Bruce Levenson Takes Insurance Fight To Court

2015 saw the sale of one of the most historic NBA franchises in basketball when Bruce Levenson’s Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment LLC consortium sold the team to the billionaire technology expert Tony Ressler for a reported $730 million, Most NBA fans would think the details of the deal would bring to a close the ownership of the franchise for Bruce Levenson and his business partners; however, Levenson’s group has been forced to continue their business links because of an unpaid insurance claim the consortium believe should have been paid over the mutual termination of the contract of former Hawks general manager Danny Ferry.

Bruce Levenson presided over one of the most amazing rises from the bottom of the NBA standings to the number one seed in the Eastern conference during his time at the Atlanta Hawks. For Bruce Levenson the growth of community and philanthropic links at the franchise were just as important as the success seen on the court; the founder of the UCG company was an active member of the NBA community as a member of the Board of Governors and sat on the board of many different charitable groups in Atlanta, Washington D.C., and Maryland. Read more about his philanthropic works on PR Newswire.

The legal team of Bruce Levenson have not released a large amount of detail of the case for breach of contract they are bringing against insurance company AIG, however, they have revealed they are fighting for a full settlement over the termination of the Danny ferry’s contract and a 50 percent penalty to be imposed on the insurance giant. Papers filed with a Fulton County Court reveal the former owners of the Hawks made contact with AIG as early as April 2015 as they felt Danny Ferry’s actions could be described as constructive dismissal; a claim AIG have refused to discuss or respond to for over a year.



Vijay Eswaran: Learning From Mahatma Gandhi

Mahatma Gandhi’s teachings are usually tied to political and civil struggles facing nations, but one man has also taken them to heart in the business community. That man is Vijay Eswaran, a successful entrepreneur who co-founded QI Group, and a philanthropist whose given to others through the RYTHM Foundation. To Eswaran, Gandhi’s teachings of using peace and good ethics and principles as a means to fight injustice also have a place in a world that’s usually dominated by greed and doing anything to get ahead. Instead, Eswaran promotes tranquility and spirituality on YouTube at his company and believes in Gandhi’s other principles of listening and observing before speaking. Eswaran’s accomplishments have earned him many honorable mentions and accolades in Forbes Asia.

Vijay Eswaran is originally from Malaysia but has lived throughout the world and had close ties to India, Singapore, The Philippines and other nations. He attended college at the London School of Economics where he got his early business training in socio-economics. Eswaran didn’t start his career in a comfy corporate office, but instead found himself working several manual labor jobs in construction, grape harvesting and cab driving prior to founding a company. He completed his MBA at Southern Illinois University in 1986 and started out as a consultant for IT companies including IBM and Synaptics.

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Vijay Eswaran started multilevel marketing as a part time job while still living in the US, but then returned to Malaysia and started going into it full time. He helped the Cosway Group, a Malaysian multilevel marketing company launch a new branch in the Philippines, but then decided he was going to form his own company. In 1998, Eswaran co-founded QI Group Ltd. and its subsidiaries.

QI Group is primarily known for its direct selling company, QNet which sells jewelry, home improvement products and miscellaneous items through independent sales representatives on QI Group also owns QI Asset Management, a financial company that owns several real estate vacation properties and offers loan and credit services. They also sponsor a marketing and sales training program through Quest International University Perak and own a logistics and warehouse chain at Quex Courier.

When It’s Time To Refinance, Do It With Ignition Financial

Refinancing a loan can be taxing to some people, which is why a lot of them make the ultimate choice to not refinance their vehicle. If you are someone who has chosen to not refinance any car that you have because you feel that it takes too much time or may not be beneficial, then Ignition Financial may be able to change your mind. Most people want to refinance their car loan because the payments are becoming bothersome, or some people just realize that they can be saving more money. A lot of times people want to slash their payments but doing something about it may be another matter.


Anyone who has any kind of interest in refinancing their car should start by working with Ignition Financial. With years of experience as well as several lenders in their corner, Ignition Financial can help many people to reach their refinancing goals, even if it’s several cars that they need to have refinanced. An individual may have a car that they want to refinance to save more money each month. A business may want to save more money because they are interested in buying other cars with the savings that they receive when they refinance their vehicles.


There are so many possibilities when you work with Ignition Financial, and no one will be turned away. A business or an individual can both work with Ignition Financial to get the refinancing that they need, and every person is in charge of choosing which terms they want to abide by. Since every lender will have different terms and rates, shopping around is always the best thing to do whenever it’s time to refinance any vehicle. Since different lenders will have different rules and regulations, it’s always good to check with each lender to see who can give you the best rates.


Many have been able to save a lot of money on a monthly basis by working with Ignition Financial, especially since the customer can choose from different lenders. If one lender doesn’t seem promising to a customer, then another lender is more than likely to the a perfect fit. Ignition Financial has many professionals on hand who are ready and willing to work with individuals or companies. Don’t be discouraged about refinancing your car loan because Ignition Financial can make the process as easy as possible while getting you lower rates.


The Traveling Vineyard: Sharing the World’s Wine, One Bottle at a Time

Walk into any wine store and the vast selection of bottles on the shelf can be intimidating. High-priced vintages make it risky to try new brands and the mere task of choosing a bottle can be daunting due to the complexity of various wine rating systems.

Enter Traveling Vineyard: the wine sales company that has created a way to remove the intimidation. Since 2001, the company’s hundreds of nationwide wine guides have been conducting in-home group tastings, allowing people to sample different brands, meet new friends and learn more about wine in an enjoyable setting. The Traveling Vineyard handles all wine selection, training and shipping while the guides handle the in-person marketing.

Wine guides appreciate the flexibility to work from home and to set their own schedule, along with the low start up costs. They also receive training and support from the company, who includes learning guides and accessories in their initial start up kit. From there costs are cut by more than half requiring only the replacement of wine for tastings and a monthly fee for an individual marketing website. There are many full time guides but most work part time when they want to earn some extra money, the choice is up to them.

In-home tasters enjoy having the chance to sample wine before they buy it, to learn about the different varieties through education and pairings, and to meet new people in the relaxed setting of a casual group. The wines are chosen from around the world and represent several different countries renowned wine regions.

Additionally, there is no cost to host a wine tasting event so the wine sampled is free. While the wine world can sometimes be stuffy, these groups, led by guides who are passionate about what they do, offer a refreshing alternative.

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Looking into Fashion and Technology with Chris Burch

Technology and fashion have co-existed for a long period. While much has changed over the years, the two have proven that they can grow together. On the other hand, Chris Burch has been involved with these two industries such that he understands how they function. Recently, he raised the views that the easiest way to understand these two industries is to look at their past, future and present. And to make it more elaborate, he gave various examples of the way the two have worked together. In his analogy concerning the future, Burch explained how the advance of fashion would be used to protect humanity with the assistance technology. He talks of the gloves that have been developed by fashion designers to help firefighters communicate while at the same time observing safety precautions. He also talks of the beautiful jackets that have been developed as a result of recycled bicycle inner tubes. Chris talks about the way technology and fashion has a role to play in the future. For instance, electrical energy can be developed from clothes that are designed to capture kinetic energy.


Fashion has also being used in the past to make some technologies acceptable to the society. Diane Von Furstenberg made his models to wear Google glasses on a catwalk to make the technology acceptable. More interestingly, this proved to be a breakthrough for Google glasses as more people started accepting them after the show.


Chris Burch has had the passion to make it in the fashion industry since he was at Ithaca College. As a teenager, he partnered with his brother to establish a business they came to refer to the Eagle Eye Apparel. The venture proved to be a successful one and was acquired later at $165 million. This formed the first breakthrough for Chris Burch. 13 years ago, he partnered with his wife to establish another fashion label that was referred to as Tony Burch Label. This venture was later renamed to Burch Creative Capital.


Burch is not only interested in fashion and technology industry, but he also has some interest in the real estate business. One successful venture in this field is the Faena Hotel + Universe that is found in Buenos Aires. He is also the owner of the Nihiwatu Resort that is located in Bali. Other investments by Chris Burch include the Voss Water and the BaubleBar. He has served on the board of several organizations. The recent one came with Rothman Institute Orthopedic Foundation.

Josh Verne’s tips on how to become a good manager

– As a manager, you can either be a leader or a boss. A leader is different in that, he earns respect from his employees. Contrary to this, a boss demands to be respected. Respect is earned when the leader does what is in the best interest of the whole organization, considering the employees. A boss demands respect by doing only what is best for him. Verne advises managers to be leaders.

– Whereas successful managers look to achieve only win-win situations, the ones who fail mostly don’t mind acting on win-lose situations, provided the employees are on the losing side. A good manager knows that a win for the employees or society has a positive impact on the firm.

– To command authority without too much effort, a manager ought to listen more and talk little. The fewer the words one speaks, the more power they have. Good listeners have a good chance of being listened to.

– Your life shouldn’t only be revolved around your business. A good manager allocates time for everything, and strives to improve every aspect of his life. One may have a lot of money but lead a sad life, just because he doesn’t have stable relationships. All areas of life, including relationships and health, should be given the focus they need.

– If one finds out what they are passionate about, doing it would be easy. Improving on something you are not passionate about is almost impossible.

About Josh Verne

Ever heard about A platform that allows people to exchange content through peer-to-peer connections? Well, Josh Verne is the founder of the platform. With, Verne targets college students to use the platform as a material exchange medium. He founded the company just this year. The company has grown to become well established in a short span.

Verne’s entrepreneurial skills were polished when he founded This was a website that allowed those with payrolls to make purchases easily. The amounts would then be automatically deducted from their payrolls. He formed the company in 2012, but sold it two years later to Global Analytics Holding.

David Osio And His Role With Davos Real Estate Group

Davos Real Estate Group has a new mobile application that has just been launched. The estimation on real estate returns can be determined with this application. This will enable Davos to better serve their clients.


Davos is an independent company and part of Davos Financial Group. This Latin American market leader has been giving financial advice for twenty years. Their main focus is on investment strategy. Gerard González is the executive director for the company. His work with Tecknolution is responsible for the creation of the investment application. The approximate gain from investing in property can be estimated with this tool.


The application offers the latest in technology and is available for Android and iPhone devices. This is the first in a series of applications meant to be used for real estate reports. David Osio believes the direction the company has been heading required this application. He says it will help them to financially guide clients in the right direction. The tool is innovative and will help clients see the financial picture in regards to property investment.


The new application will include a Mortgage Calculator to allow clients to estimate their payments on a given property. In addition to the new applications Davos has also been developing partnerships internationally. These projects are designed to provide their customers with excellent service. Their platform expansion has caused a seventy-five per cent increase in sales in six months.


David Osio was a graduate of the Catholic University Andres Bello. He specialized in International Banking Law. His career started in 1981 as CEO for OPED Enterprise. He was responsible for the coffee exports for the company. He was also an executive for Letco Commercial Companies. His responsibilities included structuring the marketing for various industrial products.


David joined MGO in 1984. The law firm gave him the opportunity to use his knowledge and training in banking law. He handled some of their corporate clients like Consolidated Bank and Ferro. Due to his career as a legal advisor and his experience in banking he ended up in the Private Banking Division. His new position at Banco Latino worked very well for him. In just two years time he received a promotion to Vice President for the company. The portfolio of the company saw a considerable increase in value during his time with the company. He was also responsible for increasing the strength of the banks international positioning.

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Securus Technologies clarifies information presented by GTL

I became aware of a battle between two inmate technology companies in June 2016. Securus Technologies and GTL are competitive technology competitor companies. I believe that Securus Technologies fought back after a series of misleading and inaccurate claims made by GTL. In a PRNewswire news, Securus made corrections published by GTL. There were several inaccuracies released by GTL. Securus made these corrections to ensure that investors and customers know the truth about the claims about the patent disputes. The two criminal justice and civil companies have shared a few license and patents in the past.


Securus Technologies has delivered its services to correction facilities for many years. The company is a leading provider of government information and detainee communications. The company serves more than 3,500 correction facilities across the 45 states. The company has its headquarters in Dallas, Texas. The company has offices in other parts of the world such as Canada, Mexico, and Columbia. The company has provided its services to more than one million inmates across the nation.


Securus technology avails its services for civil justice and criminal technology. Services provided by the company are used for corrections, monitoring, and public safety. GTL made multiple states against Securus that were false and misleading.


I think that Global Tel Link knows that patent litigations cost millions of dollars and many years to pursue. The approach taken by Global Tel Link is not in the best interest of the company. However, Securus has promised that it is going to defend itself from attacks while patenting customer complaints. Securus will continue to offer its services and respond to GTL’s claims. Securus has improved its customer service policy the previous year. Better Business Bureau determine that the company meets the maximum standards set. These standards include a commitment to make an effort and solve customer complaints. Securus has always shown a genuine service to increase customer experience and customer satisfaction.