Securus Securing a Fantastic Communication Technology For Tomorrow

Securus provides cutting-edge communication technologies that allow individuals to communicate with each other without any issue. This ease of use technology is a must as it allowed for one party to use a face to face cam service that seamlessly connects both parties to be able to communicate lag free and never lose touch with one another. The Securus technology has become incredible, popular and successful, especially within the jailing industry as it allows jails to provide their inmates with an easy and affordable way in which to communicate with loved ones and still maintain regular contact without having to actually leave the facility.


Successful Business Practices

Operating on a state to state payment system Securus provides comfortable to understand regulations that put individuals in contact with one another without having to have many deep queries in regard to the cost of the service itself. Prepaid accounts are also available that let users establish a credit without overcharging or racking up unwanted fees that make other services a hassle to use. Being able to go into a call and not worry about having any money left is a fantastic way in which to maintain a call and focus on what matters most. Securus ultimately puts the user experience at the forefront of its technology thus separating the difficult monetary contribution part of the communicating process.


Customer Service Done Right

Maintaining a customer first prerogative has elevated Securus to a level of achieving much more with their customer base. It’s dedication towards serving individuals and focusing in on what matters has allowed Securus to provide top quality video and phone services to individuals of all different backgrounds. While their services are not limited to jail usage, those who utilize Securus will find that it indeed caters to the needs of those who need to make calls between loved ones without any hassle.


Bruce Bent II; the Developer of the Money Market Fund

A money market fund refers to a mutual fund which invests in short-term securities including U.S Treasuries, Banker’s acceptances, Commercial Paper, and Certificates of deposits. The benefit of these money market instruments is that they are liquid and have a high credit quality.

Money market funds are unique because of three explanations. Firstly, there are safe as they have a solid return with a short maturity. Therefore, investors who buy debt securities have a low default risk and still earn a small rate of return. Secondly, money market fund requires a small initial investment as compared to the money market securities which have a high minimum purchase requirement. Lastly, money market funds are readily available as they can be bought or sold at any given time without any industry restraints. Moreover, other mutual funds have a settlement day that comes three days later after the transaction day; but, for the money market funds, the investor is entitled to the same-day settlement.

People that can benefit from money market fund include those that want to limit losses arising out of credit, liquidity, and market uncertainties. Also, investors hoping to preserve their cash while at the same time earning a small rate of return will benefit from the money market fund.

About Bruce Bent II
Bruce Bent II is an American entrepreneur with broad experience in financial markets, intellectual property, and technologies. His father is was recognized for creating the first market fund dubbed Reserve Fund together with his partner Henry B. Brown in 1970. Bruce is the pioneer of a formal discipline that has now evolved to approximately $ 3 Trillion in value aiding tens of millions of stockholders.

Currently, Bruce II is the Vice Chairman and President of Double Rock Corporation. The firm offers creative cash management as well as cash-related solutions to retail markets, broker-dealers, bank, and qualified plans. Mr. Bent II holds a Philosophy major in Bachelor of Science from Northeastern University.

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