Nathaniel Ru’s Trendy Salad Place in Town

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People come to Sweetgreen to enjoy the tasty salads at a reasonable fee. The argument that the salads will not sustain one beyond 45 minutes does not describe the Sweetgreen recipe. At Sweetgreen you end up spending close to what you would on a burger and fries over lunch. The difference here is that you leave having eaten nourishing food.


The popularity of this salad den is such that in 2007 when the chain opened its doors in Washington DC, there was just the one. Now there are over 60 sites spread out over New York, Boston, California and Chicago.



Location Strategy

Entry into new markets is of importance to Ru and Sweetgreen. The place of choice is determined very carefully and with precision. Our open kitchen design allows clients to see what is being prepared. The preparation, from scratch, allows clients to appreciate the skills and also feel assured that the salad is as fresh as it gets. We emphasis on showing our clients other than telling them what we do.



Sweetgreen’s Food

Before opening more stores, Ru wants the company to first determine if it is capable of creating a supply chain. Most of the competition will ask farmers to grow certain foods for them, but Sweetgreen prefers to use what the farmers already have in order prepare salads for its clients. Ru recollects how he and his team went out to North California to a farmer who grows broccoli. He thought of the leaves that surrounded the broccoli crown. Upon inquiring whether the leaves are sold, he learnt that they were discarded since people preferred the crown. Now Ru decided to be buying the leaves and making salads. Ru believes that besides kales, there are a lot more vegetables people are not using.



Nathaniel Ru

Nathaniel Ru is a graduate from Georgetown University. Together with other graduates, he founded Sweetgreen in 2007. The co-founders of the salad chains are Nicholas Jammet and Jonathan Neman. Together, these three decided to locate their first shop in Georgetown. Today the salad joint has grown to 64 locations. It is spread in six states. Under the able leadership of Ru, the company has created jobs for close to 1700 people. The company is not left behind when it comes to giving back to the community. Equally important is its initiative in technology (Sweetgreen application) and music (Sweetgreen festival).


Ru has made four investments so far in four different companies. He has invested in MeUndies, EatPops, LOLA and Bond Street.




Kenneth Goodgame Transforms the Marketing Industry

Kenneth Goodgame is a merchandising executive who has been in the industry for more than twenty years. In his career, Kenneth has held a variety of marketing positions in different organizations. The marketing expert has a Bachelor’s degree in marketing which he acquired from the famous University of Tennessee.

Goodgame has been responsible for increasing the sales and revenues at several organizations. While working at Hardlines Merchant in 1995, Kenneth Goodgame was responsible for redirecting the merchandising operations especially in the southern region. The institution expanded significantly, opening more stores in other parts of the country. Due to his dedication and hard work, Kenneth was promoted to work as the director for proprietary brands.

He left the organization to join Home Depot. At this company, the merchandising executive got the position of senior global product merchant. He held this position for several years and he was successful in increasing the profits of the company. Kenneth achieved this by introducing new product lines, improving the purchasing incentives and introducing a comprehensive rebate program that empowered the equipment engine suppliers. Learn more about Kenneth Goodgame:

In 2013, Kenneth Goodgame was fortunate to acquire a position at True Value Corporation. At this company, he was given the position of chief marketing officer and senior vice president, and his presence has transformed the organization significantly. At this position, Kenneth Goodgame is responsible for ensuring that the institution makes a lot of revenue.

Kenneth has been able to renovate the powerful global company by eliminating the underperforming employees, introducing new SKUs who have a history of being profitable, restructuring inventory management and launching a program known as New at True Value.

Kenneth has earned the respect of many people in the world as one of the most influential marketing expert. He has also written several articles in his website to help individuals in marketing. Due to his comprehensive experience in the merchandising world, Kenneth Goodgame has made an impact in the lives of many people.


Kenneth has helped many entrepreneurs to avoid costly mistakes in the ever changing market. True Value Corporation has also been recognized in several platforms as one of the companies that are performing well.

Squaw Valley Resort Water

The bacteria E. coli and coliform were detected in the drinking water at Squaw Valley’s upper mountain. On November 8th, the possible health issue was reported to the Placer County Department of Environmental Health. Since then, Squaw Valley has released an extended statement in response to the news. It is reported that the water is showing improvement and is being treated consistently. Wesley Nicks, director of Placer County Environmental Health, told Sierra Sun that three out of the four wells that provide upper mountain with water are showing low levels of coliform and no E. coli. Fortunately, no health issues have been reported but the restaurants at upper mountain will remain closed. The top-to-bottom skiing is allowed at the popular ski resort but skiers are not allowed to drink water until the issue is fully resolved. Liesl Kenney, Public Relations Director for Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows released a statement regarding the water quality at Squaw Valley Upper Mountain. It is reported that a unusually heavy rain storm in October affected many water systems in Placer County. This peculiar weather event developed an overflow of an upgraded water system installed over the summer at High Camp and Gold Coast. This resulted in a contamination of that system at Squaw Valley. Fortunately, the contaminated water was not available to the public and the issue was limited to that system, not affecting any of the other water systems. The safety of their guest is Squaw Valleys most important obligation. After their standard testing the bacteria was detected and Squaw Valleys immediately contacted Placer County Environmental Health and the Squaw Valley Public Service District. Taking the necessary extra steps Squaw Valley contacted and consulted with the top water safety experts. The health experts continue to address the issue and treat the water until the system has returned to normal levels. Squaw Valley takes this issue very seriously and will not return to their regular water usage at High Camp or Gold Coast until the health officials and other experts assure them the water is safe. The guests at High Camp and Gold Coast will have full access to their facilities, including free bottled water for drinking. Squaw Valley will continue to update their guest and costumers on the issue and when the issue is completely resolved. They send their thanks to Placer County and Squaw Valley Public District for their help and continuous cooperation with this issues

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One Bad Review Can Do A Lot Of Reputation Harm

Keeping every customer happy is a tall order. No business is capable of hitting satisfaction figures of 100% approval. Still, business owners do have to try to keep everyone as happy as possible. In the world of online commerce, reviews, and communications, 99.991% satisfaction might not be enough. All it takes is a single customer to create an online reputation catastrophe.

A bad review popping up online on a popular review venue can create massive problems. Regardless of how outstanding the service of a business is, a bad — or scandalous — review may turn up. The review could take on a life of its own. The reviewer may go to enormous trouble to make sure as many people see the bad review as possible. Enhancing the position of the bad review in the search engines could put all that negativity right next to an expensive advertising campaign designed to boost the brand. All that advertising might prove for naught, another indignation. The indignation might prove to be a highly costly one on a lot of levels.

What about all those customers who are pleased with the amazing service? As many advertising and business analysts point out, people who have bad experiences are more likely to put their venomous feelings out in the public square. Even when circumstances far outside of the control of the business led to the bad service, a bad review may still be forthcoming.

The best advice to give a business owner who is struggling with the impact of one rotten review is to take one good step and contact an online reputation management service like Things can be done to improve the image of a company, but the effort has to be very targeted, controlled, and professionally executed. Procuring the services of a reputation management company to deal with the troubles might prove to be a wise investment.


Why Madison Street Capital is a Leading Global Investment Banking Firm

Madison Street Capital is a well-established global investment banking institution with a deep commitment to integrity, service, excellence and leadership in delivering financial services. Its financial advisory services target both privately and publicly owned businesses.


Time Sensitivity


As a firm that comprehends the need for time sensitivity in corporate finance, Madison Street Capital can respond fast and tenaciously to emerging opportunities. As such, it has assisted customers in hundreds of industry fields to attain their objectives promptly. In fact, the approach adopted by Madison helps it to create corporate financial deals or transactions that are mutually beneficial for both investors and business owners as well.


Level of Expertise and Experience


Madison boasts of invaluable experience, knowledge as well as relationships capable of matching sellers and buyers. Also, such qualities allow Madison Street Capital to match the appropriate capitalization and financing structure to every particular customer situation. More importantly, the firm leverages a unique methodology that reflects considerable experience and expertise in diverse areas of corporate finance. Some of these fields include due diligence, mergers and acquisitions, specialized financings, deal structuring evaluation, market pricing, as well as the design and execution of alternative exit strategies.


The level of understanding and experience held by Madison Street Capital in various fields of corporate governance and finance have helped the firm to be a leading investment banking firm. Consequently, Madison holds a reputation for being a premier provider of merger and acquisition, financial advisory as well as valuation services.


Professional Workforce


Madison has a well-trained as well as an experienced team of professionals who are acquitted with diverse skills and knowledge in corporate finance services. This allows them to match each unique customer situation with the appropriate financing structures in a bid to aid them to attain their objectives. The seasoned experts also boast of a considerable level of understanding in a broad range of industries such as transportation, consumer retail, oil and energy, technology, media and many others. This means that clients with various financial problems like selling a business, corporate governance, creating an appropriate exit strategy or acquisition can get the desired help from Madison Street Capital.


Global Presence


Madison oversees its operations from its headquarters based in Illinois, Chicago. However, by adopting a global perspective that provides equal emphasis to domestic or local corporate networks and relationships as well. This has allowed the firm to expand its operations into other parts of the world like Africa and Asia instead of just North America.




As a leading provider of corporate financial services, Madison Street Capital has won several awards and recognitions. Some of these awards include the 2015 M&A Advisor Award Finalist, the 2015 and 2016 M&A Advisor Awards, 2015 International M&A Advisor Award, and the 2016 M&A Advisor Emerging Leaders Award.

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Wengie Teaches Us Makeup Hacks For Everyday Life

This video provides 10 life hacks that Wengie finds useful. The first hack is how to scrape a regular shaver across the worn out areas on an old jumper, and this removes the fuzz, making it look new. Next, Wengie demonstrates how to use a staple remover to add or remove keys from your keychain. For life hack number eight, you stack things you need to take with you together with something you normally do not forget, like your phone or car keys. With the following life hack, she shows you how it is more effective to write random letters and numbers over the top of secret information instead of scribbling a line through it like most people would. For the next life hack, Wengie tells you that in order to force yourself to fold clothes instead of procrastinating, you put the pile of clean clothes on your bed so you can’t sleep until you fold them. For hack number five, Wengie shares the idea to cut out a stiff piece of cardboard and put it in a plastic bag to protect documents that don’t need to be folded, like a passport. Next, she shows how to put dry newspaper at the bottom of the bag when inserting a clean garbage bag to absorb excess liquid instead of it spilling. Then, if you put wall hooks, upside down, on the sides of your bin so that you can hook the handles of the bag on them, the sides of the bag will not collapse when you throw away something heavy. After this, Wengie shows that using a marker to mark the faucets location when the water is at your desired temperature can save you time waiting to perfect the temperature. Hack number two helps you avoid soggy cereal by using a colander to sift out the crumbs into a large bowl. For the final life hack, Wengie takes a picture of the contents of her refrigerator on her phone before making the trip, so she can look at it if she’s not sure if she has an item.

The Successes Of Dr. Jennifer Walden

Dr. Jennifer Walden has been pronounced as one of twenty-four of the top beauty surgeons throughout the United States. She is one of the leaders in cosmetic surgery and she did her training in New York. She began a practice in Manhattan that was quite successful. Dr. Walden is also one of few women to ever sit on the board for the American Society, regarding her specific field of plastic surgery.


Dr. Jennifer Walden is also a published author as well as an excellent surgeon. She has appeared on programs airing on national television and been featured in prominent magazines. She has been described as being kind and compassionate, both with her business associates and her two children. She is an intelligent, talented, hard working woman who has a way of putting the people around her at ease.


Born in Austin, Dr. Walden spent her childhood in a neighborhood known as the Northwest Hills. Her parents were both professionals, so she grew up knowing educations and achievements wee of a high value. She was educated at The University of Texas where she earned her Bachelors Degree, and although she was placed on a waiting list for medical school, she made it in with determination. When she graduated, she was the Salutatorian of the class. Plastic surgery intrigued her because of the focus on creativity.


Dr. Walden attended UT Galveston where she was enrolled in a program for plastic surgery. She then completed her post residency at Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat hospital. She was one of the two who were accepted that particular year. Her love for Manhattan caused her to practice there for a period of eight years.


When her children were born, everything changed for Dr. Walden. She had in-vitro done for fertilization because she wanted children, but there was no man she wanted a serious relationship with. In November of 2010, she gave birth to two boys. This was when she moved to Texas so her sons would have the benefit of growing up around family.