Try Talk Fusions Video Marketing free for 30 days

Talk Fusion announced that it will begin offering a free trial period of its video marketing products to anyone interested in trying it worldwide. Imagine being able to communicate with staff and customers via video with no effort at all. Talk Fusion makes it possible to do just that. Bob Reina, CEO of Talk Fusion, made the choice to offer the free trial period because he knows that when customers have the chance to see what a huge impact video marketing has on their business, they always end up buying.

Bob Reina, the founder, and CEO of Talk Fusion had a dream to change the way that people communicate with each other. Though the journey to get to build Talk Fusion up to the point where they could offer a free trial wasn’t always easy, Reina stayed the course and worked closely with his friend and IT specialist, Dr. Johnathan Chen until it was realized.

Talk Fusion is offering new users the opportunity to try out everything from the original video email, to the video newsletters and live meetings all without a commitment to buy. New members will also get to experience the award winning video chat during their free trial period. The company has gone to a lot of effort to make a full line of training videos available for any new member so that they can get the most out of their free trial period as well. The best part of the trial is that it is available in 9 languages, and in 140 countries.

If there is one thing that sets Bob Reina apart from the competition, it would be his consistency and persistence toward identifying where the needs exist for real-time communications, and then creating the solutions to fill those needs. Because of his vision, Talk Fusion, it is possible to be anywhere and still be able to communicate with others via video.

If being at the front of the pack in video marketing wasn’t enough, Mr. Reina also possesses a strong sense of commitment toward philanthropy. He is always looking for ways to give back to his communities and takes pride in being able to help not only people but animals alike.

The Top Plastic Surgeons In Texas

When you start considering having some plastic surgery done, the first thing you want to look into are the best plastic surgeons to do the work you want. A great plastic surgeon will make you feel comfortable, confident, have wonderful bedside manner, and will never make you feel pressured or feel bad about yourself. This article highlights the top plastic surgeons in Texas, including the well known Dr Jennifer Walden.

Dr Jennifer Walden is smart, talented, beautiful and as sweet as honey. She was listed as one of the top 24 beauty surgeons in the United States in 2014. Dr. Walden trained in New York City, and began a practice there, but after the birth of her twin sons, moved her busy practice back to Austin, Texas so that they could be closer to family. She now runs her very successful practice and serves on the board and as commissioner of communications for the ASAPS.

Dr Jennifer Walden is a very popular source of opinions and news regarding surgical breakthroughs, women’s cosmetic surgery, breast augmentation, makeovers for moms and non and minimally invasive surgery. If you are looking for an amazing plastic surgeon in Texas, Dr Walden would be the perfect choice.

Some of the other very popular plastic surgeons in Texas are Dr Steve Byrd in Dallas who specializes in rhinoplasty and endoscopic face lists and is known internationally for his techniques for these procedures. He also has a large knowledge base of body contouring, liposuction and breast augmentation.

Dr Camille Cash in Houston is known for making her patients look and feel the best they can. Her practice offers an extensive list of medical spa and surgical procedures with a specialty in breast and body procedures. She is a double board certified plastic surgeon, so no doubt that you will be in good hands with Dr Cash.

The plastic surgeons listed here are just a fraction of the top Texas plastic surgeons available. There are many wonderful surgeons to choose from when thinking about having plastic surgery done, and it is important to do your research on doctors and find the right one for your needs.

Venezuelan President Calls for Three Day Weekends to Save Energy

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has declared three-day weekends for April and May, in an attempt to slow energy use in the face of a drought that is drying up the reservoirs that are used to produce electricity. Several months of drought are wreaking havoc in the South American country, and one of the results has been a strain on the energy supply.
Maduro wants to lower the usage of electricity, so he says everyone should take Fridays off to keep the country from having to start rationing electricity. Maduro said the 60 days of three-day weekends will get the county through a rough period. He is also asking large users like shopping malls and hotels to generate their own electricity for some part of the day each day.

Heavy industries will have to cut power usage by 20 percent. The industrial areas are already down to 50 percent of normal usage. Raw materials are also scarce, which has cut down industrial usage.

Norka asked people to cooperate, from industries down to individual families. This action according to her dateas review will apply to all government related jobs, but it is not clear whether it will be required of private company jobs.

Venezuela gets most of its electricity from water power, which is being negatively impacted by the severe drought. The county has one of the world’s largest oil reserves, and lowered oil prices has had a severe impact on the economy. Many objected, including some who support the socialistic regime.

White Shark Media: Learning From Their Mistakes

White Shark Media was founded in 2011 and is a digital marketing agency that was founded by 3 entrepreneurs from Denmark. The goal of the company is to work with medium and small businesses in order to create online marketing solutions for them.

Because of cost effective methods for creating search marketing campaigns and because of the excellent customer experience that they provide, White Shark Media is now one of the fastest growing agencies of its kind. The company was founded by Gary Garth, who is now the Chief Executive Officer, Alexander Nygart, who is now the Chief Sales Officer, and Andrew Lolk, who is now the Vice Presdient of PPC. The company has also brought on Sonia Schwabsky, who is the Chief Operations Officer, Chad Jordan, who is the Chief Financial Officer, Derek Hooker, who is the Director of PPC, Tony Soares, who is the Director of Web and SEO and many more.

Shopify executives says White Shark Media has earned several awards and certifications since it was founded, including the Google AdWords Premier SMB Partner, Bing Ads Elite SMB Authorized Reseller, and Inc. 5000 #724 2015. They have several offices both in Denmark and the United States, in Atlanta and Miami.

The company concentrates on just 2 industries, legal and dental. The services that the company provides can be classified under 3 groups, PPC, SEO and SEM. Under PPC, the company will do an AdWords evaluation, create a local website and AdWords, do local AdWords management, manage e-commerce AdWords, manage Bing ads and manage PPC. Under SEM, the company evaluates existing SEM, manages local SEM, triton website and logo design. Under the SEO division, White Shark Media will manage local listings, evaluate local SEO, manage local SEO, triton website and logo design – get details here:,28.htm.

A great service that White Shark Media also provides to the public is its blog. They keep clients up to date on the goings on at the company, their future plans, suggestions to clients and more. One of their most recent blog posts that shows how much White Shark Media cares about the happiness of their clients was a blog post about how White Shark Media has addressed some of their most common customer complaints. These complaints include everything from better communication with customers to how to track their performance. WSM addressed all of these complaints in order to improve.

Europe’s Refugee Crisis Considered By George Soros

The refugee crisis spreading across Europe on is something nobody has been able to ignore as images of people in need have flooded news channels and Websites around the world. In the New York Review Of Books, the former refugee and hedge fund billionaire George Soros took aim at the problems he sees in the latest plan to address the crisis created by Germany and Turkey, a plan the Hungarian born Holocaust survivor describes as not European in nature. Alongside detailing the problems the latest deal to address the crisis has created George Soros also gave his own opinion on how the plight of refugees could be handled in a more humane way.

George Soros has also looked to use his own experiences on as a refugee to bring the facts about democracy to those he hopes to help through his Open Society Foundations, which he formed in a bid to assist those trapped in closed societies around the world. The story of George Soros saw him held in a Nazi concentration camp during World War II before he embarked on his own journey as a refugee to complete his education and start his own hedge fund.

During the ongoing European refugee crisis George Soros has looked to use his own skills in finance to provide a distinct plan on how to handle the issue. Soros created his own hedge fund in the 1960s and saw annual growth of more than 20 percent for his fund across more than three decades; Soros now has a personal wealth of more than $25 billion based on the skills he developed as a hedge fund manager.

The European Union is being placed at risk because of both the latest plan to handle the refugee crisis and the influx of refugees onto the continent; George Soros believes it is important for the European Union to develop a consistent plan that can be put into place for a number of years. Using the extensive credit worthiness of the European Union Soros believes a loan that rates around one quarter of one percent of GDP will see many issues pushed aside. Among the issues the continent faces is the use of debt ridden Greece as a holding ground for refugees amid the poverty the nation already faces; Soros believes making a continent wide policy and basic cost of living for each refugee would limit the issues member states of the EU face.

Read his profile at Forbes.

CCMP Capital Suffer A major Loss With the Passing on of Steve Murray

CCMP Capital has reported the passing away of the former President and CEO Steve Murray. Murray, who left the firm barely a month to his death sited health related problems as the main reason for his resignation.

Murray passed on at the age of 52. He was a long term employee of CCMP Capital; having joined predecessor firms that bore CCMP in 1989. CEO Stephen Murray CCMP Capital‘s career has been extraordinary, the firm that was at one time known as Chase Capital was purchased by JP Morgan partners. The Group sought independence in 2006, and in 2007 Murray was appointed CEO, succeeding group founder Jeff Walker.

CCMP Capital through its chairman Greg Brenneman spoke on behalf of the company. He spoke of immense grief that had come to them upon the passing of a longtime friend and partner Steve. He passed his condolences, thoughts and prayers to the family of Steve. The company passed on their gratitude for the diligent service accorded to them by Steve who was a co founder of CCMP Capital. Steve by his very nature was an exemplified individual with a wonderful character which he used to close deals. CCMP Capital’s success is widely attributed to the efforts of Steve who spent most of his career in private equity.

Stephen P. Murray CCMP Capital was born on August2,1962; he was raised in New York City Suburb Westchester County, he graduated from Boston College in 1984 with a Degree in Economics. He also graduated with a master’s degree in Business Administration from the Columbia Business School.

Upon completing his under graduate degree Steve joined the credit analyst training program at Manufacturers Hannover Corporation. In 1989 there was a merger between MH Equity Corporation which combined Manufacturers Hannover’s Private Equity Group with its finance Unit. The company later became CCMP Capital in 2006.

CCMP Capital a company founded by Steve has a reputation of investing $100million-$500million of equity per transaction. The company has since its inception focused their investments on consumer, industrial, health care and the energy sectors.

Murray was all about giving back to the society, this is evidenced by the financial support given to the Make-a-wish Foundation of Metro New York, the Food Bank of Lower Fair Field County and the Stamford Museum.

The Death of Murray as reported by NY Post has hit CCMP Capital at its core. This is because Murray was not only a vibrant individual but also a key player in all the dealings of the company which invests highly in equities. Since Joining the company which has rebranded over time, Steve Murray was a focal point in the company and has inspired immense growth.

Replacing Murray will not be easy with the company setting sights on making a comeback through the new chairman and CEO Greg Brenneman.

Ross Abelow Does His Own Winter Fundraiser

The winter fundraiser that Ross Abelow did with GoFundMe is the perfect thing for the city of New York, and it targets the stray animals that are in the city. Shelters in New York are trying to care for these animals, but they need more money to operate. He is trying to make sure that all these animals can get some care, and he started a GoFundMe campaign that would help raise money for all these pets.

The pets that need this money are getting taken in by people who are running these shelters, and they leave their doors open so that the pets can come in from the cold when it gets cold at night. The winter in New York can be pretty brutal, and it is important for all these pets to have a place to go. All the pets get food and shelter, and the ones that stay can be adopted by families who come and visit the shelters.

The pets that get taken in have to be in places where the lights are still on, and Ross Abelow knows that a lot of these shelters need more money to operate. They have to have food and shelter for the pets, and they need to be able to pay the staff that is working there. They also need to get medical staff there to help all the pets. This is a very big deal for all these animals when it gets cold in the winter, and Ross Abelow wants to help make sure that all these animals get real care.

He has worked in law for a long time, and he has a lot of friends who would love to give to such a cause. That is something that makes his GoFundMe more than a one time project. He wants to raise $5000 to start, but Ross Abelow wants to make the campaign even bigger so that he can get money for even more people and pets. There are a lot of animals on the streets of New York, and they need help so that they can find food, shelter and good homes.

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Wikipedia Turns to Crowdsource to Add Text to Speech Capability

They are going all the way to Sweden to seek an open source solution from the speech synthesis specialists at KTH Royal Institute of Technology University in Stockholm. The lead professor on the project, Joakim Gustafson, has been giving interviews about the process and the expectations along a time line. The professor states that the open source modules for text to speech (TTS) capabilities in the English language are well developed, but that is not the case in other languages. Wikipedia’s site in Sweden, Wikimedia Sweden has already had a pilot of the new platform operating. So far they estimate that near 25%, or 125 million people each month have indicated that they need or prefer the text in spoken form. Whether it is for reasons of visual impairments or literacy issues is unclear, but what is clear is that it is making the Wikipedia site more accessible. The next step is to develop the platform for the English language Wikipedia sites, and to develop a proof of concept capability in Arabic.

One thing that isn’t new is the high traffic drawn to Wikipedia sites and their sticky nature. Part of what makes the sites so sticky is the wealth of hyperlinks contained in each of the pages. Regardless of what topic you select, reading a Wikipedia page is filled with hyperlinks to other pages offering more information, hence it has become the largest encyclopedia in the world. But what about applying these same characteristics to commercial pages? Business pages are available for both sole proprietors and businesses that can brave the waterfall of requirements Wikipedia demands from its submitted pages for publishing. Beyond the perfect English, punctuation and grammar, there is the burden of proof required to substantiate any factual information. While it would certainly be enough to make most businesses shy away from attempting such a feat, there are Wikipedia editing services that for a fee will create a Wiki page on your behalf. Get Your Wiki is just such a service.

Not only does hiring Wikipedia editors from Get Your Wiki construct the perfect page in the format and within the platform that Wikipedia demands from its submission, it also monitors the page activity on your behalf after the page has gone live. This means that your page will receive Wikipedia revisions if any inaccurate information is present and that if there is new information about your company, these writers will be sure to update a Wikipedia page with all the relevant information. And as far as going live, Get Your Wiki offers a 100% no questions asked money back guarantee if your page isn’t published.