. Villanueva believes in a hands-off approach, setting the creative ideas and goals and letting his team come up with solutions and answers to the problems that he sets. It keeps new ideas churning, and never forces the company down a single path that may not be the best one.

One of the areas where MB2 Dental is constantly innovating is in technology. Affiliated dental practices gain training, access, and experience with new and emerging dental technologies, which allow them to spend more time on what they do best – helping patients.

The same goes for the business end of running a dental practice. A lot of the corporate side is taken care of through the MB2 Dental affiliation, so the dentists can focus on broader business goals and improving patient care.

Even as he enjoyed and respected the autonomy that comes with private practice, one aspect that Dr. Chris Villanueva loved about larger scale practices was the camaraderie, networking, and mentoring that was possible for younger dentists at those clinics. He wanted his own company to offer independent dentists those same opportunities. So, the clinics offer training and support services to all affiliated dental providers.

Every year, the dentists are invited to a company-wide retreat, which may be in Cabo San Lucas or other top destinations. While there, they can relax, have fun, and see changes for growth internally in the company and professionally as well. For Dr. Villanueva, those opportunities embody the mixture of youthful energy and professionalism of MB2 Dental.

Madison Street Capital Leads In The Acquisition of DCG Software

When it comes to financial management in business, mergers, and acquisitions, Madison Street Capital is a leading service provider. The investment banking firm that serves middle markets recently served as a financial adviser in a partnership between DCG Software Value and The Spitfire Group. DCG is a universal function software analysis provider while The Spitfire Group is a technology consulting firm with its headquarter in Denver.




The acquisition was announced by the chief executive officer of Madison Street Capital, Mr. Charles Botchway. Although the terms of the trade were not disclosed, it was projected that Madison Street Capital would successfully spearhead the business. In a conversation about the acquisition, Botchway said that both companies have exceptional experience in management. This included the chief executive officers of the two companies Mark Richtermermeyer and Mike Harris. Botchway added that working with the two companies was a great honor given the high positions taken by the two leaders in the IT industry. From the first agreement with Madison Street Capital to the end of the deal, Harris stated that Jay Rodgers provided insightful and powerful analytics. Harris also said that together with Mark, they were glad to be in partnership with Madison Street Capital and that they would continue working with the company in a bid to find additional useful software in future.


Madison Street Capital


Madison Street Capital is a global investment banking firm dedicated to integrity, excellence, service delivery and leadership in providing corporate financial services, mergers, acquisitions, expertise, financial opinions as well as valuation services to private and public institutions. The services provided by Madison Street capital have a positive impact on the success of most businesses in the universal markets. In taking over new projects from clients, Madison Street Capital commits to solely taking the responsibilities of those clients when it comes to reaching the set objectives and goals.




From financial advisory to successful capital raises and M&A transactions, Madison is a great player in the transfer of ownership. Madison Street Capital reputation places the company is a top profile of the most sought financial advisers across the world. The company has earned client trust from the excellent performance it has registered while offering financial services. With the unwavering dignity and excellence, customers can rest assured of the company’s unwavering commitment to providing the best standards in a professional manner. As a top ranking service provider, Madison focuses on middle market firms that seek flexible as well as effective corporate solutions related to funding.


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Investing Innovatively in the Oil Industry

Many investments in different industries fail because of lack of innovation. The question of how a product is packaged and presented in the market affects its sales. It also determines if the market will embrace the product or not. Nabors Industries Ltd is a company that has invested innovatively in the oil industry. The company is a producer of drilling equipment and services offshore and onshore. The company produces a raw material that is used in the drilling of oil. The company has worked with the Marine. They have provided their services there as well. This has enabled the company to develop in the market because it has collaborated with various brands. The company is founded on servant leadership and teamwork. The different leaders have exuded their skills and achieved different results. Anthony Petrello is the present leader of the enterprise. He has achieved various results.

The company has run for many years. It has achieved to employ a different capacity of people in the various years. It has employed the highest capacity and has registered the highest profits under the leadership of Anthony Petrello. The leadership of Anthony has grown over the years. He has worked at various levels of the company. He has learned how to work with different people and achieve the expected results. This has enabled the enterprise to achieve its goals because the team has embraced teamwork. The teams are trained to embrace teamwork in whatever they do. They are trained on how to achieve results using the strengths of the team members. It encourages other team members to work towards teamwork and achieve their goals. The company has trained team leaders to lead as servants in their respective teams. These are great core values in any business because they determine the growth of the enterprise. Companies should develop core values that can cause the positive development of the enterprise. Employees will enjoy the benefits of the company as it grows.