The Need for a Securities Enforcing Attorney

The Dodd-Frank Act that was established in 2010 was structured to bring financial reforms in the U.S by providing protection and financial incentives for anyone who brought information to the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) regarding federal securities laws infringements. If you witness certain violations at your workplace such as irregularities in earnings reports, accounting fraud, or material compensation for contracts, you can choose to become a whistleblower and report such actions to the SEC. However, the SEC laws on whistleblowing can be hard to fathom for someone without legal expertise, making the experience of a SEC whistleblower lawyer essential.

Eligibility for Award

One provision in the program is that a whistleblower can get a 10-30% reward of the monetary penalties resulting from a successful case from the information provided. However, it is not always the case that a whistleblower will receive an award even if a case is successful. Several rules in the program provide exclusions and exceptions that may disqualify you from monetary compensation. A core person in a company, for example, is not eligible for an award. The same goes for internal auditors or other individuals who discover information while a company is in the process of identifying violations. For this reason, the expertise of an attorney will be helpful in understanding your position and the chances of getting an award.

Reporting Violations

Before violations get to the SEC, they must first be reported internally unless there is a good reason not to like when the top management is involved in the infringements. It is common for whistleblowers to receive retaliation at their workplace, and that is why the counsel of a good lawyer is vital. In some instances, a whistleblower may be part of the violations either through action or inaction. If this is your predicament, the advice of a SEC whistleblower attorney will be necessary before you even approach the agency. A lawyer can help you avoid prosecution due to your involvement in the case.

Making Submissions

A securities enforcement lawyer is also good to have around when making a submission to the agency. The rules stipulate that a whistleblower should report violations to the SEC within 120 days of making it known internally. A lawyer can aid in putting together the submission and the accompanying documents (if you have them), to make a stronger case. When and how you make a submission to the agency will determine if the information provided is “original,” which will impact the size and chances of a reward.

Mr. Brian Bonar’s New Honor

If you have not heard the news lately, you may have missed the entrepreneur, Mr. Brian Bonar. The chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Dalrada Financial Corporation recently received an award for his skills and positions in the world of business. He was awarded the Cambridge Who’s Who Executive of the Year in Finance.

This honor is only given to two female and two male members per discipline and it is given only once in a year. The honor is given based on the individual’s accomplishments in their profession and academic field. The honor also considers the leadership abilities of the recipient and their achievements so far. Read more: Brian Bonar | LinkedIn

For those who do not know Mr. Bonar, here is a little recap. Brian Bonar is a director of Dalrada Financial Corporation and has been the chairman of the board of director for many years now. He has been in the company since 1995, August and he was chairman of the board of directors since 1999.

Before he came to work at Dalrada Financial Corporation, Brian Bonar was the serving as the company director at the company’s department of Technology Sales. This was during the period between 1992 and 1994. In 1994, from April to September, he worked as the Vice President of the same company, in the Sales and Marketing Department.

From September 1994, Brian Bonar became the Executive Vice President of Technology Sales and he was appointed as their Chief Operating Officer and President three years later. In 1998, in April, Mr. Bonar assumed the role of Chief Executive Officer of the same company.

Before working at Dalrada Financial Corporation, Brian Bonar was the Vice President of a company called Bezier Systems Inc., in their department of Worldwide Sales and Marketing. The company is based in San Jose and is a manufacturer and supplier as well as marketer of hi-tech laser printers.

According to Bloomberg and Spokeo, Brian Bonar was, between 1990 and 1991, the manager of Worldwide Sales for a company known as Adaptec Inc., which is also based in San Jose. The company deals with laser printers and controller developers.

Before he worked for Adaptec Inc., Mr. Bonar was the Vice President of the Sales and Marketing Department at a company known as Rastek Corporation. The company also develops laser printer controllers and is situated in Huntsville in Alabama.

From the year 1984 to 1988, Mr. Brian Bonar was the executive director of the engineering department at a company called WMS Inc.

The company is located in Alabama and is reputed as one of the manufacturers and developers of very high performance monochrome as well as color printers and accessories. Prior to all these roles and positions, Mr. Bonar also worked for IBM, UK for over 17 years.

The Best Skiing Lake Tahoe Has to Offer is Squaw Valley & Alpine Meadows

Skiing is one of the most popular winter activities in the world, and for those who are passionate about the sport, it’s all about finding the best places to go to play in the powder. For those who are looking for the best skiing in north America Lake Tahoe is a top choice. The best skiing in Lake Tahoe has always been easy to find, just look for the road that leads to Squaw Valley & Alpine Meadows Resorts. Squaw Valley and Alpine meadows have been the premier destination for those who want to enjoy all the fun and excitement that Lake Tahoe skiing can offer. Source:

Squaw Valley was founded in the late 1930s and has been a top destination for avid skiing enthusiasts for more than 60 years, From the first days of its existence, the resort has strived to bring a five-star level of luxury to its guests and the kind of world-class skiing that the true skiing enthusiast longs for. The village at Squaw Valley has incredible gourmet cuisine at world class restaurants, amazing shopping, cozy lounge areas and in the lodges some of the most luxurious and appointed suites of any resort in the area.

While visiting Squaw Valley, guests can take part in yoga classes and fitness facilities that are second to none. An amazing heated outdoor pool and hot tub are available at the “high Camp” and offers breathtaking views during use that will awe and inspire. Getting to the high camp can also give one memories that will last a lifetime, thanks to the aerial tram that provides striking views of the greater Tahoe area that are second to none. For those times when one just wants to unwind and relax, the one site spa provides a wide range of services from massage to skin treatments and more. No matter what a person’s idea of vacationing involves Squaw Valley & Alpine Meadows has something for them.

Of course, when talking about ski resorts, the amenities and attractions are important but the real star of the show is the skiing. At Squaw Valley & Alpine Meadows Skiers have the best options they can find anywhere in the area. More than 170 runs with a wide range of experience levels are available covering more than 4000 acres comprising three peaks on two mountains are available. The Ski area is meticulously maintained and has more than 400 inches of snow on average annually.

Squaw Valley & Alpine Meadows offers the best skiing there is to be found in Lake Tahoe and among the top skiing anywhere in North America. From the village to the slopes there is no other ski area in the greater Tahoe region that can hold a match to these great joined resorts. For more than 6 decades’ skiers have come to enjoy the best, and surely will for many years to come.