Madison Street Capital Leads In The Acquisition of DCG Software

When it comes to financial management in business, mergers, and acquisitions, Madison Street Capital is a leading service provider. The investment banking firm that serves middle markets recently served as a financial adviser in a partnership between DCG Software Value and The Spitfire Group. DCG is a universal function software analysis provider while The Spitfire Group is a technology consulting firm with its headquarter in Denver.




The acquisition was announced by the chief executive officer of Madison Street Capital, Mr. Charles Botchway. Although the terms of the trade were not disclosed, it was projected that Madison Street Capital would successfully spearhead the business. In a conversation about the acquisition, Botchway said that both companies have exceptional experience in management. This included the chief executive officers of the two companies Mark Richtermermeyer and Mike Harris. Botchway added that working with the two companies was a great honor given the high positions taken by the two leaders in the IT industry. From the first agreement with Madison Street Capital to the end of the deal, Harris stated that Jay Rodgers provided insightful and powerful analytics. Harris also said that together with Mark, they were glad to be in partnership with Madison Street Capital and that they would continue working with the company in a bid to find additional useful software in future.


Madison Street Capital


Madison Street Capital is a global investment banking firm dedicated to integrity, excellence, service delivery and leadership in providing corporate financial services, mergers, acquisitions, expertise, financial opinions as well as valuation services to private and public institutions. The services provided by Madison Street capital have a positive impact on the success of most businesses in the universal markets. In taking over new projects from clients, Madison Street Capital commits to solely taking the responsibilities of those clients when it comes to reaching the set objectives and goals.




From financial advisory to successful capital raises and M&A transactions, Madison is a great player in the transfer of ownership. Madison Street Capital reputation places the company is a top profile of the most sought financial advisers across the world. The company has earned client trust from the excellent performance it has registered while offering financial services. With the unwavering dignity and excellence, customers can rest assured of the company’s unwavering commitment to providing the best standards in a professional manner. As a top ranking service provider, Madison focuses on middle market firms that seek flexible as well as effective corporate solutions related to funding.


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Investing Innovatively in the Oil Industry

Many investments in different industries fail because of lack of innovation. The question of how a product is packaged and presented in the market affects its sales. It also determines if the market will embrace the product or not. Nabors Industries Ltd is a company that has invested innovatively in the oil industry. The company is a producer of drilling equipment and services offshore and onshore. The company produces a raw material that is used in the drilling of oil. The company has worked with the Marine. They have provided their services there as well. This has enabled the company to develop in the market because it has collaborated with various brands. The company is founded on servant leadership and teamwork. The different leaders have exuded their skills and achieved different results. Anthony Petrello is the present leader of the enterprise. He has achieved various results.

The company has run for many years. It has achieved to employ a different capacity of people in the various years. It has employed the highest capacity and has registered the highest profits under the leadership of Anthony Petrello. The leadership of Anthony has grown over the years. He has worked at various levels of the company. He has learned how to work with different people and achieve the expected results. This has enabled the enterprise to achieve its goals because the team has embraced teamwork. The teams are trained to embrace teamwork in whatever they do. They are trained on how to achieve results using the strengths of the team members. It encourages other team members to work towards teamwork and achieve their goals. The company has trained team leaders to lead as servants in their respective teams. These are great core values in any business because they determine the growth of the enterprise. Companies should develop core values that can cause the positive development of the enterprise. Employees will enjoy the benefits of the company as it grows.


Securus Securing a Fantastic Communication Technology For Tomorrow

Securus provides cutting-edge communication technologies that allow individuals to communicate with each other without any issue. This ease of use technology is a must as it allowed for one party to use a face to face cam service that seamlessly connects both parties to be able to communicate lag free and never lose touch with one another. The Securus technology has become incredible, popular and successful, especially within the jailing industry as it allows jails to provide their inmates with an easy and affordable way in which to communicate with loved ones and still maintain regular contact without having to actually leave the facility.


Successful Business Practices

Operating on a state to state payment system Securus provides comfortable to understand regulations that put individuals in contact with one another without having to have many deep queries in regard to the cost of the service itself. Prepaid accounts are also available that let users establish a credit without overcharging or racking up unwanted fees that make other services a hassle to use. Being able to go into a call and not worry about having any money left is a fantastic way in which to maintain a call and focus on what matters most. Securus ultimately puts the user experience at the forefront of its technology thus separating the difficult monetary contribution part of the communicating process.


Customer Service Done Right

Maintaining a customer first prerogative has elevated Securus to a level of achieving much more with their customer base. It’s dedication towards serving individuals and focusing in on what matters has allowed Securus to provide top quality video and phone services to individuals of all different backgrounds. While their services are not limited to jail usage, those who utilize Securus will find that it indeed caters to the needs of those who need to make calls between loved ones without any hassle.


Bruce Bent II; the Developer of the Money Market Fund

A money market fund refers to a mutual fund which invests in short-term securities including U.S Treasuries, Banker’s acceptances, Commercial Paper, and Certificates of deposits. The benefit of these money market instruments is that they are liquid and have a high credit quality.

Money market funds are unique because of three explanations. Firstly, there are safe as they have a solid return with a short maturity. Therefore, investors who buy debt securities have a low default risk and still earn a small rate of return. Secondly, money market fund requires a small initial investment as compared to the money market securities which have a high minimum purchase requirement. Lastly, money market funds are readily available as they can be bought or sold at any given time without any industry restraints. Moreover, other mutual funds have a settlement day that comes three days later after the transaction day; but, for the money market funds, the investor is entitled to the same-day settlement.

People that can benefit from money market fund include those that want to limit losses arising out of credit, liquidity, and market uncertainties. Also, investors hoping to preserve their cash while at the same time earning a small rate of return will benefit from the money market fund.

About Bruce Bent II
Bruce Bent II is an American entrepreneur with broad experience in financial markets, intellectual property, and technologies. His father is was recognized for creating the first market fund dubbed Reserve Fund together with his partner Henry B. Brown in 1970. Bruce is the pioneer of a formal discipline that has now evolved to approximately $ 3 Trillion in value aiding tens of millions of stockholders.

Currently, Bruce II is the Vice Chairman and President of Double Rock Corporation. The firm offers creative cash management as well as cash-related solutions to retail markets, broker-dealers, bank, and qualified plans. Mr. Bent II holds a Philosophy major in Bachelor of Science from Northeastern University.

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Traveling Vineyard – Be Your Own Boss

Traveling Vineyard refers to a Multi-level Marketing corporation that was founded in 2001. The firm sells several types of wine in three categories including white, red and sweet and fizzy. Additionally, Traveling Vineyard also deals with chillers, openers and decanters. The established is a member of the Direct Selling Association.

One must join the company as a wine Guide before they can begin earning money. Becoming a wine guide costs $174 where $99 is for the success kit while $75 is for two tasting sets. The Success kit comprises of all that one requires to get started and is enough to host two wine tastings events. If an individual sells wines costing $ 750 in their first two month, they get a free electric wine opener and a $50 refund if they sell up to $1400. Moreover, recommending a friend to join as a wine guide will earn one a $100 bonus.

The company pays its wine guides thrice in a month on specific dates. One can make money through online sales, home wine tasting parties, monthly wine club sales and through building a team.

Participants of Traveling Vineyard have many advantages. Firstly, Americans love wine and consume nearly 892 million gallons annually as reported by Wine Institute and as such, it is a great vocation. Secondly, it’s a nice platform to earn money. This is because wine is a consumable product meaning one will get many reorders. Also, there is no pressure on the quantity of work one must do since there are no monthly sales quotas; hence, one manages their work by themselves. Wine guides can earn credits that they can use to purchase supplies instead of using their money.

Traveling Vineyard has a strong social media presence with a Facebook page with approximately 34,944 likes and 33,805 followers. On daily basis, it posts at least three posts that are followed by few likes and comments. Links of the company’s other social media are found on the left side of the Facebook Page. Its Twitter page has 2000 tweets with 2100 followers and 715 likes.

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Talk Fusion Keeps Moving Forward

It is truly something special how Talk Fusion has been able to keep moving forward during these times. They have grown, learned how to do things differently, and adapted. That is why people count on them, rely on them, and love them so much. They know this is a product that has their best interests in mind. It is run by Bob Reina, and he founded and created the company all the way back in 2007. They have now been running for ten years, and they have done some truly remarkable things in ten years for the people out there that are using the product and have used the product.

As a matter of fact, it has changed their whole life around, and it is not often that one can say that about a product, but it is a fact when it comes to Talk Fusion. It was proven even more true in 2016 when many say they had their best year yet because of winning two awards from the Technology Marketing Corporation. Two awards in one year really gets people’s attention, and it really gets them talking and for good reason. It shows this is a company that is committed to doing this the right way and seeing it all the way through.

They know the passion that their customers have for the product and for having a life that is more like the life they want. They don’t want to live a life that someone else has mapped out for them. They also don’t want to live a life that is just a way to pay the bills, have food on the table, and keep a roof over their heads. They desire more and they need more. That is a good thing. That is the ambition and desire that Bob Reina likes to see in his customers.

That is exactly how he is and exactly how he operates on a day to day basis with Talk Fusion and it is a big reason Bob Reina and his team have had the type of success they had in 2016 and will have even more of moving forward in 2017.

Mike Baur’s Swiss Startup Factory Idea of Hope

In a world where job security and job satisfaction continues to be a long shot, entrepreneurship is the only hope that young people can pursue. Unfortunately, transforming ideas into businesses is not a walk in the park. There is nothing simple about it, and one must work himself off to make it happen.


Luckily, you will encounter a few friends on your way to success. Mike is one of these friends. With his startup accelerator program under his company, the Swiss Start-Up Factory, you can be sure to thoroughly brainstorm your ideas, refine them to the required level, and get a boost to pursue them. These are just what you need when you have an idea. As most entrepreneurs notice, not every idea is worth pursuing, however promising it is. There are ideas for the future and ideas of today. Mike and his team help you separate the wheat from the chaff.


Mike was a banking analyst, a job he loved and cherished. For over 20 years, he harbored the dreams of venturing in entrepreneurship. He knew that that was not going to be an easy task. When he decided to quit his job and pursue his dream, he had no idea of the challenge that lay ahead. Having encountered so many challenges before his successful venture, he realized that the gap in entrepreneurship support was a business idea itself.


He could not do it alone, so he joined hands with Oliver Walzer and Max Meister. Together, they created a formidable team that is taking Swiss Start-Up Factory to unprecedented heights. Their first success was their deal with CTI Invest, then Fintech Fusion, among other stakeholders.


They currently host 3-month accelerator programs for future entrepreneurs. With this program, every student is drilled thoroughly on everything regarding startups. They are taken through the business management, functional leadership and team building, legal processes, accounting, and many other areas. More importantly, they are taken through idea development and execution.


Good ideas get financing and support. Such resources are required to take ideas to the next level. Under Baur’s management, the company has collaborated with many partner organizations including universities, venture capitalists, and legal firms, among others to develop various programs. They have hosted innovation challenges in universities, held entrepreneurship summits, and organized seminars and training, among other programs.


Mike Baur is an MBA holder from the University of Bern and is the CEO of the Swiss Start-Up Factory. Under his wise leadership, the company has transitioned effectively from a startup itself to a business that entrepreneurs can rely on for support.

The Success of JMH Development Under its Founder Jason Halpern

Jason Halpern at Working Site

Jason Halpern, born on 1st January 1975, is a famous real estate developer, founder as well as the managing partner of JMH Development, one of the leading real estate development companies in America. His passion for property development began at an early age when he followed his father to construction sites in Winchester as well as attending several meetings with building trades, architects, and marketing teams. While in high school, he started taking odd summer jobs in the field of property development. The love for property management is what made Jason to establish the JMH Development Company.

About JMH Development

Jason Halpern: The Property Expert

The JMH Development is a chief, full-service real estate development firm that has experience as developer or owner of major commercial as well as residential properties across the United States. JMH Development uses an innovative approach in creating the most unique and luxurious well-positioned properties in markets that are highly desirable such as Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Miami Beach. JMH took control of the family business in 2010 and at the moment have invested USD 500 million in New York state projects.The company is dedicated to delivering high quality and long lasting properties through its professional staff who are well versed in their work to ensure that all stages of the construction procedure are well executed.

JMH’s Achievements under Jason’s Leadership

Jason in Modeling Industry

The wealth of experience in the property development sector is the key contributor to the Jason Halpern’s amazing portfolio. For the last fifteen years, Halpern has been jetting back and forth between his Brooklyn and South Florida offices to manage multiple projects that are under development. He brings innovation in addition to creativity in constructing distinct properties that are luxurious. Through JMH Development, Jason has pioneered the development of some of the unique and vintage position properties in top tier markets.

Halpern is best known in Brooklyn for completing a major renovation development on 184 Kent Avenue where they turned a warehouse into three hundred and forty luxury residential apartments. This 184 Kent project received the Building Brooklyn Award in the adaptive reuse category in 2011 and was listed on the National Historic Register. Still in Brooklyn, JMH Development is constructing the Townhouses of Cobble Hill.

Jason with Model Milana

It is clear that JMH’s goal is to preserve historic structures. The company focuses on adaptive reuse projects as well as renovation of historic properties. Jason has a track record of refurbishing historic properties, and it came as no shock when he announced the topping off of the Aloft South Beach on 15th September 2014. This project was an adaptive reuse of the remarkable Motel Ankara and was the first newly built hotel to open since 2009 in South Beach. It offers larger rooms in comparison with its competitors.

Jason and his Family

The construction project is located at the center of South Beach, a few minutes away from the Miami Beach Convention Center, the Bass Museum of Art, numerous art galleries, and several restaurants, night clubs, as well as boutiques. The project included an outdoor pool, 24-hour fitness center, meeting space perfect for social gatherings and business meetings, and a roof deck. This is one great project that Jason successfully oversaw.

Jason is among the most reliable real estate developers in the US. He has transformed the real estate development industry through his works of creativity. He also does charity work and spends time with his son despite his busy schedule. His passion and commitment to his work has made him make a great impact in the community.

Todd Lubar – Living the Financial Dream

Todd Lubar is a Young, Energetic, Optimistic and Experienced entrepreneur. Mr. Lubar joined the Real Estate Industry at the age of 22. He is currently the President of TDL GLOBAL VENTURES, LLC. He also serves as the Sr. Vice President to Legendary Investment. Since his working as a loan originator with Crestar Mortgage Corporation in the initial days, Mr. Lubar has walked a great and outstanding journey.


Mr. Lubar did his schooling from Sidewell Friends School till 1987 and went to The Peddie School in Hightstown, NJ for his high school. Having graduated from Syracuse University with B.A in speech communication in 1995, Mr. Lubar first experience with Crestar Mortgage Corporation and thereafter with Legacy Financial Group gave him invaluable experience in the field of Finance and Real Estate. In 1999, Todd acquired Legacy Financial Group which gave him the opportunity to broker loans to outside investors. He also used this stepping stone to open up Legendary Properties which is a residential development company.


He accepted a job with Charter Funding (a division of First Magnus Financial Corp) as Sr. Vice President. His vast experience in Mortgage banking, Demolition industry, Night club industry, Recycling industry and Real estate development industry makes him pioneer in his field.


Having been ranked as Top 25 Mortgage originators in the country for many years, he understands the business in much more better way than others. At present he is with TDL Ventures, a company which is focused on helping people in need. He is currently residing in Bethesda, Maryland and survived by his 2 beautiful children.

Sam Boraie, a Developer Who Loves His Community

Sam Boraie is someone who is known in the world of real estate development. Many people in his community and the rest of the world also know him as a philanthropist who is always happy to see his people developing and living in right conditions. He is known in New Jersey and other surroundings for his outstanding performance and provision of unique services to individuals and other institution. Currently, he is the vice president of Boraie Development LLC, which is a company which was started by his father, Omar. While working with this company, his primary focus is to find projects for development. His father came to the United States as a student in college and through his hard work and determination; he started a business becoming a successful entrepreneur.


Accomplishment of different Projects


Boraie Development is a company that has seen many achievements since it begun. It has finished projects such as the Aspire which is a 238-unit mansion located near New Brunswick Train Station and One Spring Street. It is a twenty-five story building and has enough space for rental, business, and parking. The locals will benefit from this project because it is well-planned courtesy of Boraie Development.

There is also another project which is the Beach at South Inlet in Atlantic City. It is near Boardwalk and the Atlantic Ocean and has over 250 residential units. The company also developed another project at Newark called Albany St. Plaza. The project has 20,000 square feet space for retail and 250,000 square feet space used for space. The company has also developed another building in Newark which has twenty-six stories and has units for residential. It is also developing another project at Waverly place. It is expected to be a good home for residents.


Charitable undertakings


It is notable that Boraie is not only involved in the business but also in philanthropic efforts. He participates in civic activities. He is an Advisory Board member of Elijah’s Promise, a non-profitable organization at New Brunswick which feeds the hungry and ensures that they are living just like the other residents. The organization serves the needy by giving meals, and its aim is to eradicate hunger and poverty by the provision of fresh food. The organization also offers other activities such as culinary arts and baking so that people can have skills to look for jobs in places such as restaurants and bakeries.


Boraie is also on another Board of Trustees of the State Theatre New Jersey in New Brunswick. The organization is the second largest in the State regarding the non-profitable organization. The theater was opened officially on December 26, 1921, and over the years it has hosted vaudeville performances and film screening.


At the moment, the theater is helping performers of dances and music as well as family shows and Broadway shows. Teachers and students are finding it helpful because they can attend special performances. Boraie Development will be useful for the 2017 summer because it will sponsor free film screening for children. It will be during weekday mornings and evenings at the theater.