A global financial crisis. Many despair ridden individuals and a shot economy that left them to fend for themselves. A recent article published by Project Eve stated that it was considered the worst economic nightmare since the Great Depression, which nearly crippled America’s economy and unleashed a fury of corruption that caused consumers to revoke their confidence in everything from banks, investments, and Wall Street itself. And the trepidation has not eased one bit. Fast forward to present day and one will see that Helane Morrison is gunning to not only clean up the mess, but reverse the massive damage it has since inflicted on America. Summoned by the United States government, Morrison was granted authority to safeguard the various transactions between that of corporations and normal people against industry deception, resulting in a fortified moral practice under law. Since then, Morrison has genuinely pursued dispensing with gender inequality within the work force, paying close attention to the way men and women lead and conduct business and devising improvements if needed. A savior of all sorts with a stellar track record, it is evident that the main focus of Morrison’s life is the maintaining of justice. 

Helane Morrison was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. A journalism graduate from Northwestern University of Illinois, she shifted to law at the University of California Berkley, and earned Juris Doctor Degree. Her education would be put to good use when she would eventually serve as an Editor in Chief of the law review of the college, work as a law clerk for the US Court of Appeals, and go on to work alongside Supreme Court Justice Harry A. Blackman. Blackmann, a man of sincere character, set into motion the preceding factors that would motivate Morrison to venture out and and do what he did, but in her own way. And with the power she’s been fortunately awarded, there has been no stopping her from doing carrying out lawful wishes and being a functioning and contributing member of society. 

A managing director, general counsel, and chief compliance officer, Morrison is also currently a member of the Board of Regional Parks Foundation and the Hedge Fund Subcommittee of the American Bar Association.

Check out Helane’s Bloomberg business profile or visit her LinkedIn profile here to connect with her: https://www.linkedin.com/in/helane-morrison-739aa1110

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