Most people when asked who the top-ranking businessmen in America are, the name Anthony Petrello does not come to mind. This may be because Tony Petrello dos not have an active media life or currently any political ambition unlike some of the other successful businessmen. He is a mathematician and a lawyer who left that behind to become a businessman. Anthony Petrello is the Chief Executive Officer and President of Nabors industry ltd. The company has its offices In Texas but the company is based in Hamilton Bermuda. Nabors industries is one of the biggest drill contractors of geothermal and natural gas.

Petrello graduated from the school of law in Harvard University and previously he had graduated from Yale University with a bachelors and master’s degree in mathematics. He started his professional life in the year nineteen seventy-nine soon after he joined Baker & Makenzie. Soon after he joined Baker & Makenzie, in nineteen eighty-six to nineteen ninety-one Tony became the Managing Partner in the law firm’s division in New York. After doing some work for Nabors while working for the firm, the managers at Nabors loved his work and hired him. This means that for the second time. Anthony Petrello was going to change his career, he first changed from a mathematician to lawyer and now from a lawyer to a business executive for one of the largest companies in the world.

Anthony Petrello soon after became the Chief Operating Officer at Nabors in nineteen ninety-one and became the president of the company in nineteen ninety-two. He continued to rise up the ladder in two thousand and eleven when he was made the Chief Executive Officer of the company. A year later he gained the title of deputy Chairman at Nabors Industries, he was able to maintain this title up till June two thousand and twelve when he became Chairman of the Board of Directors. Additionally, Tony is the Director of Stewart & Stevenson LLC since two thousand and twelve in February.

Petrello has many more professional achievements, he also worked as the Director of and also the recent Director at the Texas Children’s Hospital.
At the Texas Children’s Hospital, Anthony is not only a member of the Board of Trustees but he has actively helped children with neurological disorders. He is not only a money-minded businessman but a man one who gives back to society.

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