Wengie Teaches Us Makeup Hacks For Everyday Life

This video provides 10 life hacks that Wengie finds useful. The first hack is how to scrape a regular shaver across the worn out areas on an old jumper, and this removes the fuzz, making it look new. Next, Wengie demonstrates how to use a staple remover to add or remove keys from your keychain. For life hack number eight, you stack things you need to take with you together with something you normally do not forget, like your phone or car keys. With the following life hack, she shows you how it is more effective to write random letters and numbers over the top of secret information instead of scribbling a line through it like most people would. For the next life hack, Wengie tells you that in order to force yourself to fold clothes instead of procrastinating, you put the pile of clean clothes on your bed so you can’t sleep until you fold them. For hack number five, Wengie shares the idea to cut out a stiff piece of cardboard and put it in a plastic bag to protect documents that don’t need to be folded, like a passport. Next, she shows how to put dry newspaper at the bottom of the bag when inserting a clean garbage bag to absorb excess liquid instead of it spilling. Then, if you put wall hooks, upside down, on the sides of your bin so that you can hook the handles of the bag on them, the sides of the bag will not collapse when you throw away something heavy. After this, Wengie shows that using a marker to mark the faucets location when the water is at your desired temperature can save you time waiting to perfect the temperature. Hack number two helps you avoid soggy cereal by using a colander to sift out the crumbs into a large bowl. For the final life hack, Wengie takes a picture of the contents of her refrigerator on her phone before making the trip, so she can look at it if she’s not sure if she has an item.

The Successes Of Dr. Jennifer Walden

Dr. Jennifer Walden has been pronounced as one of twenty-four of the top beauty surgeons throughout the United States. She is one of the leaders in cosmetic surgery and she did her training in New York. She began a practice in Manhattan that was quite successful. Dr. Walden is also one of few women to ever sit on the board for the American Society, regarding her specific field of plastic surgery.


Dr. Jennifer Walden is also a published author as well as an excellent surgeon. She has appeared on programs airing on national television and been featured in prominent magazines. She has been described as being kind and compassionate, both with her business associates and her two children. She is an intelligent, talented, hard working woman who has a way of putting the people around her at ease.


Born in Austin, Dr. Walden spent her childhood in a neighborhood known as the Northwest Hills. Her parents were both professionals, so she grew up knowing educations and achievements wee of a high value. She was educated at The University of Texas where she earned her Bachelors Degree, and although she was placed on a waiting list for medical school, she made it in with determination. When she graduated, she was the Salutatorian of the class. Plastic surgery intrigued her because of the focus on creativity.


Dr. Walden attended UT Galveston where she was enrolled in a program for plastic surgery. She then completed her post residency at Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat hospital. She was one of the two who were accepted that particular year. Her love for Manhattan caused her to practice there for a period of eight years.


When her children were born, everything changed for Dr. Walden. She had in-vitro done for fertilization because she wanted children, but there was no man she wanted a serious relationship with. In November of 2010, she gave birth to two boys. This was when she moved to Texas so her sons would have the benefit of growing up around family.


Ricardo Tosto

Are you dealing with a business problem in Brazil and need a qualified legal practitioner to guide you? Want to hire a reputable lawyer with great expertise in business or corporate litigation? Perhaps you are already aware that Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is a very powerful business and corporate litigation attorney in Brazil.


Often business disputes develop, and when they just cannot be properly resolved through negotiation, litigation may be utilized as a way to fix the problem. Regardless if the case involves a private individual or a business entity that has a legal dilemma with another business entity, competent lawyers have proven ways to handle the matter efficiently.


There are a number of steps involved in deciding on a good attorney or law firm for your legal matter. You can start your conducting research online using websites that have attorneys’ lists and agencies and associations that oversee lawyers and other legal practitioners.


Lots of people get recommendations from trusted colleagues, relatives and friends. These are also a reliable way to learn about a lawyer who delivers on his promise. They will enthusiastically recommend them to others who are looking for legal help if people like the lawyer they had hired.


When it comes to choosing a powerful business or corporate litigation attorney in Brazil, Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is your clear choice. Ricardo Tosto has more than 22 years of business law and litigation experience, working with a great number of clients and handling and complex business legal problems. Ricardo Tosto is an expert in business enterprise and corporate law and developing approaches to deliver efficient and strong solutions for his clients.


Ricardo Tosto helps his clients to have a thorough understanding of legal case and needs and he devises the best strategy to approach the matter and get it resolved. His clients come from a wide variety of industries and are always happy with the outcome of their legal case. Ricardo Tosto takes the time to go over the case with his clients and works closely with them to ensure a satisfactory resolution for all involved.

Billy McFarland Combines Social Events With His Business

Magnises is a company that started one year ago. It is based in New York and promises to make great achievement in the near-future. It is a company that specializes in issuing black cards, a concept that is similar to the standard credit cards, used to pay for your goods and services. The black card is metallic and weighs slightly more than the average credit card.

The advantage that it has over other cards is its ease of use and the fact that the members get to enjoy other events that are exclusively organized by the firm. The various discounts that the members get to enjoy are an added advantage.

The discounts are agreed upon by the management of Magnises together with the targeted companies. The businesses that have already signed up with the black card are in various fields. There is an increasing boost of relationships from the hospitality industry like the La Esquina and Catch restaurants.

The transport sector is represented as well by the Blade Company which offers discounts on the Helicopter rides. Other joints that have signed up include the Finale and Gold bar. The spin studio is also part of the already signed up companies.

According to CNBC, the company was started by Billy McFarland, an entrepreneur whose ambition is to see the company move to greater heights. The 23 years old businessman went to Pringy School before joining Bucknell. His entrepreneurial skills got tested by his first company called Spling.

Billy saw the opportunity to introduce the black card that could bring people from different social statuses and regions together. He organizes events that are unique and that can only be accessed by members.

In his quest to expand, McFarland, who already has 6000 members, has made it easy to access the membership through the use of instant membership area access. The annual pay for these members is $250, hence making it a profitable venture.

They recently moved offices from the west village townhouse to a more spacious penthouse in a hotel in Rivington, New York where the members get to use the facility as an office or in hosting events.


Why You Should Use Hair Care by Wen For More Beautiful, Stronger Hair

Did you know that when you use hair care shampoo’s, that the harsh chemicals found in those cleaners are actually causing your hair to break, split and even fall out? Did you know that your shampoo carries a chemical in it known as sulfates which leads to your hair being stripped of color as well as breaking down the strength of the hair strands. The moisture is also cut out from your hair with the added chemicals in the shampoo.

Back in the early 90’s, it came to light that many of these factors is what was causing shampoo users to focus more on the added benefits of things like moisturizers, conditioners and more. The increase in sales lead more companies to creating more hair products than ever before. It was soon after this realization came to light, that Chaz found a way to make your hair cleaner, without increasing the amount of lather needed to washing your hair.

Wen hair care products by Chaz Dean is just one of the many products out there that is associated with strengthening your hair and bringing back the quality that you are looking for. With more women trusting Chaz, more women are now bragging about their baby fine hair that bounces with each step taken and that have hair as beautiful as some of the biggest stars in the industry.

The women who have tried the Wen by Chaz hair care products, they will add more products to their hair product line without sacrificing their hair by increasing the number of Wen hair care products. They will stick with what works for their hair and for many, that is the use of the Wen products. There are moisturizers as well as conditioners and cremes that can be used to make your hair more manageable and beautiful. That is why the hair care product line is so desirable.

Need Wen hair care? Order online on Guthy-Renker or Sephora.

Follow Wen Hair for updates: https://twitter.com/wenhaircare

Once a Finnish

Every year that goes by it seems to get harder to be successful in life without going through college first. Very few students that leave school early get the opportunity to become successful millionaires unless they have the connections within the family tree.


Mike Baur, a student who left school early, is now a well-known investor and life coach. He is certainly not the only growing dropout thus far and there will be many to come. Baur works in the investment industry operating out of Finland. The entrepreneur guides the young Finish entrepreneurs on the path to grow out their business ideas. Baur helped start up a factory that helps startups obtain the resources they need to grow out and be successful.


The Swiss Start Up Factory was established as an accelerator program for partnered companies looking to grow their business out quickly through a fast-paced educational course. The program works great for those companies working in the digital media field. Baur starts the program off by handing out an investment to get partnered companies off the ground then when they start earning capital he becomes a full-time mentor offering advice.


It is hard for small businesses to get any kind of support when covered by the shadows of the larger businesses with more capital. Getting the capital to grow a business is one thing, but having a coach to help motivate workers and offer advice is a once in a lifetime opportunity.


The Swiss Start Up Factory will continue to focus most of their attention on helping the local Finnish startups, but will eventually expand to helping businesses operating internationally. The accelerator program will continue to be a great help to all. The company is now working with Geneva-Fintech Accelerator Fusion.


Mike Baur has spent the last twenty years of his life working in investing and banking. He spent time with the Swiss banking industry and helped create a number of financing projects.


The startup factory was established back in 2014. It is a fast-paced educational program dedicated to helping digital entrepreneurs join the program. The Swiss Startup Factory has made plenty of friends around the Switzerland area and internationally. They have worked for many different types of businesses all wanting to grow out and be successful. That goal is too grow out quickly. The accelerator program that is offered to all qualified clients will last for three months.



Human Rights Foundation Uses Pop Culture To Make A Point

Thor Halvorssen is gay. The 39-year-old founder of the New York-based Human Rights Foundation has spent his life fighting the abuses of unilateral dictators around the world. And growing up gay may help fuel his fire for fighting for human rights. After all, he knows intimately how it feels to be in a minority group and to be discriminated against.

Even though he is the founder of the Human Rights Foundation, it does not mean he sits on his hands. In fact, he is incredibly hands-on in all of his groups initiatives. According to Crunchbase, Thor Halvorssen famously sent balloons floating into North Korea full of paraphernalia, including cash, informational pamphlets, and DVDs. His group also famously used slingshots in order to fire this paraphernalia into North Korea.

His group’s goal is to educate as many people in North Korea about the outside world as possible. The unilateral dictator of North Korea, Kim Jong-Il and, does not allow any information to penetrate his People’s Democratic Republic of Korea. The hope is that thousands of North Korean residents will become aware of the outside world. They will then turn toward their leader to ask why they do not have food, infrastructure, education or freedom.

And this is just what the Human Rights Foundation does. They do not operate in the background by attacking cut and dry policy. Rather, they use pop culture in order to shine a light on human rights abuses around the world.

And their actions against North Korea coincided with the famous hack on the Sony company for the release of the movie The Interview. The whole world was paying attention to North Korea at the time and the Human Rights Foundation jumped on the opportunity to take Kim Jong Un and down a notch.

Halvorssen was born in Venezuela but was educated at the University of Pennsylvania. His mother is of Venezuelan dissent while his father comes from Norway.

His father was famously jailed for 74 days in Caracas as a political prisoner. Thor Halvorssen himself, then a freshmen in college, got the help of Amnesty International to secure his release. Thor’s been doing this for a while.

Why Fashion Matters More Than Ever

Christopher Burch may be the owner and CEO of an investment capital company, but he is no stranger to fashion. In fact, he is also the co-founder of Tory Burch, the popular clothing and accessories brand. As the CEO of Burch Creative Capital, Christopher pays particular attention to innovations in fashionable consumer and lifestyle products. From his position in the financial sector, he often finds himself beckoning forth new trends. What sets Burch apart from his fellow investors is his keen sense of what consumers desire and a personal mission to bring forth lasting innovations.

Recently, Chris Burch wrote an impressive fashion forward article for Engadget. “Tech Fashion Trends for the Future,” focused on the progressive fusion of fashion and technology. Burch demonstrated his expert awareness of how the two industrious have historically fed off one another. Today, in a time when most consumer’s smartphones have become a prerequisite artificial extremity, fashion and technology have borrowed more than ever from one another. As Burch reminds us, products such as Google Glasses would only scratch the surface without the guidance of seasoned fashion professionals. As a matter of fact, consumers have come to expect that the technology they purchase be both highly functional and stylish.

As Burch puts it, fashion and technology have always synchronized, from the boom box to walkmen and ipods, consumers have generously accepted the advent and improvement of tech gadgets. Today, technology is bubbling up all around us. To that note, traditional consumer products are taking a turn toward the inevitable. As much as we credit fashion with advancing technology, it is also relevant the other way around. Technology has the means to transform lackluster bike safety into fashion forward expressions and recycled bottles something you flaunt, rather than toss curbside. At the forefront of these progressive notions are capital investment firms like Burch’s that help transform abstract ideas into lucrative consumer products.

People often formulate ideas of what the future will bring. We’ve seen disproven portraits of futuristic times in novels, movies, and T.V. shows. However, there are groups of individuals who are correctly foreseeing the future. These individuals include the designers, inventors, and investment brokers who collaborate to bring consumers products that will change the way they live their lives. Imagine, we now wear computers on their wrists that are far more powerful than ones that once dominated whole rooms. The question remains, what is next?

More information for Chris Burch can be found here:


Wikipedia Edits Destroys Marion Cotillard’s reputation and You Should Get Your Wikipedia Page Created, Edited, and Updated By Professionals

Twitter was in meltdown when news about celebrity couples Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie boiled over. Different scenarios came into play including people making fun about Jennifer Aniston. Some Twitter users took the opportunity and used Brangelina’s divorce to troll Taylor Swift. Those incidents pretty much summed up the adage; laughter is the best remedy for pain. Things spiraled out of control though when someone altered Marion Cotillard’s Wikipedia page to exemplify the gloom surrounding her name. Unsubstantiated reports indicated that Brad Pitt had a secret affair with her that prompted Angelina Jolie to file for divorce.

Apparently, those unsubstantiated rumors did not dampen the spirits of a lone wolf from destroying her by deciding to edit a Wikipedia page dedicated to her professional career. The page was edited not once but twice. The first edit listed her occupation as ‘’ The reason why the power couple broke up”. The second of the Wikipedia revisions went overboard listing her job title as ‘’ singer, actress and cheater”. But one thing is for sure, these agonizing chains of events will not deter Marion and Brad Pitt debuting their movie in theaters this November.

Wikipedia is by far the best platform if you want your brand or business to thrive in split seconds. Wikipedia page creation attracts billions of traffic each year, so it’s an invaluable tool to invest in when you want overwhelming traffic to your site. However, branding your name or business on Wikipedia is not easy. The site has punitive measures for those flouting the policies, for instance, your page could be taken down at a moment’s notice. But you don’t need to worry because you can hire professional wiki writers to create or edit your page. Make a Wikipedia page or have it edited and updated by professionals from Get Your Wiki. Wikipedia comes with numerous benefits to your brand or business including unlimited traffic, a whole new level of experience and generating and nurturing leads that could result in sales.

SEC Whistle Blower Help

The people who want to blow the whistle on the issues that are in the SEC know that they are protected under the program that was created by the SEC, but sometimes, this knowledge is not enough to ensure that the people get the protection that they deserve when they are a part of the program. There are many issues that come with reporting and one of the things that people worry about the most is the retaliation that can come from making the report because many of the people who are doing things the wrong way are their bosses.

It was not uncommon in the past for people to be retaliated against when they made the decision to make a report against the people who were a part of the SEC. Their bosses thought that they had a right to punish them or even fire them for making the report. The SEC established the whistle blower program to combat this and to make sure that people felt that they could make the reports that they needed without getting any type of retaliation from the bosses that they had who were not working the right way for their employees.

Another thing that people have: hush money. Many bosses pay employees some type of money out of the money that they are stealing to keep them quiet. Some people get used to this money and feel that, if they reported the problem, they would lose out on a lot of money or even part of their salary. The whistle blower program was designed to make sure that the people would still have the money that they wanted when they were taking it from the dirty bosses. The program gives out rewards to people who make a report about the SEC.

While there are many benefits of the program, it is not flawless. People still need attorney representation when they are making these reports. The SEC Whistleblower attorney gives them the expertise that they need to be confident about their decision to make a report. The attorneys at Labaton Sucharow recently helped a client score the second largest reward from the SEC and they continue to be successful at helping people who want to blow the whistle on practices. The office is an expert law firm that works only with people who want to have attorney representation when they are making a report to the SEC.