The Best Healthy Pet Food Providers

Healthy eating, is a craze that has spread all over and is even influencing how we feed our pets. This is especially true, for people who treat their animals like part of the family. Companies that make dog food, one of them being Freshpet Inc., have begun to tap into the healthy pet food market.

The company specializes in making gourmet food for your pets. They make their foods using fresh ingredients and no preservatives. They also make sure that whichever can of food you take is fresh, by minimizing the time their products stay on the shelves. They are currently the only company in the industry producing refrigerated pet food.

Traditional pet food manufactures, have been blending lamb and salmon into their food, as well as making organic grain free food. Due to the introduction of healthy eating for pets, these companies have been forced to up their game. Companies have begun to make foods that help your pet lose weight. They have also been cutting back on the use of preservatives and additional flavors, as well as using fresh berries and fruits in their foods and treats.

The pet food industry is currently worth $23.7 billion. The treats from Freshpet Inc. may cost at least twice the amount of normal pet food, but its sales have managed to shoot up by 37%, earning the company over $103 million. Wall Street has been a bit skeptical about the success of the company, because they use fresh meat and chicken, which is expensive. Mr. Thompson, the company CEO, is however confident that the company will make a profit in 2016.

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Why Beneful is the best for your pet

Whether you want to give your pet dry or wet treats, Beneful is the way to go. The foods are made by Nestlé’s Purinastore Petcare, and their treats are currently the fourth most popular on facebook among pet owners. The foods are available in eight flavors with some packaged in smaller sized packs.

Beneful was introduced into the market in 2001, and was marketed on the basis of its nutritional value and appearance.


The Rise of Freshpet Inc and a Review of Beneful Dog Food

Freshpet Inc is out to impress and win the hearts of dog and cat owners/lovers. The pet-food industry estimated market value is at $23.7 billion and Freshpet Inc is out to make a name for itself. It has introduced refrigerated dog meals that are been sold in over 15,000 stores in the United States. The dog meal combination includes raw chicken and beef mixed with natural probiotics, kales, spinach and sweet potatoes. Through this Freshpet believes they have been able to imitate the ancestral eating habits of dogs.

Freshpet Inc and Blue Buffalo Co. are among the new pet food companies that are giving the old companies in the industry a run for their money. Blue Buffalo has introduced canned food which is a mixture of whole grains, chicken, fruits and vegetables with Rover’s Lamb. The old companies have been forced to come up with new innovations and acquisitions in order to keep up with Freshpet Inc. For example Purina, which is one of the big pet food company bought the first certified organic producer of dry and wet dog food-Merrick Pet Care this was after it had introduced Game Bird and Pacific Catch Recipes.

Wall Street maintains that using fresh chicken and beef is pretty expensive and Freshpet Inc prospects are a little bit skeptical. This is due to the fact that its share value has dropped by almost half and most sellers are betting on the basis that Freshpet’s stock will fall. The Company is however optimistic that it will achieve some profit come the end of 2016.

Beneful dog food is a product of Nestle Purina Petcare. It is made of ingredients such as real meats and vitamin-rich vegetables. It was introduced into the market in the 2001 and by the year 2012 it was the most popular dog food product. Beneful comes in different categories including dry food, wet food and canned food and dog treats or snacks.

Beneful products are manufactured and produced to fit the different life stages of a dog and also provide recipes for weight loss and growth for puppies. It has been acclaimed for promoting good health due to the vitamins and minerals added during processing. Beneful products are well packaged to ensure their freshness and their inexpensive nature makes them affordable to most dog owners.



Some of the most Famous YouTubers Alive Today

There have been many people that have achieved stardom since the arrival of YouTube. This video channel provides otherwise unknown people an opportunity to become big time names. Here is a list of the most popular YouTubers today.


Justine Ezarik is a popular YouTube personality that acts in videos and on her channel Justine.Tv. She has millions of followers who enjoy seeing this young and beautiful comedian/actress. Justine has a total of 587 million views for some of her videos and she remains one of the biggest names on YouTube.

Jenna Marbles

Jenna Marbles is a famous YouTuber who was able to move outside of the realm of YouTube into popular news outlets. Some of her material was featured on ABC and in the New York Times. Marbles real name is Jenna Mourey and her name is actually taken from her dog Mr. Marbles. Jenna has close to 2 billion views for some of her videos.


If you want to rank famous YouTubers you can look no further than Pew Die Pie. He by far is the most popular YouTube personality on the planet and the billions upon billions of views that he has for his videos back up this claim.

Amazing Orange

The Amazing Orange is a YouTube show that made it on television but ended up being put onto YouTube. The Amazing Orange was originally created by Dane Boedigheimer. Since the show debuted on YouTube it has amassed a large following of 5 millions of subscribers.


Wengie is a fun loving young Chinese lady who lives in Australia. She can speak English and her native tongue. Her channel features makeup advice and some skits about life. Wengie is real popular and she has hundreds of thousands of fans. Her video channel is growing everyday.

Wendy’s real name is Wendy Huang and the name of her channel is the wonderful world of Wengie. She is an extremely beautiful woman who is also engaged to be married.