Skout Reveals The Secrets of Potato Chip Lovers

Although its primary duty is running a solid mobile social network, Skout is a company that loves to perform very fun surveys with its members. Recently, the company took a survey of 3,000 members. The survey centered on the subject of potato chip flavors and what preferred potato chip flavors say about an individual. The unique survey was conducted in accordance with National Potato Chip Day.

The humorous survey turned out to be quite revealing. The world now knows Lime/Citrus potato chip fans have the most friends and people who like plain chips aren’t all that interested in hitting the gym. Not many are going to be surprised to learn that eaters of low or no-salt chips are more likely to be workout enthusiasts.

And who would have guessed talk show icon Jimmy Fallon is the top person potato chip lovers want to share their favorite snack with? Thanks to Skout, this tidbit is not public information.

Skout is sure to get some much-deserved publicity out of this survey.

Skout’s headquarters are found in San Francisco, CA and the company has a tremendous amount of popularity far outside of its northern California location. Skout members are found in upwards of 200 countries. The great expansiveness and scope of the social media platform makes it a vibrant one. With so many participating members from around the world, there is always a lot of activity in the community and this does draw more people to want to be a part of it.

In addition to helping people around the world meet others through an easy-to-use social app, Skout has done a number of nice things. Skout has run a number of different charitable endeavors in the Bay area. These endeavors include helping sick children and feeding the hungry.

Skout does love to have fun, too. The whimsical surveys the company performs are always a joy to read about. Those who would like to read more should examine the PR Newswire release about the potato chip survey. The content should put whoever reads it into an upbeat mood. A craving for potato chips may soon follow.

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Philanthropist George Soros Is Spreading The Open Society Principle In More Than 100 Countries Through His Open Society Foundation

When conservation activists James O’Keefe tried to infiltrate the Open Society Foundation using the pseudo-name, Victor Kesh, he thought he had covered his tracks, but it was a botched attempt to extract information about the group that Billionaire George Soros founded. Soros is the Chairman of the Open Society Foundation, and Chris Stone is the president. O’Keefe’s telephone voicemail to Dana Geraghty was not executed properly, and Geraghty knew that the call was fishy. O’Keefe was heard talking to men before he ended his voicemail and it was clear that his intention was to gain access to the group for some reason that was unclear to Geraghty. Geraghty forwarded the O’Keefe’s 10-minute voicemail to Chris Stone and Stone immediately knew that this Victor Kesh character was not legitimate, and his call was a cover-up for some unknown agenda.

The Open Society Foundation got its start in 1979 when George Soros decided to give black South Africans scholarships during the apartheid movement. In 1980, Soros sent Xerox machines to the Eastern Bloc countries so people could copy banned messages to the West. When the Berlin Wall was taken down, Mr. Soros created the Central European University. The University’s main objective was to promote critical thinking. Soros decided to expand the Foundation to Asia, Africa, and the United States, and today the Open Society is a network of foundations, projects, and partners in more than 100 countries.
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The Foundation is committed to the open society concept which respects the rights of the individual and holds governments accountable for human rights violations. Soros and the members of the Open Society Foundation believe that no one has a monopoly on the rights and the truth of the individual. Today, the Open Society Foundation has lawyers and paralegals that represent thousands of individuals that have been unlawfully treated and are being held against their will by unscrupulous governments around the world. George Soros created one of the most unique foundations in history, and the work that the foundation does is changing the lives of people that have been denied basic human rights. The Foundation provides thousands of students that are caught in armed conflicts with the money they need to attend universities. The aim of the foundation is to bring transparency and accountability to the tyrants around the world that still use violence and intimidation to govern.

The Soros Open Society Foundation supports independent organizations like the International Crisis Group, Global Witness, the Institute for New Economic Thinking, and the European Council on Foreign Relations. George Soros, the hedge fund billionaire, believes he is obligated and has the right to take a stand on controversial issues, and he does that through his foundation.

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The Hungarian-born Soros is considered one of the wealthiest people on the planet. Soros escaped Nazi occupation during the war and enrolled in the London School of Economics. He moved to the United States in the 1950s and got a job on Wall Street. He learned how to function in the investment industry and started a hedge fund. That fund now invests part of the fortune Soros has amassed over the years on But his main objective now is to help spread democracy and the open society principle around the world.

Eric Pulier Makes A Case For Integrative Technology For Kids

Eric Pulier has been working with kids for a long time on technology that would make their lives better, and he has been trying to advocate for them ever since he got started in the industry in the 90s. His early career was filled with work that helped kids who had terminal illnesses, and he continued by helping with advocacy for kids who are in need of help at school.

He started out in the tech world as someone who was working on education and technology. He started People Doing Things so that he could talk to schools and communities about how they are helping people with special needs. The ADA had just been passed, and Eric Pulier was sure that he could help everyone in need with new technology. He wanted to be sure that he could help as many people as possible, and he spoke to as many groups as he could to help facilitate a dialogue about helping people with special needs.

He moved on to a project called Starbright World that was a network for kids to chat with one another. All the kids were people who had major illnesses, and Eric Pulier helped match kids with one another so they could meet people who had the same struggles that they had. This is important for kids to feel included, and the best way to make them feel included is to just make sure that they are going to be able to talk to these other kids whenever they want. That is very important for kids who want to feel included, and it is going to help them learn that someone else is going through the struggle that they are going through.

Pulier has been an advocate for anyone who needed help, and he has remained an advocate for a long time. He has been helping kids with chronic illnesses, and he has been helping kids with special needs. He wants the world to progress as much as possible, and he wants to show that anyone can make their dreams come true if they have the right technology on their side.

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John Goullet and DIVERSANT both Keep Pushing IT Forward

DIVERSANT LLC is a merger of Info Technologies and Diversant, Inc. Gene C. Waddy now owns this company, and John Goullet is the chairman. It is an African-American firm, and it is the largest IT staffing company in the nation.

DIVERSANT is known for its range of services such as teaching job candidates how to prepare for a gainful position. For instance, they might need to know what skills employers want and include those on their resumes. They also might suggest various types of training and perform assessment tests that place Information Technology applicants in one of the most prestigious Fortune 500 companies.

The DIVERSANT staffing firm also places qualified IT employment seekers in mid-sized corporations. Most of these have competitive salaries based on experience levels. However, anyone who comes to this agency to find a permanent or temporary job receives more than just employment preparation.

All potential employees usually receive diversity training. This already has resulted in vast productivity improvements in supply chains and on project teams. Part of the reason why is inviting as many people with as many talents as possible brings a larger variety of needed skills. However, it is in the learning to tolerate, embrace and celebrate each person’s differences that seems to make companies succeed.

John Goullet and Gene Waddy and other financiers continue to push forward even during economy uptimes and downtimes. They also have kept up with ever-changing technological demands and continue to send the most renowned firms the workers they need.

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DSP Maintains High-Level in Executive Search Industry with Philanthropist Keith Mann as CEO

Keith Mann, founder and CEO of Dynamic Search Partners, has a mission statement that has brought his executive search firm to the top of the list for career search agencies in New York City. Mr. Mann states that he is “committed to sourcing top talent for the hedge fund and private equity industry.” Dynamics Search Partners is a premier executive search firm that launched the Alternative Investment Practice in 2002. It was then that Mann identified that the hedge fund industry was an open industry for sourcing top talent for hedge fund and private equity industries. Since then, DSP has built a successful business in connecting clients with professional talent reaching across all barriers such as levels and locations. The success of DSP originates with the Philanthropic personality of Mr.Mann to have lasting relationships and partnerships with his clients and candidates. Mr. Mann and his wife are devoted to helping people, and they supported the community in many ways including supporting the NYPD and, more recently, by establishing a scholarship fund to send low-income high school students to college. Maintaining strong relationships in the community as well as making it the foundation of DSP has enabled Mr. Mann to build a growing network of professionals who offer insight and excellent services at a much higher level of loyalty and performance that the average member of the search industry. This alternative career line for Keith Mann has allowed him to focus on one section of DSP and create a challenging search market. By using an alternative approach, DSP is able to execute customized searches for individualized talents and characteristics, and connect in an organized, professional and effective manner. Mann has detailed every stage of the executive search process and remains loyal to his high-quality and effective process. Keith Mann is the day-to-day manager of the firm, and he exhibits his marketing skills as the leader that he is. Dynamic Search Partners is at the top of the investment industry in the U.S., and there are other agencies already established in Europe and Asia. Every year, DSP makes over 200 client connections between specialty employees and clients. For more information on Keith Mann check out the links below:


Handy Made My Spring Cleaning Possible This Year

Spring cleaning is the time of year when I give every room in my home a good scrubbing. I will even create a checklist to ensure I clean everything from top to bottom.

The wrist injury I suffered a few weeks ago put a damper on my plans to finish cleaning my home. I finished cleaning my living room and bedroom several days before the injury, but I was not sure how I was going to clean the bathroom and kitchen with an injured wrist. I have used a service called Handy in the past for parties and other events. I realized this service may be my only chance at finishing my spring cleaning.

Handy is a service that allows you to hire a professional for regular or occasional cleanings. You can hire the professional through the official Handy website on your computer, or you can download the official Handy application to your mobile device. Handy offers next-day availability and a 100 percent money-back guarantee to all clients. The company also runs a background check on all professionals so you know they are experienced, reliable and insured.

It is very easy to book a cleaning session with Handy. The first thing I did was choose the date and time for my appointment. I also selected my bathroom and kitchen as the rooms that needed to be cleaned. I did not see a point in hiring them to clean the living room and bedroom when I had already cleaned them. Handy contacted me to confirm my appointment and take care of the payment. You can pay right online using their secure server. A professional cleaner showed up at my home on the day of my appointment. The cleaner was fully-equipped and right on time for the cleaning session. He was very understanding of my injury and made sure I was satisfied with the job before leaving.

I have never had an issue with hiring a professional cleaner using Handy. It is a great way to hire a cleaner, plumber, electrician or handyman. I would recommend Handy to anyone who needs a little help with their cleaning.

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Highland Capital Management Is One Of The Top Investment Firms In The United States

When people think about hedge fund investors and big money investors, they usually think about investment firms that are located in New York. But investment firm Highland Capital Management is one of the top hedge fund and financial investment firms in the country, and the main office for the firm is in Dallas. Highland Capital Management got its start in 1994. Financial and accounting expert James Dondero and his partner Mark Okada decided to start an investment firm because they saw the opportunities that existed around the world.

Dondero is a former American Express executive that has a proven track record of investing in foreign markets. Jim is considered a debt allocation expert as well as an astute hedge fund manager, so the team that Dondero put together at Highland Capital Management had a wealth of experience to draw upon when the doors opened. Fast forward more than 20 years. Highland Capital Management now has more than $19 billion in assets under management around the world.

One of the bright spots in Highland Capital’s portfolio has been Argentina. Dondero decided to purchase more than $4 billion in debt bonds in 2014 from the former president of Argentina, Christina de Kirchner. That investment has been producing a 20 percent annualized return. Dondero was also instrumental in getting Highland Capital Management in line for the next round of debt bonds. Argentina is offering another $35 billion in bonds on the international bond market in 2016.

But Argentina is just one of the investments that Dondero has identified through the years. Highland Capital has a major interest in healthcare, energy and information technology companies. Dondero has also been instrumental in finding the right assets in India, Brazil and Mexico recently.

Highland Capital Management is not just an investment firm that concentrates on emerging markets or the foreign exchange to entice investors. The company has major investments in the United States energy industry as well as in the healthcare and retail sectors. Dondero has made a point of diversifying the company’s investments, and his decision making has paid off for his partners.

Charles Koch Reaffirms his Liberal Thought Principles

Koch got educated at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Mr. Koch is a member of the Beta Theta Pi Fraternity. In 1997, he obtained a Bachelor of Science in engineering. In 1958, he got a Master of Science (M.S.) in Mechanical Engineering and a second M.S. in Chemical Engineering in 1960.He started working with Arthur Little Inc. after college and in 1961, he moved back to Wichita to join his father’s business; Rock Island Oil & Refining Company.

Koch became president of Rock Island Oil & Refining Company in 1967, which was a medium-sized oil firm then. He renamed the company Koch Industries in honor of his father. Koch generated $90 billion in revenue which translated into a growth of 2000% growth, and this represents an annual compounded return of 18%. He has also been the director of Koch industries since 1982.

Two works focused by Koch’s reasoning include the Ludwig Von Mises’ Human Action and F. A. Harper’s Why Wages Rise. In the wake of perusing Harper’s book, Koch got to be included with Harper’s Institute for Humane Studies, of which he turned into a key supporter. He has been in the leading group of IHS since 1966. Since the 1980s, IHS has been progressively keen on supporting the vocations of determined instructors, columnists, and arrangement experts with an enthusiasm for established liberal thought.

Charles Koch as always expressed his opinions even in controversial circumstances. As a known liberal thinker, he has come spoken out against current education administrators for choking the environment for progressive thinking in institutions of higher learning. Such behavior seems retrogressive to Koch and fellow billionaire Michael Bloomberg.

Speaking at a recent College commencement ceremony in New York, the two expressed the need to adhere to the tenets of a democratic society in America. Students must share their divergent ideas and approaches to life. Only then can the community learn to accommodate the changes in modern society. To compound this argument, the two leaders cited examples of the movement of the equality of women that came about as a result of liberal thinking.


Walked the Talk: “They Can’t Eat You”

Marc Sparks walks the walk and talks the talk in which he writes. “They Can’t Eat You” is Sparks’ personal journey as an entrepreneur from the moment he graduated High School in Texas. He started both successful and failing startups, learning by the means of trial and error. This adventure gave him the means to share his experiences in “They Can’t Eat You”.

Crunchbase and Wikipedia published that Marc Sparks is what is referred to as a serial entrepreneur because of the array of startups and successful businesses he has built, assisted, and advised. Marc Sparks is a major figure in the industry, formulating the best business practices, policy, and procedure. After publishing “They Can’t Eat You”, Sparks has gathered the following stemming from his memoir. This how-to novel explores Sparks’ life as a young, up and comer as an entrepreneur. These followers praise his success while taking Sparks’ advice on failing.

Many have benefited from Sparks’ personal journey and his want to share it to help the new generation generate quality business plans, as well as successful businesses. He readily admits, not every idea is a good idea and not every good idea results in a success. Marc Sparks not only wants to educate, he wants to help. It goes beyond business into philanthropy.

He founded Sparky’s Kids, supplying underprivileged children with computers they would otherwise not have. He also supports Habitat for Humanity, because he recognizes without technology and a roof over their head, the growing generation of ideas are less likely to succeed. Poverty should not restrain. Learn more by clicking on the following links: and

“They Can’t Eat You” is advice given in a practical way from someone who has walked the road into business. Even as successful as Sparks is, he has been there and done that before that success, giving reliability to his voice that sparks a note in the reader. His effective guidance was first put into application by him, and with the abundance of success, Sparks is a trusted advisor.

The Miracle of Wen Conditioning Cleanser

Emily McClure from The Bustle recently did an article about the cleansing conditioner by Wen. McClure is an individual that has fine hair, and she wanted to see what would happen if she used Wen products with her hair. On the first day that McClure used Wen by Chaz Dean ( conditioning shampoo, she was pleased with the results. She felt like her hair looked thicker and that it had more volume. The second day of using the product still was positive, but the feel of her hair was more greasy.
Over the course of the seven days, McClure had varied results when it came to the products. Since her hair was thin, she thought that she had to put too much product in the hair. At times McClure’s hair did feel like it was greasy and weighed down, but on other occasions her hair felt like it was bouncy and beautiful. McClure received compliments from friends and family about how shiny and healthy her hair looked, so the compliments really encouraged her. Even though McClure does have her own hair care regiment, she does feel like she will continue to use the sephora fig cleansing conditioner when she wants to give her hair extra body and shine.

Many people have heard about Wen hair cleansing conditioner by Chaz Dean. Dean is an individual that first started off in photography, and later he decided to work in the cosmetology field. Dean was frustrated by the products that were offered in the field, and he wanted to be able to give individuals different options when it came to haircare. Things like parabens and sulfates can actually dry an individual’s hair, and those are the things that Dean has managed to avoid with his cleansing conditioner. Dean wanted to make a conditioner that also cleansed hair in order for individuals to be able to avoid the two-step process of shampoo and conditioner.